Friday, March 27, 2020

Free Audiobook

Postcards from the Widows' Path is now available on audio! A young widow loved it so much she produced the audio version and it's available on ACX from Amazon!

I'm allowed a small number of FREE give-away versions to fans and reviewers in the USA and the UK.

Here is a link from ACX to answer any questions you have. Take a look and then contact me at for your exclusive code. First come, first served. Let me know if you need USA or UK.

The paperback version is always on 20% discount right here so I can help widows as much as possible all year long. I do offer it on Amazon too, because that's the only way some people will find me. But their fees are so high that I can't give a discount πŸ˜’and they charge $3.99 shipping per book😞😞. Order here at this blog and the shipping is much more reasonable. πŸ˜€

Springtime is a wonderful season to read about Ruth gleaning the barley harvest which would have beeen the end of April, and then the exciting turn of events when the wheat harvest starts in June.

But better yet is the renewal and coming back to life that you will feel as you walk this widows path with Ruth, Naomi and me like friends at your side.

❤ ferree

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