Monday, July 6, 2020

BOOK GIVE-AWAY this month! Round 2

VERY IMPORTANT---if book covers do not appear in this email please click on the title which will link you to the actual blog. Then you'll be able to see the book. Thanks!

"So many books, so little time..."

I either need to get that slogan on a t-shirt or give away some books! 

Could you help me down-size my shelves?

Throughout the rest of this month, as often as I can, I'll feature some books I'd love to give to new homes.

What you'll see here are only the book covers but they are all good!

Please google the title or author to decide if you'd like it. 

If you want one
email me at
Tell me which title you want 
and your mailing address
First come, first served. 

If you DO NOT hear back from me it means someone else got it first. You may try for another, but only one book per email. 

Wallah! It's in the mail!
Free shipping? Of course!*

These are pretty near perfect condition, although some have autographs in the front and sometimes I marked some pages. ❤ ferree

* If you want to help with shipping, $5.00 will cover my costs, but free means free! Do not feel obligated. Email me for my most current mailing address. 

9780984504565: Grace for the Raging Storm
Grace for the Raging Storm
by Phyllis Vavold

A Widow's Pursuit - Finding Out
There's More to Life Than Grief
by Cynthia A. Adams

Beyond the Shadow of Grief
by Halima Oyelade

Click on the link in the caption to find out about this book. You won't find it on the Internet but it's really good! By my friend Halima in Nigeria.

"believe" by Jennifer Silvera

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