Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Weekend to Remember

Dear Readers,
I have struggled all week wondering how to convey everything that made last weekend so incredible. For those of you who were praying for us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nineteen women attended from all over the USA, from Maine to California! We came together as instant friends, we laughed, we cried, we remembered, and we dreamed of a future full of hope and healing. But rather than have me describe it all, let's hear from the others! ferree
This was THE BEST getaway since my husband passed. I've made some forever friends, wonderful connections and great memories! One more step in healing.  ~ Cindy
I learned a lot even though I didn't say much. I am so new and raw in my journey. Meeting this group has given me some new perspective on this awful situation. ~ anonymous

I loved the emphasis on prayer and sharing the gospel. We're all at different stages, from all over the country, ages 39 - 80, widowed for less than a year to over 10 years....Yet we are all living God's story for us. It's not something we'd choose, but it can become amazing!  ~ Ann
My heart is comforted and strengthened by spending time this weekend with precious Christian widows who are running their race with endurance and courage. We may break stride momentarily, but Christ is making champions of us all!  ~ Chris

This was an amazing weekend to share with some incredible ladies. To know I am not alone and that others understand what I am going through. To hear the ladies testimony and the wisdom they share with all of us. I thank God for the new sisters He has put in my life. ~ Kathy
I believe it was a healing time for many. It was so nice meeting so many women I could relate to! Thank you sooooo very much for the wonderful weekend. It was just marvelous. ~ Norva 

Since I don't have a group at home that I can "vent" to or that understand what widowhood is like--- this was like nothing I have ever experienced before and I have been to a LOT of women's retreats.
This beautiful group of widows "gets it"---they understand my grief and they loved on me and helped me more than they'll ever know. The love and generosity of Ferree and Tom is unbelievably amazing---they are God's vessels for service and widow ministry. ~ anonymous

It was spiritually uplifting, emotionally encouraging, a good change from my routine and to decompress. I feel like I can go back home to my kids refreshed and renewed.  ~ Denise

Pam, Jan, and Maria

Denise Sprague's photo.
Denise and Cindy
Denise Sprague's photo.
Sherry, Chris, Kathy and Norva meet together
in Pennsylvania every weekend---except this
weekend we enjoyed having them with us!

Denise Sprague's photo.
Ann, Paula, Bonnie


  1. Thank you Ferree for a wonderful weekend. Where I have struggled being vulnerable with the people I've known, not the case with all the beautiful ladies I made friends with. For the first time in 3+ years since my husband's passing, I found familiar spirits of pain, of hope, of strength in these ladies where I finally connected with women like me. That was so important for my continued healing.

  2. How wonderful for all of you to have had that precious time together.


  3. May God continue to bless and enlarge the ministry He has given you and Tom. Thank you.

  4. Awe. Wonderful to read that you all had a blessed time with one another. Your photos are lovely. Great to see Tom in the picture, too. Have a wonder-full Christmas. Love Babs.(UK.)

  5. Awe. Wonderful to read that you all had a blessed time with one another. Your photos are lovely. Great to see Tom in the picture, too. Have a wonder-full Christmas. Love Babs.(UK.)

  6. Looks like every heart was blessed! So glad it all went well and new widow friends were made!



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