Monday, June 22, 2015

An Exciting Week Ahead

Dear Reader,

It's been such a help having various widow friends do a week of blogging for me lately. But tomorrow is International Widow Day-- the perfect time for some give-aways while raising awareness of the plight of widows in other countries. So I'll be with you this week, and then take another break so I can deal with my back pain. Many thanks for the notes of concern and the prayers. They truly help! It's a long healing process though, and I'm not the best patient in the world, lol. But enough about me...

Imagine going to your mailbox next week and finding a package just for you? Three lucky readers' names will be drawn this week and the prizes will be sent right away.

Here's all you need to do: Make a comment! It doesn't have to be perfect, it's just me you're talking to. Each comment this week = your name in the drawing. Comment as often as you'd like. Start today! The drawing will be Friday.

IMPORTANT: When you comment, also send me your mailing address in an email to so I'll have it in case I draw your name. If I draw your name but don't have your current mailing address I won't be able to send you your prize. I repeat: Be sure to email me your name and address. My computer time is very limited so I can't be trying to reach you. And please be sure to put your name or initials on your comments. Believe me, this is not a scheme to get your address. I don't share your information with any other people or organizations.

If you can't get the comment box to work, (it's best to use a computer, not a cellphone) just email your comment to me at

What are the prizes? They are so cool! They're from widows around the world!

1. A Solitude Mat. Use is as an exercise mat; use it alone or lay it over a standard size yoga mat, it will fit perfectly. Or use it as a prayer shawl, lap blanket, decorative bed coverlet... all sorts of things!This was made from Kente cloth in Asamankese, Ghana in Africa where my friend Miriam Neff of Widow Connection ministry and New Beginnings radio program has set up sewing classes for the widows so they can earn a living.

I want to show you how beautiful it is but at the same time try
to keep Elmer Cat away from it! The colors are brilliant and
each square is stitched together like a patchwork quilt.
Kente cloth is highly prized in Africa and you'll appreciate the
beautiful weave. The mat is lined underneath and edged with
a sparkly red trim. This one is valued at $40.00. Now you
know why I won't let the cat touch it!
 Please visit Miriam's website, Widow Connection and consider donating to help her help other widows around the world. This link will take you to the page full of pictures of the women who created these wonderful Solitude Mats. Be sure to go to the home page too and become familiar with the many widow stories and some really great resources.
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Miriam says that in Ghana, "On average, each widow has 5 dependents,
either her children or sometimes relatives.
Its really hard to describe how poor they are
 and how much learning a trade improves their lives.
Their ages range from 23 to 56."

 2. Another give-away is an extra copy I've found of a book I featured last year that everyone wanted:
It's written by a Nigerian widow, my friend Halima Oyelade. Read all about it by clicking here. Everyone loves it!

3. Last by not least is a DVD from Gospel for Asia, called Veil of Tears--Hope Is On The Way. Share this with your church, your mission board, your widows group! It's unforgettable! I have my own copy of this---and I'm keeping it. The one you'll get (if you win) is brand new and unopened. Here are some quotes about it from the cover:
"Veil of Tears was so moving and informative. I want everyone to watch it and join us in making a difference..." Francis Chan
"When I saw it, I knew I would never - could never - be the same. Veil of Tears has taught me how to pray, to give, and to make a difference for Christ." Joni Eareckson Tada
"Powerful film. . . this one will cement your belief in the possibility of hope! - The Dove Foundation

Start commenting today and I'll be praying that the Lord will touch many hearts with these superb resources from godly widow around the world. Please visit here again tomorrow and throughout the week. I have so much to tell you about!  ferree


  1. Ferree, I hope your healing goes well for you. We widows need you! Your website is one that I love to read; there is always something that I can relate to. I also just finished reading your book for the first time. I say first time because I am sure it is NOT the last time! Thank you for all the encouragement. I will keep praying for you. ~Shirley Pheasant

  2. Feree, I am a quilter and would love to have that mat! I took up quilting as a way to relax when caring for my husband. It has been such a blessing to me. I made a wall hanging for the Hospice Chaplin in memory of my husband. Your site is a blessing to me and I appreciate all you are doing for the widows around the world. May God bless you and heal your pain. Debbie Halcomb

  3. Hi Ferree,
    You are a wonderful God send and blessing to me; I would have been lost of I hadn't found your website. Praying for your back issues and for some relief. Many hugs~ Cindy Hofstetter

  4. I'm getting a lot of wonderful comments and emails already! You're all such a caring and compassionate group. Each comment or email is an entry, and I'll message you each by the end of the day to confirm that I've received your entries. Thanks everyone! <3

  5. Ferree, I was just wondering how you were doing this morning. Been missing your posts, but know you need this time. This giveaway looks really cool. Thanks for the opportunity! Rebecca Sorrells

  6. Even though being a widow is a hard road to be on, being a child of God makes it bearable. God provides for me every step of the way and I want to use this time to be more like Him. Paula

  7. I am blessed beyond measure by this widows group. I am thankful for a computer that usually works and for the ability to have internet at my fingertips. Paula C

  8. God is glorious.
    Gerry J.

  9. You are God's Treasure.
    Gerry J.

  10. Good is good! Vicky E

  11. Good morning Ferree. Thank you for the wonderful encouraging words that is provided here by you and the other precious ladies who share. I always find something to ease the grief and hide in my heart for encouragement. Blessings to you and may God give you the strength physically-emotionally and spiritually to minister to us.

  12. Hi Ferree,
    Leaving my first comment on here, not really expecting to win, but you never know. Chances are meant to be taken and so am all in for it.
    Yesterday, I looked at the picture from my phone, but it looked so different. ( the mat) Because of the positioning of the red tiles on your floor, it looked like it was something with strings on it. Only now as I logged on the computer, was I able to see it more clearly. It DOESN'T have strings. It's just the red tiles on Ferree's
    Well my dear lady, Elmer, sure seems to have a liking for it, especially in the second photo. He's looking on with great anticipation, and thinking, "Put me down lady, that I may go and explore this beautiful thing....whatever it is."
    Well, hope that you start feeling better soon. I know what back pain is, been there done that. Luckily, I managed to get through it. Hope you are taking your Physio classes....knowing you, wouldn't want you for a patient. :) :) :) (Not that I know too much about you) Might be a good thing too. OK, that ought to cheer you up for the day, and if you need more, well, you know the address.
    Have a super blessed day today, as you live for Jesus.
    Love, Cherry.

  13. Good morning
    Thank u so much for this blog such a blessing to know I am not alone that there are others going through the same test/trials. All of the giveaways r wonderful. I would be blessed to receive either one of them. The mat is beautiful. Blessings be upon u. May the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee.

    1. Please be sure to add your name or initials at the end of comments, plus email your mailing address to me at if you'd like your comment to count as an entry to our drawing this week. Thank you for your beautiful blessing, and may the Lord shine upon you in a special way today.

  14. The Lord bless thee and keep thee. Beautiful giveaways.
    Norma K.


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