Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Widow's Lighthouse

Ruth L. is helping me out today from way out in Idaho! You'll soon see that it doesn't matter where we are location wise, spiritually, or emotionally. God is with us. Here's what Ruth experienced, and what she shared with a friend and then passed along to me to share with you:

"One day when I was in a deep hole emotionally, I was in another town and went to the Christian book store there. I was hoping to find a book that would help me. I didn't find anything applicable to my situation, but I looked up, and there on the wall was a painting. In this painting was a raging storm, but a lighthouse shed a beam across the waves; underneath was the inscription: "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you." I remembered that verse from Isaiah 43 then, which had been my theme verse when I was baptized years ago. At the time I couldn't afford to buy the picture, and the next time I went over, that store was closed- but that picture has stuck in my mind. I went home, looked up the entire passage, and wrote in my journal:

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name - you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you, for I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior." Isaiah 43:1-3

He claims me as His own; He calls me personally by my name. He proved His personal interest by redeeming me. Therefore He reassures me not to fear the circumstances - of life, death, loss, uncertainty. My God is a personal God; He knows the depths of what I am going through. When the rivers of sorrow threaten to overwhelm me as I pass through dark and chilling waves, He will not allow them to overcome me. He is with me! I am never alone.Whatever fiery trials come, He will preserve me and insulate me by His tender care. He reminds me that He is Lord. He is Holy. He is my Savior.

Today I am praying that you will hear His voice whispering your name and feel His presence with you."  - Ruth L.

And I pray the same for you too. I had such a difficult time "feeling" anything of God when I was grieving, but I knew that my feelings did not define the truth: God was with me whether I felt His presence or not. Personalize the Scripture like Ruth just did, because that will help the numb feelings begin to thaw out from the shock of grief.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Have You Heard of Widow Wednesday Yet?

Look what's getting launched on Saturday, May 3rd! A married couple in Missouri who were missionaries all over the world with YWAM for seven years are now serving the Lord by serving widows they've met in their insurance business. I spoke with Cynthia by phone on Monday and found out that when she and her husband realized the needs and began to take one afternoon a week to visit and help 150 widows around them, they also realized there are hundreds of thousands of others with similar needs.

Why not raise awareness and show people how they can get involved by simply devoting an afternoon to help a widow? they thought. So, since there are silly things like "National Ice Cream Day" and more importantly "Chocolate Day," (smile, please)---why not a National Widows Day?

Indeed! Why not? You can join in too! Just pass this along on your blog, Facebook, email, etc. and visit their website for more info.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's In Your Future?

Last year in early April my friend Linda, who blogs Sparrow Scrolls, posted the following and I hope you'll click on over to the link. If you do, I know you'll be uplifted by what happened to her when she followed the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit. Linda does with a camera what Shirley is doing with her "good things vase" that I featured yesterday.

Does your life feel like this?
     A couple of weeks ago, at the end of one of those "sad" days as the sun was fading I felt a gentle "nudge" that seemed to say - "Take your camera and go outside - and look". Well, of course there was a bit of argument with that feeling - it was still bitterly cold here in the Midwest and winter coats were still required - in addition to the fact there were some pretty hefty winds blowing. However, I listened to the prompting and took my camera and went looking. I didn't really feel like it - it had been a difficult day - in fact it had been a difficult couple of weeks. I was tired. I was lonely. I was wondering. You know "those" feelings........ (click here to read more)

Please visit with me again tomorrow and the rest of this week as I share with you what the Lord is doing in the lives of widows like you. I'm still keeping my writing time down to a minimum to relieve some strain on my back, but you know what? I praise the Lord for this because He has brought me other writing widows who are just as willing to share their walks with you! We learn from each other, and only a widow truly understands another widow. I'd love to hear from you too, so don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me at
Remember, I offer three venues of service to widows simply because I'm so grateful I can:
1) This blog Be sure to tell your pastor, counsellor or groups about it. I'll mail you some business cards if you email me your address.
2) Confidential Lifeboat support groups on Facebook. Click the word Lifeboat for more info on how to join. They're free, you just need to be on Facebook.
3) My book, Postcards from the Widows' Path. Did you ever look at the Bible book of Ruth from a widow's perspective? Wow! It is rich with insight and direction just for widows! God deeply loves widows and you'll be amazed at the epic stories He wants to write into each of our lives. Click my bookstore to order your's today. If your group wants to use it I'll send you a free discussion guide too.   

Monday, April 21, 2014

How Can Anything Be Good About A Monday?

Do you ever meet Monday with a groan? During grief every day, every hour, every minute is a groan. We're grateful just to breathe. As you go along, though, the groans begin to let up. I hope you'll join me in capturing the moments and times of relief by marking them down and collecting them like a hobby. Some people collect coins, or stamps or Precious Moments figurines, but I collect blessings and I hope you will too.

A couple days ago I added a note from a reader to my collection. With her permission, I thought you'd like to see what she emailed me. Why not join us today by starting your own 2014 jar of good memories. (Click here for the how-to).

Hi, Here is a picture of my "good things" jar. It is actually a vase that I love but hardly ever used. I am using different brightly colored slips of paper, so when it is filled, I will have a colorful "bouquet" to remind me of blessings through the year!  Thank you for the idea!
Ps...Your blog is one of my blessings!
Shirley Pheasant

Last week I took a breather from blogging to let my lower back begin to heal from a number of abuses I've inflicted on it this spring with pathetic attempts at gardening, etc. I'm not back to freedom yet, so the blog this week will get a lot of help from friends like you. For me, that's a good thing about Monday and I'm adding that to my jar. (Much better than jelly ).

I wonder, though, what's a good thing about today for you?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resting In The Right Priorities This Easter

Every Saturday I try to remind us all (myself included!) how important it is to rest. Grief is exhausting. It's like running on a hamster wheel 24/7! Even when our body is sleeping, the mind stillDVRs and TV Advertising Recall races.

During widowhood my utmost desire was to push the FAST FORWARD button on my life. I didn't know that rest is an essential attitude and practice to pursue.

But my friend, Kit Hinkle, several years into widowhood and raising her four boys, gleans the wisdom of resting and right priorities from a movie her husband remarked about years before. I think you'll appreciate her post Click. It's Another Sunday!

With Easter tomorrow, I know this weekend holds a jumble of memories and emotions. Be honest, be loving, and remember to cast your burdens upon the Lord. Slow down. Period. Don't miss the beauty in the moments and the life right in front of you.

Easter is a time to realize and savor the depth of mercy and redemption for eternity! And until the day our new life in heaven begins, God breathes new life into the here and now, moment by moment. We need to take our finger, our mind, and our attitude off that fast forward "click."


Monday, April 14, 2014

I overdid it a couple weeks ago digging up some hosta plants, receiving my largest yet book shipment, and a few other things that made my back begin to object to any sort of movement at all! Ouch!

I've tried to take it down a notch and spend less time at the computer, change the chair I'm sitting on, get some medical help, etc., but my back says I'm still not giving it the rest it needs. Which is hard, because I've not had back pain before, so I don't really know what it needs. But now I do know what the 80 other million American with lower back pain are experiencing! Ouch!

So this week, I do have a fantastic new resource for you later in the week, but my regular blogging posts will be sort of random.

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Have a great week everyone, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!