Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cathy's Comfort Box

I received this little note with a great idea from a widow who's been following this blog. With her permission I'm going to share it with you today, and hope that you and some others will reply and say what items you'd add to a "Comfort Box."

Ok, Ferree...I have been thinking of this ever since your Low Spots in Grief post. I think it also applies to the roller coaster ride of emotions we often experience with grief.
You know how you are going along pretty well and then without much warning you find yourself back down in the valley? This has happened to me many times to count... I've seen others write about this too. The problem is that once you bottom out back down in the valley sometimes you feel so sad that you forget what it's like when you're not in the valley.
Follow me? If not; go get a cookie and come back.
Wouldn't it be nice if when you find yourself back down in the valley you'd also find something there waiting for you? I was thinking... what if you left yourself a "Comfort Box" that you could turn too?
For example in my Comfort Box I could choose to put some of the following items:
  • A Bible
  • Note cards with my favorite Bible Verses
  • A letter to myself letting me know I'm going to be ok and this is only temporary.
  • A note card with all my blessings written out
  • A special "happy" memory of my husband (picture, letter, or any other physical item)
  • My Postcards from the Widows’ Path book
  • A list of phone numbers of people I can call if I need to talk.
  • A CD with my favorite Christian songs to listen too.
  • My favorite quotes/poems to read.
  • My favorite movie to watch.
  • Tissues (no explanation there)
  • Water Bottle (crying can cause you to become dehydrated)
  • My favorite mug and a package of my favorite hot chocolate
  • Chocolate...
  • More chocolate...
Get it? The Comfort Box could hold any postive stuff that would help during this time.
I thought this would be a very cool thing for other widows to make for themselves too. It's like they can turn to their Comfort Box when they need it.

Readers, what would you add to a Comfort Box? I know I could have used one. Notes from friends would have been good reminders for me, pictures of my kids, and a list of the God-things that happened...
How about you? Copy your favorite idea from Cathy's list or add your own in the comment line below. You might hit on just the right thing another widow could use.
Oh, and I'd have to add the most cuddly huggable teddy-bear my daughter Lisa gave me that first Christmas. The gift tag read "A Hug from Above."
Hugs to you,


  1. Cathy and Ferree, I love,love this idea! I am thinking that it would be great to give this post for every new widow as the come on to Lifeboat and of course Going Ashore, too.

    My adds: a small notebook to write letters to God about how I am feeling that day; saline solution to un-stop my nose after a messy cry; and some Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist from Bath& Boody Works.

    Love and Blessings to you both for all you DO!! <3

  2. Thanks for the input Helen! I hadn't thought about it, but what a great idea! I'm sure Cathy never thought anything would come of this but I've already had a couple people say they're going to share it with their church groups too. :)

  3. Love Cathy's idea!! Will be using this in my work at the nursing home! And what a great ministry tool in my church!! Thanks for sharing this!!


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