Monday, March 11, 2013

Low Spots in Grief

Dear Reader,
A valley is a low spot in the land, and we often liken the sad times in our lives to valleys. Psalm 23:4 refers to the “valley of the shadow of death,” and that certainly pictures a dark, narrow pathway walled in by steep cliffs. In the news headlines we hear of valleys filled with springtime floods and mudslides. Sometimes as a widow, I wondered if my walk through the valley would ever end.

But I learned valleys are filled with far more than shadows and danger from floods. They provide rich, fertile soil for growing, level ground for building, a sheltered climate, unique ecosystems, and breathtaking views of the mountains. Some valleys wind their way between insurmountable mountains and give us passage.
Likewise, there are good features about valleys of the soul. Meaning, empathy and compassion sprout in the deep furrows of grief. Fresh insights into the sufferings of Christ spring up, as well as more appreciation for the little gifts of life—sunshine coming out from behind a cloud, the song of a bird after a rainstorm, or a valiant dandelion blooming out from a crack in a sidewalk. We understand those things now: times, seasons and tenacity. Memories in the valley teach us the importance of kindness and patience. A daily routine becomes a comforting commodity.

If you are in a valley of grief I hope your heart will accept the new time of growth, the insights and precious perspectives you can gain. Remember, a valley can be the best, sometimes the only, way to get around a mountain. You won’t be in it forever, dear one. In spite of the hardships, many good things can happen in a valley.


  1. Right now I feel like I'm in a valley. Taxes are looming and I've never done them before and I'm in knots over it.

    Not only that, the missing my husband puts me in the valley deeper. I nearly broke down sobbing in the grocery store today, but God had mercy on me and I made it out of there just fine.

    I look forward to coming up out of this valley and seeing beautiful vistas at the top.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  2. Dear Lorraine, It's odd how trips to the grocery store and taxes can be triggers that make us feel so sad and stressed, but they sure do. Eventually these "grief storms" will let up, so don't be embarrassed, they happen to everyone with a heart. I hope you'll be able to find qualified help with your taxes. I know for me, anyway, I hadn't done them before and with my state of mind and the extra details I was so glad I knew a very good accountant I trusted.


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