Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Handling Grief and Loneliness at Christmastime

“When we grieve over someone who has died in Christ, we are sorrowing not for them but for ourselves. Our grief isn’t a sign of weak faith, but of great love.” ~ Billy Graham

This quote came to my email box yesterday as part of this larger article:

5 Ways to Handle Grief, Loneliness at Christmastime

And this article is part of a 4-week series called "Saving Christmas," from The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The quote leads to the article, the article leads to the series....each building upon the other to build us up in our faith and relationship to the Lord. It's an excellent series and I hope you'll visit the website and check out the many other resources there too.

As for me, would you please forgive my absenteeism? On Monday I began to realize that the Christmas countdown has begun! Only 8 more days to finish my shipping (and a bit of shopping too!) The shipping includes some mail to those of you who sent in your "Letter to My Future" last summer. I still have those letters and will get them out to you before Christmas, so please watch for them in your mailboxes.

I will post again when I can, but I also need to help one of my daughters move to Delaware this weekend! We're in a very busy few weeks but it will let up soon and I look forward to more consistent contact with you. In the meantime, you're in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless you with peace and deep joy in the days ahead.     


  1. Take all the time you need for yourself, Ferree. You are so good to all of us and we so sincerely appreciate you.



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