Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Free to Listen! A Widow's Story On "Unshackled"

 Fitting right in with our creativity features this week is the release on Saturday (2/20) of a widow's story which has been dramatized by the “Unshackled” radio program. If you've never heard Unshackled you are in for a treat. It's produced by Pacific Garden Mission which has been ministering to homeless people for almost 100 years and featuring dramatic stories almost since the inception of radio drama! Go to, today and it will pop up in Latest Program, or just search for Gigi Williams. I met Gigi at Widows Journey Retreat a few years ago and I must tell you she is one of the most beautiful, friendliest, gracious women ever. Her story is uplifting and will make your day. You might enjoy the thousands of other stories available on Unshackled too! 

Gigi also has a YouTube channel titled “Gigi’s One-Handed Ways” and can be reached at 

Also, I have a free copy of Gigi's book to give away! Email me at and let me know you want to be in the drawing for it. At the end of the week I'll email the winner and mail out the book! Have a blessed day. 💗

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