Friday, December 11, 2015

More Pictures from Last Weekend!

The Living Christmas Tree Concert was such an inspiring time
of singing and worship!
Chatting around the kitchen table
Norva, Julie and Teresa

Ronett and Ferree
Waiting for the concert to start
Norva Lewis's photo.
Tom and Ferree

Maria, Denise, Cindy---what a great getaway!
Laurie, Julie, Denise and Lucy met at the Charlotte, NC airport
and became instant friends----and then their flight to Florence
got cancelled! Laurie saved the day by calling an Uber driver.
And the Lord saved the day for Laurie
 by having an empty plane bring
her lone suitcase to Florence that evening!

Wow, this little doggie was the
instigator of a "divine appointment!"
We met him while on a walk when
he made a beeline for the dog-lover
in our group. And when we met his
owner, we learned of another widow
who needs our prayers.

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  1. God's love and work in this event was so evident. It's wonderful to read about.


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