Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Widowhood Is Like An Obstacle Course

About 4 years after I was widowed, I found myself deep in the woods of northeastern Ohio, and I was not alone. I was surrounded! Twenty other women were with me and we were doing one of those wilderness obstacle courses. Kind of like this!

Why, you ask? That's a good question.
This is what happens when the church leaders ask me to head up women’s ministry!
Now this picture is not us, it’s just for dramatic affect. Thank goodness we didn’t have to wear helmets or go above the tree tops, but we were single file like this, and we were walking a tightrope and trying to survive. It was a good picture of widowhood, don’t you agree?

These ladies weren’t all widows, but I wanted them to experience this simple truth: we learn from each other. And this obstacle course was our first step in training to do that. We mentored each other along the ropes!
Those who were further ahead
would call out to those who
were behind them,
"Tree branch!" or
"Watch where you step!"
And those from behind would rush to someone’s aid
 when she stumbled—
they’d lift her up and help her get back on track.
One couldn’t have done it without the other, each was essential. It was such a picture of life!

We started out on our journey with baby steps, and at the very end, one by one we would have to catch a rope swing and sail across a shallow ravine into the arms of those on the other side who would catch us and pull us to safety—I wonder if our arrival in heaven will be kind of like that ...
Grief and widowhood are often referred to as a journey, so over the next several days I’m going to use that metaphor, and I'll share with you parts of the presentation I gave at the widows retreat.

No one is ever ready for this journey, and we never really know where we're going or where we'll end up, but God does. He truly guided me and kept me safe in spite of my doubts and fears. I think you'll benefit as I call out to you in the days ahead about what to watch out for and where to step on this obstacle course called widowhood.

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  1. Widowhood is definitely a journey! I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. There is always learning to do, growing too. Every day is a gift.



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