Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday Funday?

Today I have a little treat for you from a reader in Illinois. Because of Covid restrictions (and now the weather) she hasn't met with her widows group since October, but she stays in touch every day by sending them funny poems and stories she writes. Here's one she shared with me!😊 I think you'll enjoy it too. Scroll down to find out her other ways to battle the widowhood blues. Thank you Carol!

Do you have some creative outlets too? I'd love to hear about them this week! Email me at

 The Winter Widows Church Time Blues

by Carol DeJong

Church today is about relationships 

Mostly marriage or couples’ tips 

Doesn’t include me or does it? 

Not with a man but how do I fit? 


I am alone and mostly bored 

Finding that I am not the best or adored 

I look for things to read and more 

Because I can not go out the door 


Today we have about 7 inches of snow 

And they say there is still more to show 

It doesn’t matter, where would I go? 

Am older, wiser but kind of slow 


I have my family and friends 

Mostly good relationships but then 

I can’t rely on them for happiness 

Sometimes I feel like a big hot mess 


Oh wait, I have the best friend ever 

I can count on him in any kind of weather 

He loves me more than any being 

He made me, shaped me and is all seeing 


My God how wonderful thou art 

Just help me to love and do my part 

First to You and then YOU will open doors 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow and MORE! 

Carol lives in a suburb of Chicago and told me this: "I write poetry every few days mostly to encourage my Bible Study Group now that we are not meeting to study.  I was able to see most of them in backyard visits until cold weather stopped that in October.  They are suffering the "Covid Blues," like most widows.  Lonely and sick of it---so that's what inspired my thoughts for this poem."  

"I've been a widow for 10 years.  I have five children.  Most were unmarried at the time of their father's death.  I realized I couldn't depend on them for my personal happiness or entertainment (even though they were wonderful).  I joined  a widow and widowers social group and met some of the loveliest people who are now my widow family.  We share, encourage and hold each other up constantly.  Now that we can no longer meet, I send them a poem or a funny story each day.  

I have seven siblings who are my God-send.  Many of them are published writers and poets so it is in my blood!  During the pandemic we started writing our sibling history, full of pictures, stories and humor.  We zoom every week to try and put dates and names on family pictures. It has made these winter months bearable." 

What will you do to make today more bearable? Don't forget to email me at to tell about the creative gifts that God uses to give you a lift. Or use the comment line below. Thank you and have a "funday!" ❤

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