Sunday, September 10, 2023

A Quiet, Steady Voice to Help You Pick Up the Pieces

Have you suffered loss, grieved well, and now stand ready to rebuild your life? 

Or . . . maybe you don't even know where to even start. 

Contact me.  

I help widows, and others who have endured loss, with coaching tailored to their personal needs. You matter to God, and you matter to me. I, too, have known . . . 

  • the profound loneliness and heartache of widowhood
  • the secondary losses of career and my family
  • the complications, setbacks, and crises of relocation 
  • rejection
  • loss of faith 
  • and betrayal

I can help you discover your God-given inner strengths and resources for rebuilding your life.

I’ve been blogging for widows since 2010 and my book, “Postcards from the Widows’ Path—Gleaning Hope and Purpose from The Book of Ruth,” has helped thousands. I write magazine columns, help start widow groups, and lead my own groups. I help with widow retreats like Widows Link and Widows Journey. I have a B.A. from Moody Bible Institute and was a pastor's wife for over twenty years before my first husband died. 

But touching one life at a time is what matters most to me. That's my greatest strength: I'm a quiet, steady voice when your world spins out into chaos. 

Let's talk. Please email me for a free consultation. I’d love to hear your story and talk with you. There's life after death, believe me. Together we can begin to discover it and tap into your new hope, purpose, and joy.

💗 Ferree 

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