Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Widow's Book from Nigeria

Several weeks ago this mysterious package full of exotic stamps declaring NIGERIA NIGERIA NIGERIA arrived at my house.

Surprised, I wondered why it came to me. But when I turned it over I saw my friend Halima's name for the return address.

"Halima's book!" I remembered. Halima and I had emailed back and forth since her husband had died in 2012. And now I held in my hands, like a baby, the fruit of her hard work.

A few days later, the Saturday morning after I'd mailed off Christmas presents to my far-away family, I opened her book for a quick look. But I couldn't put it down. From there I took it to my favorite chair in the living room and for the next several hours I was enrapt with this pastor's wife in Nigeria as she weighed the questions, the raw pain, and the integrity of faith during grief.

Halima wrote this, published it, and gave it out at a memorial service and celebration for Tunbosun, her husband. What a tribute! Love shines through! And in chapter 13, as I read the words of tender memorials I began to understand the depth of the loss for Halima and her children, for Nigeria, and for the church. I mourned too, and why not? Many a pastor and father of young children is called home "before his time" and the sadness is not only a natural, but also a proper and respectful response. Yes, the Christian grieves, but we do not grieve without hope.

What I loved about Halima's book is the honesty and authenticity with which she shared her struggle to ask Why and to dare to trust God again. She has done a tremendous service to the church in Nigeria, and to me and others world-wide who will have the opportunity to read this. She's a skilled teacher, and sound in her theology on heaven, death, suffering, grace and justification. Her ability to apply wise Bible truth to daily life emerges simply and humbly as she addresses common questions:
  • how to comfort
  • early death
  • asking why
  • dealing with anger
  • unanswered prayer, and much more.
I began to underline rich nuggets of her wisdom, and one that sticks with me still is this: "...we must trust Him enough..." So often we think we must wait until we can trust God completely, but enough is what's required for the day.

This 153 page paperback book is attractively laid out, and deserving of a wide-read. Halima will be the first to apologize for a few typos, but I didn't find them a distraction at all; I could never write a few sentences, let alone put together an entire book in a second language! Overall, you will come away with having met a skilled and intelligent woman who can take profound Biblical truth and show you it restores the soul. Beyond The Shadow of Death will bring you into the light of God's faithfulness in this wounded, fallen world.

Would you like to read this too? We haven't determined how to do this with shipping and everything, but please contact me at and I'll look into it with Halima.


  1. Sounds like a good read. I would be interested. It seems to me that since this is such a timely message God will make a way in the dessert of shipping charges to get it here! Maybe if we made an order together rather than individual books.

  2. It's all I can do to write my thoughts in my journal and my two blogs. To think of writing a book would be too much for me. May God richly bless Halima for putting her story out.

    I've sent you an email about getting a copy of her book. I'm sure it will be great encouragement to all who read her story.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  3. So far I've received requests for about 10 of Halima's books, PTL! If you have emailed me, I've put your name on a list and I will contact Halima to look into the costs and the shipping. I'll then contact you with the information.

  4. I would love to read this book. Could not use the e-mail above. Please let me know cost if you decide to purchase it and I will send you money. Vicci Mauldin

  5. Ferree, please put me on the list as well for one of her books!!!!

  6. Ferree,
    Please let me know the expense
    and place me on the list.
    Thanks - dodi

  7. Thank you very much Ferree! I sincerely appreciate your review of my book! It's a wonderful review and I feel so blessed and honored to have it on your blog and for the interest you ladies have shown in the book. I can only hope you will find it helpful. Looking back I say God is faithful and it is only by His grace alone! After losing my darling husband I realised that grief and dealing with loss is much more difficult than what many people think. Along with it comes many changes,emotions, questions etc and often times others don't just get it and neither do of the book came from my journal and studies of the scripture to find answers,comfort and hope. May prayer has been that anyone that reads the book will know its okay to grief,mourn and ask questions but also to know that because we have Jesus our tommorow will be alright. I must say that lifeboat, Ferrree,WCP and all the wonderful ladies on the boat and those Going ashore have been a great blessing to me in this journey! Halima

  8. Sounds like a book filled with some wonderful insights to share with my friends. I would love to read this book. Please put me on the list for a book, Ferree.

  9. It is fairly easy to make a Kindle book for sale on Amazon. I would suggest looking into that.


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