Monday, March 21, 2016

From Surviving to Thriving with Widows In North Carolina

Jan, Janie, Sandra, Margaret, me, and Lindy
Wow! It doesn't seem possible that just last weekend I was together with this fantastic group of ladies. They are some of the lead team for a group called "Widows Might" at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC. Wanting to reach even more widows in their church and community, they hosted a brunch on Saturday, March 12 for about 60 attendees and invited me to speak about not just surviving widowhood, but actually thriving in widowhood. Afterwards they hosted another session with me and opened it to more women in the church to talk about ways to help a widow.

The Widows Might group has been meeting for quite some time, led by Margaret, and she does a fantastic job! I look forward to hearing more of her tips and ideas for a widows group, and I'll share them with you eventually. It was a joy to get to know her and the others, and especially to meet some of the women who read this blog! Hello, Dorothy! Hello, Christine! Hello, all! I wish I could have heard each of them speak! One thing about widows---they have hearts overflowing with wisdom and compassion. The Lord has drawn them close to him and they are shining lights in this cold, dim world. They are a tremendous but often untapped blessing to the people around them.

Look, Margaret! The flower bouquet you
gave me is still beautiful! (Each table at the
brunch had one of these cute mason jars filled
with fresh flowers).
The next thing I want to do is make a concerted effort to finally compile a listing of active widow groups and their ideas. Will you help me? Just email the following info to me at It will be a while until I get everything listed because in less than two weeks I get to meet my very first grand-daughter! I'm very excited to welcome her to the family, but I'll obviously be a bit distracted for a week of visitation.

Here's what I would like to know about your widows group:
Name of the group and/or the church sponsoring it: _________________
How long the group has been going:___________
City and state :_________________
Church office phone # or email: (not your personal phone)
How often the group meets: _________________
Function/purpose: (for example: grief support, or socials, or Bible studies, etc):
One or two sentences describing your usual meeting:
An idea you've used that would be good to share with other groups:
Anything else you think we'd like to know:

Thank you very much!


  1. Although I cannot provide any information on a current widow's group in my area, I wanted to wish you and your brand new grand-daughter many blessings together. Congratulations.

    I did attend a widow's group sponsored by a church member, but it wasn't able to continue because some of the ladies would make other plans before remembering the widows' group, sometimes causing a postponement or cancelation. Since the leader had to drive to the church from an outlining area, the group was soon disbanded. I was very disappointed because I had recently become a widow and looked forward to the monthly meetings. I think it would have been better if the group could have met during a closer timeframe, like every two weeks and to write the date down before leaving each meeting. I know I wasn't the only member that was disappointed by the no-shows. I hope this will help in putting together a more successful group .

    Sincerely, Sheila

  2. Thanks for the personal congrats Sheila
    I'm sitting in the Dr office with my daughterinlaw right now---just a regular appointment but baby should arrive any day now.
    I wish your group could have continued for your sake and the others. But you bring up some good points:groups should be committed to meeting at a regular time they can count on. With "widow fog" it's a good idea to remind/set the next meeting time when everyone is together and can write it down immediately. The number of group members is important too so it's not too bad when there are the no shows.

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