Gertie K. (Scotland) WCP is a fountain of hope and wisdom but also a place where pain is embraced and people are given room to grieve. It is a medicine to the broken heart.

Cathy S. (USA) I will never forget that day when I was praying and asking God to help me connect with someone who understands. I went to Google and typed in Christian widow. God led me straight to the Widows Christian Place. Thank you so much

Donna T. (USA, Missouri) Cathy S., that's how I found this site as well. It's been a blessing in every step of this journey. 

Andrea B. (USA, Tennessee) I have been very thankful for this group and for you Ferree Hardy! Thank you all and may God bless you all thru the New Year!

Ann B (USA, Alabama) One week after my husband died all my children had left and I was alone at home, for the first time, and put in Widow Christian and found Ferree! It has been a blessing, comfort and joy to be part of Lifeboat, Going Ashore, Weekend With the Author and to get to know Ferree personally. I am sitting in Seattle airport as I type this....May God continue to direct and bless the ministry He has given you. Thank you.

Suzanne B. (USA, New Jersey) WCP is such a blessing! There is plenty of info about useful books and blogs, plus you get to meet wonderful sisters who are going through the same thing in Lifeboat and Going Ashore (Facebook groups). The support and encouragement is what we need.

Deb B. (USA,  Ohio) Amen me too Cathy! It was no accident I was in the car and heard someone on Moody Radio mention it. God is so tender and loving to us Widows! I thank you too Ferree for your vision and obedience in following His lead in making a safe healing place for us ladies. No words could ever explain the thankful life saving impact this ministry has made in my healing widow journey 


  1. Hello Farree - Just ordered some of your books, one is for my BFF who just lost her dad. Know the book focuses on a widows path, but it has so many insights into loss and grief and recovery that I think it will be helpful. As well as it can be used as a wonderful Bible study on the Book of Ruth. One is for a dear lady who lost her husband recently and one is for the pastor to be able to give to a someone who will become widowed. My current devotional reading is re-reading your book, learning new insights and looking at things with new eyes. Enjoy your writing, it has helped me more than any other author I have found. Linda

  2. This good work may god richly bless you for us.

  3. So thankful to have found this web site. Exactly what I have been searching for since July 2016.

  4. I'm sorry for the reason you're here, but grateful you've found this place. God's grace abounds in the darkest of hours. May He be your peace.


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