Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Lot to Be Thankful For...

I'm posting a big THANK YOU to all who ordered my book recently, I appreciate it! I'm grateful because it's another opportunity to share the comfort God has granted me. I'm so thankful to God! That's why I do this blog, my book, and the Lifeboat support groups. My greatest satisfaction is in seeing widows come out of their grief and begin to live again---you're my heroes!

And speaking of heroes, today is Veteran's Day so let's all thank every veteran we see. They all sacrificed far more than we may ever know, and thank their wives and widows too. May God bless them all! And by the way, I'd like to shout out "Thanks, Dad"---to my dad who served in the Navy during the Korean War. I'm sure he'll be attending all the services and parades he can to honor those he served with. His memories and patriotism run deep.

Do you have a GROUP DISCUSSION GUIDE yet? It's a 5-session guideline for starting a casual book club or widows group using my book. Groups have been starting up all over---Minnesota, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc., etc., even Malaysia!
If you'd like a free discussion guide too, just email your mailing address to me at WCplace@gmail.com and I'll drop a free copy in the mail for you. And of course, rest assured that I do not sell or even share your address or info with anyone else.

I hope you'll enjoy the many features of my book.
  • I know what "widow fog" is like---those days when we find it so hard to concentrate. So I designed the book for those days too!! You can just read the "postcards" at the start of each chapter. As you flip through them you'll see Ruth and Naomi transform from grief to gumption to redemption!
  • Later on, when you're ready for your own transformation, start using the journaling exercise at the end of each chapter. You'll be amazed as you look back on your own life and see what the Lord has brought you through and the blessings that stretch out on the path ahead of you.
  • And then, you can even use it with a small group. As we found out at the widows retreat this weekend, we need each other! Good things happen when widows get together. The instant comraderie, encouragement and love are beyond compare! Aside from a whole weekend together, going through my book with your friends is the next best thing. Request the discussion guide for your own group, or to give to your church's womens ministry or grief recovery team for consideration. 
  • To order a copy just click on the book cover at the right top corner of this blog. (Email subscribers click HERE to get to the blog website so you can order).
Have a sweet day, and thanks again, ferree


  1. Ferree--I cannot thank you enough for making this book available to us! I was able to use it as a small group study through my church and it was very impactful to all who attended. We ranged from newly widowed to widowed over 10 years, and it had meaning for all of us! Widows here are finding healing and encouragement and purpose for the future!

    God bless you, and please do thank your dad for his service and sacrifice.


  2. You just made my day, Leslie, and my dad's too! Thank you very much!


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