Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pray for Our Kids & Their Schools

If you have children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews in school, I highly recommend joining a Moms In Prayer group this year. Find a group by clicking here.

Let's face it, our kids need all the prayer they can get! And if you've never heard another woman pray for your kids---well, all I can say is there's no greater joy. I've found times when someone else knew what my kids needed as well as I did--sometimes even better!

Moms In Prayer groups run on a tight schedule and a focused mission of prayer and prayer alone. It's structured and guided. You don't talk about prayer requests, the leader takes you right into praying through Scripture which applies to your children, their school, their teachers and classes and you.

Check it out today! Moms In Prayer And be sure to view this wonderful video. (If you subscribe to this blog and the video isn't included in your email today, just go directly to the blog by clicking the Title at the top of this page).

Also join in on Sunday, Sept 21. Please visit the Moms In Prayer website for more info.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Memorial Wall for September 2014

Here's the September listing from the Memorial Wall here at Widows Christian Place. I hope you'll use it throughout this month to pray for everyone. If you'd like to add your own tribute to the Memorial Wall, please follow the directions mentioned here. I'd be honored to add your precious memory too.


9/3/2011 * Mariane * My beloved husband, David (age 64) went home to be with Jesus. He passed away after a 3 month battle with Stage 4 Melanoma. * 3 children Joseph (40), David Jr., (38) and Carrie (36), 5 grandchildren. * He was my best friend and the love of my life. God brought us together in a covenant marriage. I look forward to being reunited with him in heaven. * Minnesota
9/7/2012 * Susanne * Rob - cancer * son, Beau, age 28 * Rob me very much and I loved him very much. (Married 29 years) * Corinth, Mississippi9/7/2011 * Nadia * Alvin Bernard, cause of death unknown (as of 10/14/11) * I really love and miss you Bernard. Continue to walk beside me. * Forida
9/8/2012 * Nola * Joe Stephenson * He had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. (CLL) and died at home with hospice care. * We have three grown daughters, Melissa (41) Kendall (37) Angela (36) and three grand children, Andrew (14) Jaden (11) and Gracie (11). * Joe and I were married 44 years, he was 76 years old when he died and he was my best friend. He was so loved and we all miss him so much. * Tennessee
09/09/2011 * Sandra * Michael, age 47, massive intracranial bleed * I have no clue how to do this life without my Sweet Michael. He was my life and we were so madly in love. I feel so alone, even in a room full of people. * Texas
9/11/2011 * Terri * David, lung cancer * Mark (31), Matthew (28), Jessica (25) * My love for 32 yrs, I miss him more than I can express, but I am comforted knowing we will be reunited one day * Texas
9/12/2010 * Patty * Dwight, age 58, of head and neck cancer, one day after our 34th Anniversary * Susan, 31 (married w/ 2 children), Laurie, 29 (married w/1 child), Jayna, 29 * I greatly miss my beloved, and am so glad he knew the Lord and that I'll see him again. * Colorado
9/14/2013 *Cindy Jones * Jay Jones, Liver Disease * Children - Christine Salinas - 36 and Kimberly Davidson - 28 * Wonderful Christian husband and father! We were married almost 40 years. * Texas, United States
9/14/2010 * Anita * Jeremy, 46 years old. Glioblastoma Multiforme - brain tumour. * Emma ( 12) and Sebastian (8). * We miss you every day. * Canada.
9/19/13 * Melinda Mazzocco * Rob Mazzocco , passed away from metastatic colon cancer, spread to his liver, stomach and lungs * our 2 wonderful children whom he will forever live on through Mallory (11) and Dillon age 8 * we only had 73 days from diagnosis to death...but my husband wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. he wouldn’t have wanted to suffer a lengthily illness and show weakness to it. He was a marine and it wasn’t in his nature to not be strong. he fought hard till the end. he will always be our children's hero and dad and my soulmate. I miss him with every fiber of my being, but I'm also happy he isn't sick and suffering anymore and is healthy and happy in heaven. I just hold onto the fact we will be together again someday. * From Pittsburgh PA, moved to Aledo Illinois in July of 2011.

9/21/11 * Nancy * Mike- age 57 - lost his 5 month battle with pancreatic cancer. * Lindsay 29; Kristen 28; Gregory 21 * Grateful for 31 years of marriage to the love of my life...whose legacy of love, wisdom, and courage is radiant in our three children. * California
9/21/2011 * Theresa * Norm, lack of oxygen to his brain following pain shot administered by ER. * I thank God every day for bringing him into our lives. 27 yrs together wasn't nearly long enough. I pray I'll see him again. If I could take anything back it'd be falling asleep after the visit to that ER. Norm, I love you and miss you so much. I just feel like I let you down so horribly. I found the letter, Babe. I read it every time I visit you. Got thru the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then the big one Your Birthday, Valentine's or as we always called it Norm Day.
9/22/2011 * Linda * David, bladder cancer * Andrew 31, Holly 28, James 26 * Lost half of me * Near Manchester, England
9/24/2012 * Koren * Dennis, age 38. Sudden death from complications from avd and saddleback pulmonary vascular. * Children: 6 * Married 6 yrs. Want to start Marathon for people who have died from this sudden illness. Prevent sudden onset and educate signs and symptoms of this rare disease. My life partner and friend. Finally found true love, and lost in such a small moment.
9/26/2007 * Carol * Tim-43 years old, blood clot lodged in lungs * Nathaniel (2 1/2), Kathryn (10 months) * Romans 8:28, I'm closer now to my savior Jesus Christ than ever in my life. God blessed me 3 years later with Chris, and a 2nd chance at life.

9/28/2012 * Suzi * Scott, age 48, sudden, totally unexpected heart attack in the night * Scott was a wonderful human and my reason for living. I will remain devoted to him for the rest of my life. * Denver, CO
9/28/2012 * Deborah Burgess * Wayne D. Burgess, Cancer of the brain-(fought it for two years) * Satiah Swedenskey (34), Vanessa Tondreau (32) and Geoffrey Holcomb (28) (girls have their married name) * Five beautiful grandchildren: Mikayla (10), Haiden (7), Maurice (4), Calie(4) and Autumn (2) * You are pain free now My Love and I know you’re enjoying being in heaven talking with our Lord and Savior. You will forever have my heart until we meet again. * Bakersfield, CA
9/30/2011 * Rachael * Antony, died of Sepsis. * Josh, 12; Lore, 11; and Rosy, 3 * Three months before God called him home, he dreamt about heaven-- well honey, I look forward to praising with you in heaven. Until then, I will miss you and take joy in knowing I was your last love.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Looking Ahead to September

Let's take a look at the calendar for September. Does it hold some significant days for you like a wedding anniversary or loved one's birthday? What about your own birthday? Will you make your cake this year?

Or how about the change of season? Often, almost subconsiously, that will play into our feelings. Certain smells like burning leaves recall dim pictures to our mind and poignant yearnings to our heart. Autumn especially speaks to me. Perhaps its because I'm in that season of my own life.

by Ferree Hardy
Dry, brittle leaves crumble in my fingers
Like pages from a diary
a hundred years ago
smelling of spent sunshine
Others fold golden curls
Over slugs and molds
And work decay through winter
Unseen, unheard, unhindered
Yellow jackets buzz
Summoned by sticky sap
Unaware of days to come
Their wings brush my skin

All these days will "fall" upon us, but rather than have them take us by surprise, be aware. If you want to treat them like just another day, that's a valid option. If you want to open your senses and hold them closedo something special, give it some consideration. The thing is, you have a choice. Exercising that choice is a step towards life.

This September as you begin to see your garden fade, be mindful of the harvest too. Take hope and remember that God truly does work things together for our good ... even you. If you've already believed in Christ as your Savior from sin, begin to spend time in the Bible and learn to know Him as your Savior of the harvest: each memory, each breath, each tear... they all matter.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff: Fellowship!

"You met on the Internet?" I remember my dad screeching when I first told him about meeting my husband Tom in my second year of widowhood. But that was-- goodness! 13 years ago! --it's more common today, and now I get to meet some of my widow Internet friends too.

Recently, Myra and Jan came for the weekend! I have two guestrooms so there was one for each of them. We had such a great time---morning coffee out on the porch, listening to the birds in the woods that surround my house, watching the hummingbirds at the feeder, antiquing all afternoon ... Jan's goal for the weekend was to walk, eat, and talk and we accomplished it! Plus wonderful worship and Bible teaching at church on Sunday morning.

Today Teri is coming over! I love having visitors! Plus she's going to help me figure out what to do for a window treatment in my kitchen. I've gotten some estimates, but I'm not willing to part with $600 for it! I met Teri for lunch last week and found out she's had her own cottage business of fabric and upholstery services--- see, this is part of what women can do for each other! She's got the know-how and I've got the sewing machine.

We need each other. One person can't do it all. Aren't God's ways good-- that He put us in churches and fellowships so we could meet each other's needs? 


Myra, Me and Jan

Me and Teri

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Discussion Guide, Week #3

Dear Reader,
Blogs are a good resource for widows, but it’s so good to talk face to face with other widows, and my book Postcards from the Widows' Path provides the perfect opportunity. Over the next several weeks, every Thursday, I'll post each of the five sections of the discussion guide to Postcards.... That way you will always be able to access it right here in the blog whenever you're ready for a group. I think this will be a good solution for my overseas friends like Babs, in England, who's in a widows group the Lord is beginning. This way she won't have to wait for it in the mail.

Maybe you'd like to gather two, three or more widows or others for a time of friendship, support and meaningful conversation too. Meet around your kitchen table, or a casual coffee shop, or your church library---any place that's comfortable and distraction free. You’ll cherish the sacred reflections and find renewed hope as we journey through Ruth. ferree

Week 3: Working—chapters 11-15 of Postcards...; from Ruth 2:1-23
Icebreaker: Which postcard did you like most? Which chapter was your favorite? Which journaling exercise was most helpful for you? Have you had any days this past week when you could barely "Do the next thing?" Is anyone in the group having sleeping problems?

Discussion Questions

· What sort of needs did Ruth and Naomi encounter? How are they similar to widows’ needs today?

· How can needs be doorways of opportunity? How would a prayer for kindness and rest, and Ruth's looking for a field in which she'd find favor, apply today?

· How would you have felt if you were waiting, like Ruth, for Boaz to determine your fate?

· Have you personally found your relationship to Christ to be at the "My daughter" level, or is it more impersonal? (page 114).

· Who are the people in your life who play roles similar to Ruth, Naomi and Boaz?

· Which of the roles on a "board of directors" for a widow do you think would be helpful? (page 140)

· How can gratitude truly provide a turning point in a widow's life?

· What are you most afraid of? What sort of help do you need to face that fear?

· What are some practical tips and words of advice you've heard since the funeral?

Conclusion: Take prayer requests and close in prayer. Thank everyone for coming and decide when and where you'll meet next time to talk about section four—Waiting. We'll discuss our experiences and perhaps frustrations of waiting for help, talk about dating and remarriage in today's society, virtue, and what each one might like to look for in a man.

P.S. The best place to order Postcards From The Widows' Path is right here on this blog. Click on the Bookstore tab at the top of the page and you'll find a safe and secure PayPal button. You don't need a PayPal account either. If you prefer to pay by check, please email me with the # of books you want to order and your shipping address. I ship by media mail only and your order will arrive in 2 - 9 days.

For International orders, you must email me first with your country and mailing code so I can send you an invoice which you can securely pay with a credit card.

And finally, if you'd like a free printed copy of the discussion guide, please email me at WCplace@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blog Hop! Widow's Stories

Did someone say "Hop?"
Recently a reader wanted to connect with widows who had been caregivers before their husbands passed away, so I gave her the following blogs to contact. Each of these bloggers were caregivers and talk about the experience in various posts.

The beautiful thing about blogs is that they bottle the thoughts and feelings of the day. They're not the last chapter in a person's life; they tell an ongoing story. They're for real: some days are raw and painful, others are healing and hopeful.

I don't think we ever reach a moment of "happily ever after," do you? That's an unrealistic expectation carried over from childhood and fairy tales. But with God we're offered strength for the day, and peace for eternity and that's a reality worth striving for, as these bloggers all do.

So I hope you'll begin to visit these blogs, and if you can leave a comment, please do! Just say hello if nothing else. All of us Bloggers love to hear from readers and visitors.   

http://www.widowconnection.com/Stories/Stories.html (click the "Stories" tab for a drop down menu of a variety of widows' stories -- you might find one very similar to your own and you'll be able to see if and how she's getting through)
P.S. Here's a new blog, started last week by my friend Dodi. I hope you'll "hop" on over and visit her blog too: http://windowofhope56.blogspot.com/ Remember, if you have a blog for Christian widows, I'd like to include it in my blog roll. Please let me know about it. Thanks!