Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Widow's Story: Almost 4 Years Later

My blogging friend, Kathy Bellows, posted this last week and was kind enough to allow me to copy it here for you today. Please visit her blog, Sorrow to Victory, and see what happens in the weeks ahead. I'm sure she had no idea four years ago that she'd be planning for this today! I wonder what she'll be doing four years from now? According to Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord knows! And He knows where you'll be and what new adventure you'll be on too.

Here's what Kathy had to say about her widow's journey so far...
This June will mark the fourth anniversary of my husband’s home-going. The past four years held many ups and downs. However, I am thankful my Lord has brought me through those deep waters without letting them overtake me.

At one point I thought, perhaps, I would always carry sadness within me. I learned since then that I have a choice. I could keep looking back and thinking of my loss and what could have been, or I could look up instead. I chose to make an effort to look up to God and to help myself move on. I started to realize that God had plans for me. He planned for my husband to go home with Him, but what were His plans for me?

He promises to “makes our crooked paths straight” (Isaiah 45:2). I feel content in the path He has chosen for me. God has opened up new exciting adventures in my life. He led me to start this blog, and recently He directed me to start a fellowship for widows in my area.

Today I want to share with you the recent blessing He has given me. I’ll be joining a team from a local church on their 8th missions trip to Haiti. Because it is their 8th trip they call it “Haiti 8” missions trip.

Step one was to send in my application and references. I praised the Lord when I received acceptance. There will be a few on the team that will be doing fluoride treatments on children, others will be giving eye exams, and some will be working with a doctor on the team. Because I am an LPN, I’ll be helping the medical team. Others in our group will work on construction.

I attended my first meeting a few weeks ago and was given a spiritual preparation work booklet and guidelines of what must be accomplished before we leave.

My second challenge was raising support for the trip. Writing a letter of appeal and sending it to friends and family was not something I was accustomed to doing, but I realized it would give each of them a chance to be a part of helping those in need in another country.

Next, I had to start the process to receive a passport.
“Did I have my birth certificate?” I was asked.
Hmm…. I found the birth certificate, but it appeared I was hatched, since it had no parents’ names on it. Now obtaining an acceptable birth certificate as soon as possible became a top priority on my list of things to do. After a trip to Harrisburg, Pa., I came home four hours later with the official document in my hand. (Thank you Lord!) Not too long afterward, I opened the mailbox to find my passport had arrived!

The next very important task took me to the doctor’s office to receive my inoculations. Then the second week of March I received news that my total support was in. This was definitely another praise to the Lord. I started the process late, but God blessed the process in a short amount of time!

The trip will be from April 18th to April 25th. Due to the lack of electricity, and the need to use a generator for a couple hours each evening I will not be able to send regular updates in my blog. Once I am back home I will share the trip with you. I hope you’ll follow me with my preparation and eventual journey to serve the people of Haiti and share Christ’s love with those who need his gift of salvation.

God bless you,

Proverbs 4:5&6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct thy paths. “
haiti airport runway
The landing strip at the airport in Haiti.


  1. I am proud of you, Kathy! It is awesome to see God's work in your life! Ephesians 3:20!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that it is okay to move beyond the grief and live, to remove the time constraints as to how long I have to keep my life suspended before I move beyond what I lost into what I have gained.

  3. Vanessa, I love those phrases---to move beyond the grief---to remove the time constraints. Life truly does seem suspended, but Jesus gives us the freedom ---to move beyond what we've lost into what we've gained. You're amazing! Kathy is a great example of some of the new things God has in store ahead.


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