Monday, April 15, 2019

How Often Do I Post Here at Widows Christian Place?

Here's a question that came in my email. Others of you might wonder the same thing so I thought, "Why not? Let's turn it into a post because there are some good things to say about it."

Q. Often do you post on your blog?
A. I try to post every Monday but I don't always make it.

Q. Why don't you always make it?
A. The main thing that prevents me is when I travel. Don't envy me, I don't mean travelling on luxury vacations. I can't get my kids to come to me so I have to go see them and they are scattered from coast to coast--literally. The closest are only 500 miles away in Delaware and Ohio, two other adult children are in Seattle, WA. My dad is in Wisconsin, and in-laws are in New York. And when I travel I get the cheap tickets with like only a carry-on so I pack real light and simply can't/won't take a laptop. My phone is really old so I don't use it for blogging or Facebook. So if I'm on the road or in the air I'm off the Internet. I also work as a school librarian for 30 hours a week. So I love blogging, but other stuff interferes.

Q. How can your readers find answers to their questions if you're not always posting?
A. There's a nifty device here on the main site (not on your email view). It's a search box. Enter any word you have a question about and it'll pull up everything I've got on it.
Here's a large print of what it looks like over on the sidebar:

1. Search for Keywords on This Blog

Play with it, it's kind of fun. Wonder about taking off your wedding ring, dating, or sleep problems? Enter any of those words! You may also search the labels and the archives but the search box is my personal favorite.

Q. How do I know when you've posted something new? I don't have time to be checking your blog every week to see if you have a new post.
A. That's a wonder of technology too! I wouldn't want to have to keep checking either. So just subscribe and whenever something new comes up it goes straight to your email.
Use this box that's over in the sidebar of the main site (not your email view) and click the submit button.

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