Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Plans, Anyone?

I "climbed aboard" one of my Lifeboat widow support groups on Facebook yesterday. These groups are for peer support. I seldom lead or add anything to the conversations because I can't sit and keyboard for very long before my spine begins to object. I just check in from time to time. But they have wonderful dialogues without me!

It's like the Lord uses the Lifeboats as a rescue and revive operation! The women pray for each other, listen to each other's problems, and tell their own experiences about how they manage and resolve many of the challenges of widowhood. It's great to "talk" with other women who "get it." When your old friends are tired of listening to you there's always someone you can turn to on Lifeboat.

One of the conversations yesterday was about Easter and what a widow would do with her children after church. You know---those hours between noon and suppertime that can drag and ache. I won't give you all the details because Lifeboat is confidential and closed to the public, but the gist was that this year would be very different. A favorite family time, a sacred celebration, had become a challenge. This widow wanted to embrace the event, celebrate the resurrection, and raise her children to do the same---- but life wasn't the same anymore. She was in uncharted waters and didn't know what to do.

As she explained the loss of another key family member in addition to her husband, her Lifeboat friends began to come alongside. Some would pray, some could empathize, some gently gave her  ideas, others helped by mentioning what they'd done in years past or about their plans for this year.

Facing holidays alone can be overwhelming. But on Lifeboat we're not alone. God didn't intend us to be the Lone Ranger. We need fellowship and hope; that's why we crave it! And that's what so many widows receive on my Lifeboats. Jesus Christ is the "captain," and the Holy Spirit comes alongside as the members share Scripture, encouragement, and hope; breathing life back into the "survivors." We all speak out and take in the expressions of our hearts. Breathe in... breathe out... together! The message of Easter---the resurrection---is true! Not only is there life after death for our husbands who are in Christ, but there's life after death for the widow who's been left behind.    

If you don't have local widows to fellowship with, click here to find out exactly how to join a Lifeboat group. You need to have a Facebook account, and you need to send me 2 things on Facebook: a friend request and a message. I'll look forward to saying Welcome Aboard. ferree


  1. I want to encourage readers to come aboard Lifeboat. My involvement with this group truly was a turning point for me in my grief. It truly is a place where we all "get it". Sometimes just posting the word "ugh" is enough and everyone understands!

  2. Well, this year I am Stage Managing 'Son of Sorrows' at The Lamp Light Theatre


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