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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Consider A "God Quest" Silent Retreat

Have you ever been on a silent retreat? Neither have I, but I met Donna Lewis, the retreat founder when I was first widowed and she's been inviting me to these retreats ever since. I'll not be able to go this year, but maybe someday. .  And maybe this would be something just right for you! So I want you to know about it. I'm not paid to say this, and I do not receive any financial renumeration for posting this.
For more information please visit the GodQuest website.
The following is from the brochure and website:
Plan a "Get-away" this Fall at GodQuest either in New York or Ohio.
The Abbey, New York (Piffard,southwest of Rochester)
September 19-21 (women only) Weekend $185
Deposit $35
Balance due August 19
Spruce Hill, Ohio (Mansfield, between Cleveland and Columbus off I-71)
October 15-17 (men & women separately) Mid-week $185
Deposit $35
Balance due August 26
October 17-19 (men & women separately) Weekend $225
Deposit $35
Balance due August 26
The Origin

Origin of GodQuest
By Founder/Director Donna Lewis
We were experiencing an unusual amount of stress within our family. With four school age children, the demands of the pastorate, and a rebellious teenager, tensions were mounting, and I felt like running away.
It was either I "run away" or "plan a get away'.
So I called a nearby Christian retreat center and that next week planned a two night stay. It was time alone to think my own thoughts and to be my own person.
During those days away, I had time to sort out my feelings, pray, and be quiet before God. I read the Bible in large portions, gaining an overview of what the book was about. I also had the time to mediate on a single verse. I came back refreshed, and with a whole new perspective.
Ready to be stressed again, but this time fortified, stronger, and healthier. Every year after that for six years, I went on a 3-day personal retreat.
In the fall of 1992, I participated in a silent retreat at the Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. It inspired me to have the first GodQuest in April, 1996. Since it's inception we have held many retreats in several different geographical locations.
God is so good... the problems we were experiencing when I took my first retreat have all been resolved. Praise be to His Holy Name. Personal retreats for me have been like an oasis in the middle of a desert.
"Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him" - Psalms 37:7

GodQuest retreats usually appeals to two kinds of people:
1. The young mother with small children or the harried father with demands of a high pressure job who is stressed out and feels like running away.
2. The mature Christan who sees the value of taking a "Sabbath Rest" to become closer to God.

This type of retreat is not for everyone. It appeals to a small population of people who understand the value of getting away to do nothing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Widow's Story: International Widows Day Update

Can you imagine yourself visiting a foreign mission you had founded?

I doubt whether one of our readers imagined herself doing that years ago, but that's exactly where she found herself in May! When it was International Widows Day I mentioned a few Christian organizations I personally know of which minister to widows, and today I want to mention one more.

This one is really special because it was co-founded by a a blog reader just like you; a lady I've gotten to know a bit this year by email and on Lifeboat---Gill Rosser from England!
Gill prays with an Indian woman
She and her late husband Barry began this mission over 11 years ago. This past May, Gill visited India for the first time without Barry.
Before leaving, Gill told me this:
Hi Ferree, thank you for the contact. 
There is a website not very up to date I am afraid, which is why I am going out. 

My husband and I started this over 13 years ago. Now there are about 30 children who all call us "Mom and Dad" so it is going to be a very tough visit. 

I have several widows meetings I have been asked to speak at. We feed 10 poor and needy families every month, as well as the elderly. We also care for baby girls who live in poor families in the villages. We hand out food in the streets to the poor and needy. We are a UK Registered Charity. 

This visit will be very short, which I feel is right for the first visit. I am going to get some up-to-the-minute information and photos and also to minister to the sense of loss the 30 children have at losing their English Dad. 

I hope this quick introduction with inform and interest you. Please feel free to get to know Gill, and please click "Like" on the Facebook page for Afirm India. Click here to find it. Sometime soon Gill's book of poetry, call Grief's Winter will be published, so please watch for that too. ferree

About Afirm India We are a small UK Registered Charity providing help to poor and needy families in India. Every month we provide food parcels for poor families along with baby items for unwanted baby girls. We also provide essential medicines to poor families.
Our aim is to bring help and sustenance at the point of need to the poor and needy in India.
Company Overview
We have been running for 11 years
 Here is the website:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home Repairs Single Style

"Stay calm," I told myself. I was a little uncomfortable, but nothing hurt. Luckily I'd fallen on my bed, flat on my back, arms spread out. I could have snapped my fingers to summon the butler--if I had a butler. Next best thing--snap at the kids, but they were all at school.
Elmer, AKA Useless

Elmer, one of my cats came in, jumped on the bed, stepped over my face, stepped up onto the large and heavy mirror I was under, laid down and started to purr. I was pinned by a mirror with a cat on top.

Kind of like a fly under a flyswatter, except I wasn't smashed. I wished I was smashed, but I wasn't; it was just another day of widow-meets-home-decorating-challenges.

Score: MIRROR - 1

I'm mirror-free now. I wriggled out from under the thing before the kids got home. What are your most embarrassing home repair stories? If you haven't had any yet, then click the link below and to start the DIY and build yourself some LOL memories!

Home Repairs That Shouldn't Require A Handyman
Here's a quick overview:
1. Toilet Tweaks: You and I could do these! Plus you wouldn't have to subject yourself to plumber cracks (yay!)
2. Replace a broken light switch: If you know how to find and turn off the circuit breaker, you can do this too. Consider buying the circuit tester they mention, they're really great for finding live wires too.
3. Tuck-pointing: Honestly? I wouldn't try it because cement is known to dry before I'm done.
4. Installing a dimmer switch: see #2.
5. Replacing a broken floor tile: Really? Renting all those power tools too? Just put a throw rug over it.
6. Patching a concrete crack: see #3
7. Replacing a faucet: this looks do-able!
8. Installing a ceiling fan: NOT unless you have the upper body strength, have a spotter, and don't get dizzy on ladders
9. Removing a stripped or broken screw: maybe
10. Repairing your gutters and downspouts: If you're comfortable on a ladder this could save you from a lot of water damage and $$$$ repairs. But--- consider if it's worth falling off a ladder for.

I'd love to hear your tips, tricks and most embarrassing home repair moments.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Treasures From Your Jewelry Box

Welcome to Widows Christian Place, a place where you can connect with other widows via this blog or one of my private Facebook support groups, called Lifeboats. But don't go searching for my groups---they're strictly confidential. The only way to join is to follow the instructions on the Lifeboat line at the top of the blog.  
A couple of weeks ago, the friends on Lifeboat got to talking about their wedding rings---this is always a popular topic and I never tire of it. Each ring is unique, just like each marriage. I love the creative and beautiful ways women find to save and sometimes refurbish their jewelry. Often the pieces become heirlooms, but in any case, they are treasured and very special to each widow---and to me. They remind me of the beautiful surprises, gifts, and goodness God still has in store for widows. I know you'll enjoy these too. And if you'd care to share a picture of your rings, please email it to me at and I'll add it to this post.
If you'd like to see more pictures of what readers have done with their rings, type the words wedding rings into the Search for Keywords on This Blog search box in the sidebar of this blog. Remember, if you receive this by email please click the title to go to the blog on the Internet.


Audrey had the great idea to use her beautiful signet ring along with her diamond. I think they make a beautiful set and I love her sentiment behind the change.

She told me this:

My husband passed away on March 6, 2014. To acknowledge his passing and at the same time honor his memory and our love and commitment through 42 years, I substituted the signet ring for my wedding band. It bears his initials. I still wear my engagement ring with it.

 In this next photo, Shirley was so pleased to receive this back from the jeweler recently. She'd taken her husband's wedding band and a gold locket he'd given her, and asked the jeweler what could be done with them.
This is what was created! Her husband's wedding ring encircles the locket, creating a fantastic pendant that Shirley will cherish the rest of her days.
Her note to me:
I just picked up my new necklace today. I am so pleased with how it turned out! Mark got me the locket when we were dating for our first Christmas together. They dangled it inside his wedding band. I don't know how to take good pictures, I hope you can use this one. Photography was his hobby so I never really used a camera much. Now I wish I had taken more interest in it!

Shirley, I'd say your photo turned out just fine!
Speaking of photos, what Karla has is classic, especially in black and white. Isn't it perfect?
Matt & Karla
Aren't these beautiful ideas? I love them all and can't wait to see what you've done with yours.