Monday, November 10, 2014

I Just Returned from aNew Season Widows Conference

... and I can't begin to explain all the good things that we experienced. One lady told me this, "There's no reason anyone will go home without something weekend." If I begin listing all the good things then you'll be reading a very looooong post of 60 - 600 items! And actually, I've got to rush off to a physical therapy session first thing this morning so I can't even begin. Thanks to all of your concern about my back and health, and especially I thank you for your prayers. I'm doing so much better, but with driving, hauling around a suitcase, books and some beautiful mats handmade by African widows, and saying, "No thanks, I've got it," to offers of help (my bad, I know), the timing of this appointment is really good. Slowly but surely I'm learning what not to do, and I'm almost 100% better so don't worry about me.

More importantly though, here are some of my own pictures from the retreat, and perhaps I'll be able to link or post some better ones later this week. I hope our gratitude to the Lord will shine through our faces.

Almost one year ago to the day, Kit Hinkle of
aNew Season / Widows Might and I met at this
very place to pray about God's direction and leading for
a widows retreat.
What would please Him most? Where should we begin?
And God began to lay it all out, step by step, resulting in a
weekend of encouragement, help, hope and fun! Do you see
Elizabeth photo-bombing us?

Jennifer, me (holding some of those beautiful African mats)
and Tanya--I always love meeting my Lifeboat group

Lori arrived Thursday night and she is amazing! We went
out to dinner and I heard her story. I can't wait to see what
the Lord has in store for her in the months to come. She has
an incredible giftedness and loving personality.
Patti and I---we are going to meet for lunch in Charleston, SC
one of these days. It doesn't get any better than that! A great
city and a great woman!

Scroll down to the next frame for more pictures. I'm sorry I don't have time to add all the captions, but I hope they'll give you an idea of how wonderful it is for widows to get together. To discover you're not alone, to talk with other women who "get it," to worship the Lord, and to be fed from His Word----it's priceless. ferree

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