Thursday, February 25, 2021

Blog Hop for Some Breathtaking Photography & Great Gardening

The good stuff today isn't on this post, it's when you "blog hop" to the links, so I'm keeping this brief. (Please remember that if you are on your phone or in email and the links aren't connecting, just click on the title of this blog to get directly on the website where they will work better for you).

Click here for Ruth's Photo Blog to see her stunning photography in Canada. Her husband passed away shortly after I started blogging. I think she'd always dabbled in photography, but if I remember correctly, her son gave her a very good camera and the rest is history. You could spend the rest of the year looking at her photos, and reading her blog, and you would enjoy it every minute.

Click here for FlowerLady's Musings. She's a loving soul (as is Ruth), and a creative person through and through. Whether it's flowers, needlework, antiques, artwork, people...and her Creator, she finds the beauty and joy in everything. Visit her blog today and you'll feel the Florida sunshine.

Bloggers love comments the way that waiters love tips. Why not leave a comment or at least a little "hello" when you hop on over to visit FlowerLady or Ruth. I know they'd love to meet you.

There are so many thousands of other creative widows and unique talents spread across our nation. I'd love to meet them all! God is creating, too. "Beauty from ashes." What creative gift is God using to raise you up from the ashes of grief and loss? 💗 ferree

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