Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Fun: Announcing the Winners!

What a tremendous response to raising awareness for international widows this week! I'm so proud of you all for seeing beyond your own world of problems and pain and realizing that the Lord is over all, and He has a profound work to be done in this world! Thank you for being a part of it with your prayers and love this week.

Bright and early this morning I reached my hand into my drawing jar and pulled out the winners names. Imagine the drum roll please.....

Gerry Jarrett 
Rebecca Sorrels 
Vicky Everitt
But, here's a little surprise...
I have two more of the giveaways, so there are 2 more winners!
Paula Corson
Debbie Halcomb
And just to keep the suspense going...
You'll know what your prize is when you get it in the mail!
(I hear those groans!)
Hey, how about taking a selfie picture when you open your package so we can all see what you got? 
I have to run to the post office now, but I hope you've all enjoyed the posts and the giveaways this week. It's been fun and informative, hasn't it? Have a blessed weekend!


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