Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Casting Our Cares On The Lord (song video)

It's been a quiet week around here, but God has given me peace in the midst of the COVID-19 storm and I'm praying He does the same for many of you. I can honestly say I have no fear or worry. I am concerned and careful but they are very different and stem from the wisdom of knowing that God loves me.

This song must have gotten stuck in my head from when my little kids listened to "Psalty." It's a perfect illustration of child-like faith. Adults make it so complicated. But God is looking for hearts who simply seek Him. He cares for us, He provides. Have you ever considered it's sinful and insulting to Him when we worry?

We don't need to pray about our worries as much as we need to confess them. God clearly commands us, so many times, in so many ways---Do Not Worry. It's sin: plain and simple sin. I'm sorry to say that we can't excuse it; we have to confess it. And when we do, we find such relief. I always wonder this: why did I wait? Why did I resist going to God in the first place? 

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy, however forgiveness is conditional--IF we confess our sin, THEN God is righteous and just to forgive... (I John 1:9). What's holding you back? Pride? Anger? Widowhood resentment? God understands and He stands ready to trade His forgiveness and all its blessings for your honesty and confession.
Listen and let this song help you unload. If you feel lost, like you're going around in circles, like you desperately just want to go back and start over again I think you'll relate to the little characters conversation at the intro to this song. If you prefer to see the lyrics or hear an adult voice I urge you to search YouTube for "I Cast All My Cares."
(If the link doesn't come through on your device then click the title for today and it will take you to my blogsite and you can click on it there).

Stay home and stay safe,
❤  ferree

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