Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Please Move Over to My New Website

Widows Christian PLACE (this blog) has been updated to Widows Christian PATH (a website plus blog).

Please click HERE to check it out. Sign up for emails to keep up with the latest events for widows like my own "7-week Widows Path course on Zoom," Widow Journey Retreats with Gayle Roper, Widows Link cruises with Marlene Craft, other widow rretreats and ministries, and so much more. Even DRAWINGS for FREE STUFF! Send me a friend request on Facebook too. 

You know that I know by experience that widowhood is one of the hardest challenges a woman will ever face. I can help you; I've been online and connecting with widows since 2010---longer than most. My friend Miriam Neff and I, unknown to each other back then, started online about the same time (she's a dynamo you should know!) 

My book, Postcards from the Widows' Path has helped thousands. I write a monthly column called "Widows Path" for Plain Values magazine, I speak to widow groups (and others), I'm a life transitions coach, I've facilitated GriefShare groups a few times, taken the GriefCare course, and widow groups just seem to pop up wherever I happen to live! I understand widow fog too, so you won't be hounded with advertising, pop-ups, and relentless emails that are overwhelming. 

This current blog will remain as a resource. There's over ten years worth of good topics, interviews and adventures. Use the keyword search box, or click on the labels or archives in the sidebar.

I hope to see you soon over on "The Path." (Be sure to click Join Email List when you get there). Thank you so much for visiting with me here over the years. I think you're amazing, and I know that IGO (In God's Opinion) you're extraordinary! You matter to God and you matter to me. 

May God grant you kindness and rest in 2024.



Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Join My New Email List -- It's My Gift to You

 December News Flash!

 Dear Friends,
      (This is a copy of my first mailing on the new website. Are you signed up on it yet? WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THESE POSTS DIRECTED TO YOUR EMAIL? It's my gift to you. That way the link comes straight to you, and saves you having to visit here for updates. Just click here, and then click the "Join Our Email List" which you'll see on the right side of the page. My new website is www.WidowsChristianPath.com)
      I was so exited when I got a call last Friday asking, "Who should we make the check out to?"
  WHAT???? I was so surprised!
      The widows group here in Ticonderoga, NY pulled together and entered a Christmas tree in the Historical Society's Annual Festival, and we actually WON a prize in the Creative Category! We received $50.00 at a lovely reception on Sunday afternoon. When we get together for lunch this month we'll talk about what to do with it. I know the ladies will have some great ideas!
      Here's the skinny on what we did.
  • FESTIVAL OF TREES THEME: A Patriotic Christmas 
  • So our color scheme was Red, White and Blue.
  • One month before: We came up with our tree theme: "WOW - Wisdom of Widows" The idea was that we'd have 2 types of paper ornaments. One said Wisdom of Widows on the front, and we wrote some "wise words" on the back of it like "Choose Joy," "Always Say I Love You," Bible verses, favorite quotes, etc. 
  • The other ornaments had "In Memory Of..." on the front and we wrote the name of our loved one on the back. 
  • Under the tree we had gift wrapped boxes with "gift tags" on them that spread out the saying, "Today is a gift, that's why it's called "The Present." 
  • Artificial trees were required, and one of the women (Mary C. pictured on the left, next to the president of the Historical Society) was happy to let us use her pre-lit 6-ft. tree since she didn't plan to use it this year.
  • Two weeks before the festival, my husband Tom and I went to Mary's to pick up the tree. She came along with us to set it up and check out the lights.
  • One week before the festival, the "Lunch Bunch" met for lunch and finished working on our paper decorations. Some ladies also brought ornaments that they had individually created. (They were so wonderful!) After that, as many of us as could went over to the beautifully replicated John Hancock House, (museum and Historical Society location), to decorate our tree! Many thanks to Norma, Cee, Mary, Star and Elaine for their help! And thanks to Barbara, Star, Norma, Joan, and others who decorated multiple ornaments with coloring, glitter, bling, and ribbons. The love shined through! 

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Please Visit My New Location

Thank you for visiting Widows Christian Place, which has been holding space for widows and their grief since 2012.

Please click on over to my new website, Widows Christian Path. This new name corresponds well with my book, Postcards from the Widows Path, and my Widows Path magazine column in Plain Values

Be sure to JOIN My Email List. About twice a month you'll receive updates on ministries and retreats you can use, plus feel part of the larger community of compassionate people who help each other. I promise there will be NO ads, NO pop-ups, and NO flooding your inbox with junk! I will not share your email, it's safe with me. 

FREE DRAWING: everyone who joins will be entered into a drawing for a 2024 Prayer Journal. I've used these journals since 2019 and I tell you that they will enrich and bless your walk with the Lord all year long. Be sure to join before Dec. 24! I want to ship it to the winner immediately to start their new year out right.

It's been such a joy to connect with everyone on this blog for over ten years! This blog will remain up, and the many topics are just a click away in the Search Box. But come on over the THE PATH so we can stay connected. 

💗 Ferree

Monday, September 18, 2023

Need a Bible Reading Plan?

"I've been using your Bible reading plan again this year. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate it - mainly for the variety, rather than a straight-through reading. Thank you." Lorrie, widow of 7 years

Lorrie sent this to me last week. It was such a nice surprise! I developed my Bible reading plan over a couple of years. I wanted something that would help widows to... 

  • get into God's Word 
  • have a feeling of accomplishment 
  • not be overwhelmed by trying to read through the entire Bible
  • start a Bible reading plan at any time of year, not just Jan. 1st

Click on it in the sidebar of this blog to print your own copy.

Here's how it works:

Read only one, sometimes two, chapters a day, and you will read through the following in one year:

  • Entire New Testament
  • Ruth
  • Proverbs
  • Selected Psalms

You can start any time! Each month is self-contained, nothing carries over into the next, so start anytime.

1st day of every month: you'll read a portion from Psalm 119, the longest book in the Bible. It highlights the wisdom, power and application of God's Word and sets our focus on the great things we can expect!

The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. My plan has you read one gospel every season. Isn't that perfect? Four gospels, four seasons, four times when we devote our reading to Christ's ministry among real people. We see him from four different people's front-row seats as he heals the sick and broken-hearted, carries our guilt and sin to the cross, and rises to victory and eternity---our future! 

Ruth: THE book for widows! I've scheduled Ruth to be read in the springtime, right about the time Ruth and Naomi would have returned to Bethlehem and Ruth would have started gleaning. Hope blossoms in so many hearts in springtime, so I love timing the reading to this time of year.

Proverbs: The book of wisdom! We can never get too much. 

Selected Psalms: I matched certain psalms with certain New Testament passages--read them and you'll see how much they speak to each other, and speak to your heart. It's pretty amazing! Psalms teach us how to cry, how to pray, and how the praise---essential expressions for suffering. God knows what we need, so he has provided!

* this indicates that the word "widow" appears. These are not the only instances or teachings on widows in the Bible, but these are the ones in my particular plan. 

Enjoy reading God's Love Letter to you!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

A Quiet, Steady Voice to Help You Pick Up the Pieces

Have you suffered loss, grieved well, and now stand ready to rebuild your life? 

Or . . . maybe you don't even know where to even start. 

Contact me.  

I help widows, and others who have endured loss, with coaching tailored to their personal needs. You matter to God, and you matter to me. I, too, have known . . . 

  • the profound loneliness and heartache of widowhood
  • the secondary losses of career and my family
  • the complications, setbacks, and crises of relocation 
  • rejection
  • loss of faith 
  • and betrayal

I can help you discover your God-given inner strengths and resources for rebuilding your life.

I’ve been blogging for widows since 2010 and my book, “Postcards from the Widows’ Path—Gleaning Hope and Purpose from The Book of Ruth,” has helped thousands. I write magazine columns, help start widow groups, and lead my own groups. I help with widow retreats like Widows Link and Widows Journey. I have a B.A. from Moody Bible Institute and was a pastor's wife for over twenty years before my first husband died. 

But touching one life at a time is what matters most to me. That's my greatest strength: I'm a quiet, steady voice when your world spins out into chaos. 

Let's talk. Please email me for a free consultation. I’d love to hear your story and talk with you. There's life after death, believe me. Together we can begin to discover it and tap into your new hope, purpose, and joy.


💗 Ferree 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Would you recommend me?

Dear Friends,

I've been featured at Womenspeakers.com and I wondered if you'd be willing to give a recommendation to help event planners learn about me? https://www.womenspeakers.com/.../ferree-hardy/writeareview

If you've heard me speak, do a workshop, or lead a small group I'd love to have your valuable review! Just click the link above, and it'll lead you through. Please LMK if you have questions.

I am truly thankful for your help! ❤