Monday, April 14, 2014

I overdid it a couple weeks ago digging up some hosta plants, receiving my largest yet book shipment, and a few other things that made my back begin to object to any sort of movement at all! Ouch!

I've tried to take it down a notch and spend less time at the computer, change the chair I'm sitting on, get some medical help, etc., but my back says I'm still not giving it the rest it needs. Which is hard, because I've not had back pain before, so I don't really know what it needs. But now I do know what the 80 other million American with lower back pain are experiencing! Ouch!

So this week, I do have a fantastic new resource for you later in the week, but my regular blogging posts will be sort of random.

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Have a great week everyone, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Cannot Hide From You (Psalm 139)

This song is such a beautiful prayer, acknowledging God sees and knows our every thought and struggle. It's a quieting and uplifting song to use in worship and let the words speak on our behalf.

Working through grief is emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausting! Rest is good and this is our reminder. May this song remind us to rest in the Lord and know Him. Peace to you.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Fun: The Egg Hunt

Uh-oh it's Friday, and I know it's a little early for Easter, but you've caught me in a silly spell. What will you do to have fun today? Even in mourning, "A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22

The nice thing about being so forgetful is that you can hide your own Easter eggs.
(author unknown)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Live Call-In Radio for Widows!

Have you ever wanted to simply be heard?

Now you can!

The Widow's Voice wants to give YOU a voice! Every Thursday afternoon at 2:00 EST my widowed friend Teresa McWilliams and her church's radio station, South Florida's #1 Gospel Giant, WMBM AM 1490, opens the mike for you.

Tomorrow her topic is "What A Widow Won't Tell You." And I know there are loads of secrets the world needs to hear, both positive and negative. Please don't use this as a rant and tirade time, but do call in with a sentence or two about your experience and questions.
Teresa McWilliams
For example: What's surprised you most about widowhood? What do your friends need to know, but you hesitate to mention? What could you use some help with? Isn't dropping off a casserole and saying "call if you need anything" enough? Aren't all widows cute little old ladies with huge life insurance settlements? Call in and talk to Teresa about it, and others will benefit and be helped by your voice.

I spent about an hour on the phone with Teresa last week and I can tell you she's very gracious and easy to talk to! I told her what a chicken I'd be and how I'd worry that my stupid phone wouldn't work right. But she told me, "Not a problem!" The technology and technicians take care of everything: if something did go wrong no one would ever hear it on the air. Plus, she's experienced in both live radio and widows ministry. You'll be in good hands.

Here are the numbers to call:
Miami-Dade: (305) 953-9626
Broward County, FL: (954) 525-1490
Nationwide Toll Free: (888) 599-9626
Don't forget!---Every Thursday at 2:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) WMBM - Gospel AM 1490.

It's rebroadcast Thursday evening at 7:30pm EST on WMBM - Gospel AM 1490.

Or catch it live on the internet at and press "listen live."

I hope to hear YOUR voice tomorrow! ferree

 ..:: WMBM 1490 Where Ministry Blesses Many ::.. #1 South Florida Gospel Radio 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Job Hunting for Widows

Have you tried to re-enter the workforce as a widow? I'm interested in hearing your experiences, and I know other widows are too. From what I hear, it's not easy! So please send in your job-hunting tips and advice.

My tip is this: Don't mention that you're a widow unless necessary. When I was widowed I found myself going into detail about my widowhood and life when I filled out job appllications. I thought hiring a widow would be a real "plus" for any organization and I'd emphasize how my disadvantages were their advantages. But those job applications and resumes never got my foot in the door.

Here are some better ways to start:
Go back to school to either brush up on your skills, or acquire some skills. Check local colleges and county resources for adult education and vocational training. There may be programs for displaced homemakers that will fit your needs. And you might be able to do internships, get good references from your professors, and have access to better job leads on their bulletin boards and at their job fairs.

Contact your state's human services and social programs. They might offer training and employement services.

If you're a military veteran or interested in a government job, search USA Jobs.
If you're 55 or older, here's a placement program that operates in 30 states: Experience Works.

Look for volunteer opportunities, and substitute positions. As a volunteer you can begin to build a resume and a list of good references and networks. Substitutes aren't only for teachers anymore. Sub jobs might be available at your local library and other workplaces. Many employers post job openings within the company first, so volunteers and subs have the inside track on job opportunities before they're posted to the public.

For part-time cash consider tutoring students in your favorite subjects; contact local churches to see if they need babysitting during their weekly Bible study times; or follow through with your own set of special skills---catering, writing, art, music lessons, housecleaning, data entry, setting up yard sales, gardening, sewing and tailoring, pet care and house-sitting, etc to test the market for starting your own business.

Don't be afraid of menial work. In the Bible, the young widow Ruth went to work gleaning the fields---a job cut out for the poorest of the poor. What opportunity could that ever hold? How could she get ahead, or even get enough to eat with a job like that? Read Ruth 2 - 4 and you'll see that God used her willingness to work to introduce her to a redeeming husband and care for both her needs and Naomi's. God's still in the business of caring for widows today when we step in to glean the fields of opportunity in front of us.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Whole Life When We're Broken in Half

When I once gave my library talk about growing through grief to a very nice church group at their monthly luncheon, afterwards one of the women told me about how she'd lost her husband of many years. She was now in her 80's but she said she'd never forget that it felt like she'd been cut in half.
"Oh my goodness!" I said. "That's exactly how I felt!"

Even though she'd been married longer than I'd been alive, we had the same emotional picture of what it felt like to be a widow.

Did you feel cut in half, too? I felt like I was left on a set of railroad tracks, cut in half by a high speed train that sliced through my life. And there I lay, so shocked.

I have a hunch that this severed feeling has to do with how God designed the marriage bond in the first place. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24 (King James Version)

If a husband and wife become one, and one of them is subtracted . . . well . . . no wonder the other feels like half a person. Last Wednesday, though, I met a Lifeboat friend who reminded me why I keep plugging away at reaching out to widows.

When Rhonda first joined my Lifeboat group, she was obviously very miserable and in outrageous pain. Her husband was killed in a small engine airplane crash, leaving her with 6 young children---including a special needs child, and also a 4-month-old baby! Life is still far from perfect for her, but the Rhonda I met last week had come alive again---energetic, talkative, loving and driven to make life count! She hesitates to tell any widow that things will get better again, but she's so surprised to admit that yes, they can! 
It's at a different pace and timing for each of us, so don't compare yourself to Rhonda or anyone else. But the joy of what I do is watching women come back to life again. As Easter arrives, and we think about The Resurrection, I'm reminded that Jesus Christ is the expert at resurrections. He's the one who knows how to bring us back to life! There IS life after death, and there's life for the widow after the husband's death too. Take heart! Even if you feel like there's only half of you left, a whole life is ahead of you, and yes, it can be a good one. ferree
Rhonda & Ferree