Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Join My New Email List -- It's My Gift to You

 December News Flash!

 Dear Friends,
      (This is a copy of my first mailing on the new website. Are you signed up on it yet? WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THESE POSTS DIRECTED TO YOUR EMAIL? It's my gift to you. That way the link comes straight to you, and saves you having to visit here for updates. Just click here, and then click the "Join Our Email List" which you'll see on the right side of the page. My new website is www.WidowsChristianPath.com)
      I was so exited when I got a call last Friday asking, "Who should we make the check out to?"
  WHAT???? I was so surprised!
      The widows group here in Ticonderoga, NY pulled together and entered a Christmas tree in the Historical Society's Annual Festival, and we actually WON a prize in the Creative Category! We received $50.00 at a lovely reception on Sunday afternoon. When we get together for lunch this month we'll talk about what to do with it. I know the ladies will have some great ideas!
      Here's the skinny on what we did.
  • FESTIVAL OF TREES THEME: A Patriotic Christmas 
  • So our color scheme was Red, White and Blue.
  • One month before: We came up with our tree theme: "WOW - Wisdom of Widows" The idea was that we'd have 2 types of paper ornaments. One said Wisdom of Widows on the front, and we wrote some "wise words" on the back of it like "Choose Joy," "Always Say I Love You," Bible verses, favorite quotes, etc. 
  • The other ornaments had "In Memory Of..." on the front and we wrote the name of our loved one on the back. 
  • Under the tree we had gift wrapped boxes with "gift tags" on them that spread out the saying, "Today is a gift, that's why it's called "The Present." 
  • Artificial trees were required, and one of the women (Mary C. pictured on the left, next to the president of the Historical Society) was happy to let us use her pre-lit 6-ft. tree since she didn't plan to use it this year.
  • Two weeks before the festival, my husband Tom and I went to Mary's to pick up the tree. She came along with us to set it up and check out the lights.
  • One week before the festival, the "Lunch Bunch" met for lunch and finished working on our paper decorations. Some ladies also brought ornaments that they had individually created. (They were so wonderful!) After that, as many of us as could went over to the beautifully replicated John Hancock House, (museum and Historical Society location), to decorate our tree! Many thanks to Norma, Cee, Mary, Star and Elaine for their help! And thanks to Barbara, Star, Norma, Joan, and others who decorated multiple ornaments with coloring, glitter, bling, and ribbons. The love shined through! 

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