Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Was Interviewed On British Radio!

Good news and bad news at the moment: the good news is that you all are excited to hear this interview! The bad news is that the file has maxxed out because it can't handle all the traffic. There's nothing we can do to recover it, but I'll try to post it again after a few days and see if it will refresh, OK?
Oddly enough, the same thing seems to have happened to my wrist! I'm experiencing some painful tendonitis. The sooner I let it heal, the sooner I can start using it again. I'll be taking a typing free weekend and next several days but you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Christian broadcasting in the United Kingdom
If you didn't get up at 4:25a.m. Eastern Time yesterday to hear me on British radio, I don't blame you, LOL! Sleep is a precious commodity. But if you'd like to hear it, the staff at United Christian Broadcasters kindly sent me this audio file of the 10 minute interview. Thanks, Josh, Rebecca, Bill and Paul!

Paul Hammond had some thought-provoking and insightful questions for me. He started out the interview with this question: 

Has society's attitude towards widows actually changed;because so many marriages break up and so on, it's not something we talk about an awful lot---caring for those who've been widowed---or understanding those who've been widowed---is it?

Click this link to hear my response and the rest of the interview:
sorry, this is not currently available.

For those of you who receive this by email and cannot open the link, just go to the blog itself by clicking the title of this post. 

Want to hear me more on the radio? You can help by contacting your local Christian station. Tell them about this interview and that they can contact me right here or by email at Let's see what God does with this!!


  1. Awesome job, Ferree!

  2. Since it is only a ten minute interview - could you possibly condense it and put it in writing on WCP.... I have clicked on it several times with zero results. Would really enjoy hearing it, but in writing would be great also..... thanks !
    wcp--widow :-)

  3. That's a great idea. If we can get the link to refresh I'd love to do that. I'll be sure to let everyone know if and when it happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Thank you Sharon, I'm glad you got to hear it!


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