Monday, July 18, 2016

Spending Christmas Alone? This Would Be So Much Better...

Do You Ever Wonder...
by Beth in NC

Do You Ever Wonder...
what widows do when we get together?


laugh and cry,

act silly and get serious,

share and listen,

talk and have silence,

eat and EAT,

give a shoulder to lean on and lean on that shoulder,

comfort and are comforted,

love on and get loved on.

We are bonded by our circumstance and blessed by our friendship.

We need not pretend with each other because we "get it"!
Beth continued with this:

Although, I hate the reason we were brought together, I am truly thankful for the women that I have had the privilege and honor to get to know over the years -- M, TA, Ch, G, and those who I have "met" through blogs (strong and courageous, honest and vulnerable). Without them, I could not endure the very difficult moments of my widowhood.

Widowhood is one of life's hardest challenges. Like Beth says, we need the love and encouragement from others who've experienced it too. How about you? Have you met any new friends who've helped you endure because they "get it?"

You could have a wonderful time December 2 - 4 when I'm once again offering a weekend for widows to get together for "all of the above."

Why not see what happened last year by clicking here? Start praying about it and please email me at to let me know if you will come. There are only 20 spots and they will fill up fast!

I'm away from the Internet and computer this week but I'll reply next week.

Click here for the nitty gritty cost and stuff. I do not profit from this at all, it's my Christmas gift to you. Costs are only for your lodging, transportation, one meal and a small registration fee to hold your place.


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