Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Widows Voice -- A Voice for Widows!

Have you ever tuned in to the radio program "The Widows Voice" with host Teresa McWilliams and co-hosts Elder Cleora Fortson and Mrs. Elease Patterson? It will be back on the air this fall, but you can listen to the archives at this website.

Let me suggest listening to the "International Widows Day" program from June 19, 2014 as Teresa and co-host Elease Patterson discuss the plight of widows internationally and here in the states, and what the church can and should do. Plus, you'll hear little old me call in and join the discussion. Just go to the archives link in the paragraph above and scroll down to International Widows Day. It's a 30 minute broadcast but the time just flies and I know you'll love it. Check out the other programs listed there too. This is a wonderful resource for widows.

Hey, Teresa! We can't wait to hear you on the air again! Hurry back my friend! ferree

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  1. Hello Ferree
    Thank u for the information.
    Norma K

  2. Oh, how I enjoyed listening to the broadcast! I am now listening to each of the broadcast one by one. I know everything is done in His timing, but I really wished I was aware of the resources you are providing four years ago when my husband and I came to the point where our merged path split taking us in different directions. His taking him through the door into eternity and minds placing me on this path suspended somewhere between my past and my future.
    Vanessa G.

    1. It sounds like you enjoy it as much as I do, and Im so glad they've been able to set up such a handy archive. Resources like these are always wonderful, and I wish they'd been around when I was widowed too (which is why I do what I do with this blog), but I always remind myself that widows have been without such things for thousands of years, and somehow the Lord pulls them through. The word "suspended" is very on point, but the feeling won't last forever. Step by step...


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