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Welcome, UCB Listeners!

Description: Description: Description: United Christian BroagcastersI had a special privilege this morning in the United Kingdom! A pre-recorded interview with Paul Hammond aired on United Christian Broadcasting.

If you are visiting this blog today because of that radio spot, please let me welcome you and introduce you to this special place for widows.

You see, I know what it's like. The day before my 44th birthday my first husband died instantly from a brain anuerism. In a mere moment life changed irreversibly for me and our three teenagers. I thought it was the end of my life, but now I can say that the Lord made it a new beginning. Not a better life, but an equally good one, it's just entirely different than I expected. And that takes some adjustment and strong faith!

So, knowing some of the challenges and loneliness of widowhood, I set up this blog in 2010 and have connected with thousands of widows all over the world. I sort of walk alongside widows for a while. I post many articles, prayers and stories to help along the way. The best thing is that I can assure them the Lord has a future and a purpose for their life. With Him, they can survive and eventually thrive again. It takes time, but God is an expert at giving life! It's my extreme privilege to see that there truly is "life after death" for widows.  

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Also take a look at the reviews below for my book, Postcards From The Widows' PathUCB listeners in the UK may order it this week at a reduced rate through this special offer. You'll get it at the group rate, with priority shipping which should deliver it to your mailbox in 6 to 10 days. Two books will ship for the same price as one! Just click the Buy Now button below for this special offer. Email me at if you have any questions. Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog today. May the Lord be with you,

UCB listeners, here's the Buy Now button to order your 1 or 2 copies today. If you're ordering from the USA, please use the Bookstore link at the top of this page.

Reviews for Postcards From The Widows' Path

touched my aching heart
"... this book touched my heart at a time when it was hurting so much. I have read and re-read this book and still get so much insight each time I read it. it gives me hope that even in the deepest hours that not only God loves and cares for me but also other widows walk beside me in this journey. thank you Ferree for writing this book. love it. Terrie k.

Ferree speaks from a widow's heart to a widow's heart.
I loved this book! Ferree speaks from a widow's heart to a widow's heart. Not only did "Postcards From A Widow's Path" encourage me on this horrible journey, it reminded me that I wasn't alone. The author gently leads us down the road, shows us where the bumps and holes are, and shows us the finish line is just ahead....and that we can make it with Lord's help! If you or someone you know is a widow, this is perfect for the grieving heart!!! Amanda M.

A "MUST READ" for Widows...
Whether you are a recent widow or have been a widow for several years Ferree's book is one that is a must read for you. She "gets" all the grief and emotions that a widow feels because she is/was a widow. When Ferree could not find the answers to all those questions that she was asking, she turned to widows much further down the road......Naomi and Ruth found in the Bible's book of Ruth. What she learned from them after an exhaustive study is shared in her book. If you aren't a widow, but know a widow, buy this book for her. It's one of the two best books for widows written by a widow that I have read. Candy F.
A light in the widow-y darkness
There is not much I can say the previous reviewers have not, but I wanted to add a comment about the thought-provoking questions after each section. Ferree helps widows "peel the onion" (so to speak) of their own grief and infuse it with the lessons from Ruth. The book is encouraging, and since Ferree herself is a widow (albeit a remarried one), she has traveled the whole widow path, and she GETS IT. If you only buy one, then don't let it sit on your shelf after you've read it - keep it handy to share with another widow in your life. Better yet, get two, so you can write your own thoughts in one and give one away. Kelly C.

This book meant a lot to me...
This book meant a lot to me at a time when I needed it most. At a time of deep loss and searching for some way to survive I read this book. I found someone who understood this journey and found her way though it. This was an invaluable resource to survive this journey. Dorothy P.

Outstanding book on the Book of Ruth with much relevance for today.
Did you know that there are three widows mentioned in the book of Ruth?
This is a detailed study of most the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament but it is so much more than that. This book is an encouraging, insightful, personal look at the journey a widow takes following the death of her husband. The writer writes from first hand experience and truly understands the journey. This is a must read to gain a deeper understanding of the story of Ruth and also to be aware do the widows journey today. Ann B.

This book was so wonderful and really helped me
This book was so wonderful and really helped me. It seemed like the words were actually reaching into the deep hurt that I felt after losing my husband. I wish every widow could read this. Mrs. Virginia T.

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