Thursday, July 2, 2020

Note to A Friend

I consider all of you friends---I don't think I could write to strangers. But sometimes dear friendships develop through blogging, and I'm on the receiving end.

A few days ago one of these dear friends checked in on me, gently probing to see if I was doing OK since I haven't been blogging much lately.

It was a good thing she did!! No, I wasn't in trouble, I'm doing really well, but totally side-tracked. So I am happy to catch back up with you all.

In fact, I have a give-away for you! I'm giving this away to readers of a magazine column I write, so I should give it to you too, right?

Just send me a self-addressed/stamped/envelope: Ferree Hardy, 122 Breckenridge Dr., North Augusta, SC 29841 and I will send you a series of four " Our Cares Upon God Prayers. The pages are copies of blog posts--here's an example: Send those envelopes in--it's really nice to have these on pages instead of scrolling through the blog. They're not fancy, just good.

Yes, you did read that I write a magazine column too. I've been doing it for four years. View a sample here. Right now it's mailed out to the Amish community, I'm not Amish but they seem to tolerate me pretty well. ☺ It's a full color, beautifully done magazine, over 80,000 readers. You can even order straw hats and Amish buggies through their advertisements! By the end of the year it might be available for subscription. It's fascinating so I think it will be welcomed with outspread arms by all.

Next week I'm getting filmed for the very first time! (I've never even been on a home video, I'm soooo non-techie!) I'll be doing a ten-minute "book talk" as part of a national video conference for widows by my amazing friend Marlene Craft of Widows Link.

Last week I "met" some Facebook widow friends in a Facebook Messenger "Room." It's similar to Zoom which so many have used during our shutdowns. Was that a treat! Really, try it sometime! It'd be really cool to do a Room meeting once a week or so in the future! Interested?

And this week I was privileged to meet with some new widows at our new church. We sat around a big table with plenty of social distancing. I missed not being closer. Next week we'll have to resort to Zoom, but that's better than nothing, and God is on top of this technology and the virus.

Nothing is too difficult for Him! Including a photo shoot for me! At our new church I met a photographer's wife --and he's a photographer with a ministry of blessing people with his giftedness. All these years and I've never had a picture shoot. Good things come to those who wait. 

Additionally, to my friend Bobbie, it feels like we are still at square one with our move and apartment life, but God is on the move and I'm just trying to keep up.

Thank you all for you continued prayers! Please pray for our country and each other!

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