Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Single Living Skill: zoom zoom

Single living . . . always a challenge!

I've found out you don't have to be a widow to be "car challenged," but it sure does add to the excitement! I've tried to help out with this living skill, but the best I could do was post my very own method of
"GAS IN 10 EASY STEPS (gas for your car, that is)."

Let's say I had a little fun with that one, except for the downright serious video of a car exploding at a gas pump and how like 90% of such explosions are caused by women just getting in and out of their car at the pump. Who knew?

And if you haven't kept up on maintaining the money pit on wheels, you may have to replace it. So check here for some tips on buying a new car.

And may your tires not go flat, may your blinkers keep on blinking and may the good Lord keep you safe and sound on the road! ferree

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  1. Amen! I was single for many years before marrying Michael, and I must say that I preferred being married (for so many reasons) because he took care of all the car-related business. It's just not something I enjoy thinking about or taking time for. Thankfully, my dad is a big help to me.


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