Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Which Creative or Therapeutic Outlet Do You Like for "Grief Relief?"

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A couple weeks ago you met Maria when you read about her two wedding rings--yes two. She's been widowed twice, and it just so happened that both of her husbands were named Kevin. Her ring story is here. This week we are talking about the benefits of pursuing and cultivating your talents, interests and hobbies as a beneficial path on the journey through grief. Yesterday I hope you enjoyed Carol's poem, and today I hope Maria's adventures in theater will inspire you. What do you love to do that has brought you some "grief relief?" Comment below today's post, or email me at wcplace@gmail.com and I might be able to share your story too. Thanks for visiting today and have a beautiful day. 💗 ferree

Maria's "Summer Home" at Madison, OH

Outdoor Cabaret, 2020

"Performing in this musical in 2015," Maria wrote to me,
"was special because it was a few months after my 2nd
Kevin's homegoing. The songs I sang as solo pieces were
all related to death. It was difficult, cathartic, and oddly

Maria not only performs, she's also a 
scenic artist for the theater. This particular
set feature never got used last summer due 
to covid shut-downs, but I'm happy to
share it here today with you! 


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