Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This Summer vs. Last Summer: Life Changes!

This summer: 9330 miles travelled in less than 2 months! Very little back pain.

Last summer: I went no where except for trips to the doctor, to the MRI center, to a physical therapist and a medical massage therapist. Chronic back pain. Plus the realization that I'd hit people with my cane or run them over with my wheel chair if I had either of those. I now admire my disabled friends even more for their grace under pressure.

So this summer I'm making up for lost time. Lest you picture me relaxing on a cruise, please note that all but 676 of the miles were to visit family I only see once or twice a year (or not at all if it's like last summer). The 676 miles were to and from Montrose Christian Writers Conference in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

Why did I go to a writers conference? Will I write a new book?

I don't know. All I know is that I desperately wanted to go to this conference, this year. And now I know I'm glad I did!

In the next week or two you'll see some cool things I learned about improving this blog and my writing. Maybe you'll see another book from me in a few years if I can package up my idea and send it to the agent I talked to at the conference-- woot woot!

You'll definitely see two wonderful widowed writing friends I met. I'm excited to tell you about their books, their websites and some other good resources.

But for now, let's stop and smell the roses.
Ooops, these are not roses,
and I see a few weeds too.
Such is life.
They're still pretty though, yes? 
Please tell me how your summer is going, OK? I have to pick a ton of tomatoes today while it's still only 85 hot, muggy degrees. I hope you are staying cool in this heatwave.

And take hope from my example that next summer can be much better. Click the comment line or email me at WCplace@gmailcom. I love hearing from you.



  1. Hi Ferree. So happy to hear that this summer has been so much better for you than last summer. A few weeks ago my heart shifted and I have begun thinking about possibly getting a toy miniature Schnauzer after Christmas from a breeder in Texas. Before now I was too afraid to open my heart up to any pet for fear that it might be something else I would lose.

    Right now I am considering the cost and saving toward this purchase and all the things that you need when you bring home a new puppy. This week I have a meeting with the head of my homeowners association to discuss the parameters of having a fence put up around my back patio so that I can easily let the dog in and out without having to go outside alone at night.

    I have also realized that I no longer enjoy going on any kind of trips alone. So, there have been some changes in my heart this summer.


  2. Dear Candy,
    I like that phrase "my heart shifted." That's often exactly the way it felt for me too. It's not like a sudden and drastic change (we've had enough of those!) but kind of like a car shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear, or vice-versa. Bit by bit, but perceptible.
    Good luck with your puppy decision! And remember, let the puppy pick you. :)Puppies are a handful, but love at first sight. I think you'll really enjoy yours.


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