Monday, April 1, 2019


Here are a few tips that might help with your group. They might also prompt some of your good ideas. Would you share them with us? Enter them as a comment or email them to
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* You can't fix the situation but you can encourage the woman.
* What’s said in the group stays in the group.
* Each group has its own personality.
* Over-invite. Many widows will back out at the last minute; don’t take it personally.
* Widowhood and grief are transitional times so in the long run, both you and your group will change and that’s a good thing.
* Facilitate, don’t dominate the discussions. Use open-ended questions, not questions with yes or no answers

*Ask a question that is non-threatening such as:

  • * How has someone shown a kindness to you recently or in the past
  • * How have you shown kindness to someone
  • * Have you traveled to an interesting place
  • * Is there a place you would like to visit
  • * Do you have a pet story
  • * Do you have a most embarrassing moment story
  • * Do you like to talk on the phone or prefer emails
  • * What is your favorite dinner or place to eat

* Have fun! It’s OK to laugh!
* Call just to “chat” – it is an opening to hear their story and where they are in their grief
* Send notes to encourage or as a reminder that someone is thinking of them
* Don’t forget those widows that cannot get out – remember them with visits, cards, calls

These were part of a workshop that Bebe Holland and I presented at A Widow's Journey Retreat on March 2.

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