Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blog Round Up For Widows "Weathering" A New Year

Brrr! Baby, it's cold outside! Even here, where "nothing could be finer than a day in Carolina..." the temps have dropped far below freezing and I'm happy to get my box of up-north longjohns and sweaters down from the top shelf in my closet.

But what's going on inside? Are hearts growing numb too? Is the new year overwhelming? Is the weather too close to another crisis?

Here are two blog posts from WCP friends that will help thaw the chill. At A Widow's Might, Linda talks about "small beginnings" in contrast to other's expectations. And at Christian Caregiving, Sharon talks about other taking courage from other storms besides the Artic fronts in her life.

So join me with a cup of hot chocolate, hot coffee, or soothing hot tea, as we visit with Linda and Sharon. I know they'd love to hear your comments too.

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  1. And aren't you glad you saved those "long johns"!

  2. LOL, Sparrow, I sure am! Keep warm in your nest today. :)

  3. Hey Ferree and WCP friends -
    it is very cold here on my end of SC, the temp here is 7deg. this morning @ 6:AM. coooooooold
    Josie came in my room last night and went into my
    closet and got one of her daddy's large super warm
    wool pullover's and wrapped up snug as a bug in
    a rug. Stay Warm :-) dodi


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