Monday, September 18, 2023

Need a Bible Reading Plan?

"I've been using your Bible reading plan again this year. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate it - mainly for the variety, rather than a straight-through reading. Thank you." Lorrie, widow of 7 years

Lorrie sent this to me last week. It was such a nice surprise! I developed my Bible reading plan over a couple of years. I wanted something that would help widows to... 

  • get into God's Word 
  • have a feeling of accomplishment 
  • not be overwhelmed by trying to read through the entire Bible
  • start a Bible reading plan at any time of year, not just Jan. 1st

Click on it in the sidebar of this blog to print your own copy.

Here's how it works:

Read only one, sometimes two, chapters a day, and you will read through the following in one year:

  • Entire New Testament
  • Ruth
  • Proverbs
  • Selected Psalms

You can start any time! Each month is self-contained, nothing carries over into the next, so start anytime.

1st day of every month: you'll read a portion from Psalm 119, the longest book in the Bible. It highlights the wisdom, power and application of God's Word and sets our focus on the great things we can expect!

The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. My plan has you read one gospel every season. Isn't that perfect? Four gospels, four seasons, four times when we devote our reading to Christ's ministry among real people. We see him from four different people's front-row seats as he heals the sick and broken-hearted, carries our guilt and sin to the cross, and rises to victory and eternity---our future! 

Ruth: THE book for widows! I've scheduled Ruth to be read in the springtime, right about the time Ruth and Naomi would have returned to Bethlehem and Ruth would have started gleaning. Hope blossoms in so many hearts in springtime, so I love timing the reading to this time of year.

Proverbs: The book of wisdom! We can never get too much. 

Selected Psalms: I matched certain psalms with certain New Testament passages--read them and you'll see how much they speak to each other, and speak to your heart. It's pretty amazing! Psalms teach us how to cry, how to pray, and how the praise---essential expressions for suffering. God knows what we need, so he has provided!

* this indicates that the word "widow" appears. These are not the only instances or teachings on widows in the Bible, but these are the ones in my particular plan. 

Enjoy reading God's Love Letter to you!

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