Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Widow's Heart

A Widow's Heart
by Pamela Gainey

A widows heart is like a fine China plate that was once treasured by someone
It flips through your fingers and falls to the floor
you watch in horror as it shatters into a 1000 pieces.

You frantically try to pick up all the pieces and glue them back together,
but it will never gotogether the way it was before
the horrific tragedy shattered it.

Like that broken China plate, the widow's heart has been shattered by death.
It cannot and will not,
ever be the way it was before death made its presence known.

It leaves behind missing pieces.
When it's put back together it has parts forever missing.
Other parts that have been shattered can slowly be pieced back together,
and there are parts that stayed intact.

But this widow's heart is stronger
than it was before the fingers of death touched it,
yet more delicate too.

It is a heart that feels more deeply,
one that is more tender towards others
for it has known tragedy and come through it.

Slowly it starts beating
It's a heart that sees the beauty in others
It is a heart guarded by God.

That, my friend is a widow's heart
that still beats
not quite the same
as it did before.


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