Monday, August 4, 2014

Memorial Wall for August 2014

Here's the August listing from the Memorial Wall here at Widows Christian Place. I hope you'll use it throughout this month to pray for everyone. If you'd like to add your own tribute to the Memorial Wall, please follow the directions mentioned here. I'd be honored to add your precious memory too. ferree
* Josie * Ron died of cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and respiratory failure * Children: Chalmer 39; Marcus 37; David 43; Amy 41. Daughter in law Shannon 36; Five grandchildren * Ron just retired from the ministry. He was a Lutheran minister. I am trying to find my way in this difficult change in my life. I know God is with me and guiding me through this all. I know Ron is smiling and happy and has no more pain. He was sorry to leave all of us but glad to go home to our Lord. * Greenville, PA
8/2/2011 * Cindy * Gary * three girls 12,14,15. * He died after a two year battle with bone and liver cancer. My girls and I have managed to navigate the initial grief of the situation but now we are struggling to redefine ourselves. Daddy was the cornerstone of who we all were, now that has got to change. It is really difficult especially during the holidays.
8/2/2006 * Delia Geary * Husband, Tom - Kidney Cancer. * Children - Vanessa (34) Joshua (32). * Tom and I were high school sweethearts. We met on a blind date at the age of 16. He was my best friend, a wonderful husband, father and provider. We both loved the outdoors, and for many years he was my hunting and fishing partner. He moved to Heaven 4 months and 6 days after he was diagnosed. I thank God for giving me a man I could love and respect for 43 years. I know he is waiting for me and his children, and one day we will all be together again. What a hope we have in Jesus! * Texas
8/2/2006 * Susan * Alan, age 49 - renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) * one son, age 24, Atlanta, Georgia * He was a wonderful father, employee, volunteer, example, son and husband. His son is now a very successful producer at CNN and I'm so thankful that Alan was able to be best man at his son's wedding shortly before he passed away.
8/6/2013 * Sandy Eskew * Tom Eskew, Cause of Death: Diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, a Parkinsonism, in 2002, two years after we were married. * Family: Five adult children blended by our union * Tom, a man of integrity and noble character, was my Boaz and is my "Taste of Heaven"! * Littleton, CO
8/10/ 2011 * Regina * Jim (congestive heart failure and lung cancer) * my son, his stepson, Casey and his wife, Laura - my anchors here on earth. * married 26 wonderful years. He was my life - sick for several years. I was his constant caregiver. He was an amazing, loving man - rarely complained though suffered so much. We had time to discuss the fact that he knew he was going to the Lord - was saved when he was in his 20's......and was very much as peace when the Lord took him home. Mostly worried about leaving me behind - said he would be waiting for me when it is my time. I'm so grief stricken even after 9 months! So many changes and though my faith in God is strong - the pain is still strong. I love the Lord and rely on Him. It is still very hard - so many, many tears! Still seems surreal. * Tennessee
8/13/2013 * Karen * Kirk, age 51, passed away suddenly after sinus surgery * 4 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren - he never got to see the last one. * He was truly my soul mate and the love of my life. I cant believe that I have to live the rest of my life without him. He was the most loving and kind person and always let anyone he met know how much he loved the Lord. I can't get past the pain and don't know how to trust God again when He has taken someone who was such a good husband, father, grandpa, brother and friend. Please pray for our family! * Georgia
8/14/2008 * Tracy * Husband -- Jim * Complications of lung cancer (post surgical blood clot) * Three kids, now ages 13, 10, & 7. They were 3, 6, and 9 at his death. Just babies! * Jim was sick on and off for seveal years. We only got the official CANCER word after his death. He had some surgery to remove a mass from his chest and was doing great. Comfortably at home recovering and died of a post surgical complication blood clot. My faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and the support of my family and friends are what have gotten me through these last few years. * I have found new (UNEXPECTED) love in a long time friend, so my story continues........ * Tennessee
8/19/2012 * Marcia * Larry –Non-Hodgkins lymphoma & advanced Lyme disease at age 64 * Eric (38), Ryan (35), Meg (28) * Married for 41 years with 7 grandchildren. Larry fought two diseases at the same time and survived for 5 years after diagnoses. He was a man of faith, a brilliant scientist and a marathon runner. He worked until 5 days before his death. My sadness is that he was not able to live to enjoy his retirement but we know he is healed now and enjoying life with Jesus. Our granddaughters consider Grampa to be their guardian angel. We miss him desperately but we know we will see him again.
8/19/2012 * Sherry * Terence, 49 yrs., Advance Prostate cancer * 3 beautiful grown children and 3 adorable grand children- all mourning the passing of their 'Pop'. He was so loved. * "I am my beloved's and he is mine" * Seattle, WA

8/22/2012 * Jeanne * David - Complications of Kidney Cancer treatment. * We really thought he would recover, unfortunately, that was not the case. We were together for 24 years and I am lost without him.
8/22/2012 * Lori * Dave-colorectal cancer * Amy 29, David 27, Josiah 24 * Amazing husband, father and Papa who served the Lord until the end. * Ohio
8/22/2011 * Louisa * Nate, went home to be with the Lord after fighting so bravely and courageously against chronic lymphocytic leukemia. We were married for almost 39 years. * We have one daughter, Kimberly, 32. He has one daughter, Precious, 46, from a previous marriage, one granchild and one great-grandchild. * Life has not been the same without him. He is greatly missed and loved.
8/27/2010 * Ashley * Cliff - motorcycle accident * One sweet unborn baby that went to heaven shortly after her father * Always and forever my Love.
8/29/2012 * Amy * I lost my best friend and lover Michael to a heart attack. * We have two boys Isaiah (16) and Zion (13). My husband also has a daughter Michelle (19).We have been married for 14 years and on December 13 would have made it 15 years. We were in the preparation of renewing our vows on June 27, 2013. God saw it fit to take my husband home.* We live in MD * The pain is so deep and I still can't wrap my mind around this great lost, but I have trust in knowing that I will see him again....
8/29/2011 * Pat * Leonard – died of Sepsis (His doctor told me - he didn’t know he was as sick as he was) Lost him in 17 hours-what a shock for all. Didn’t expect to lose him as when we married at 18 and 21 years of age we promised each other to live together until we were 100 and 103 being there for each other always. * Cheryl age 58-lived in CA; Twin sons Tom and Tim age 53 and their families live near by. * 5 grandchildren; married 61 wonderful years; worked together 24/7 the last 38 years-owned a resort together; having a hard time adjusting to life without him. He was my life. He was our rock. A great Man-Husband-Father-Grandfather and Golfer. He would always say, if there’s no golf in heaven I’m not going. He was such a good person always involved in our children's lives when they were growing up and making life easier for others. I miss him so much. Very talented in all fields and lots of common sense. He keeps sending us “Pennies From Heaven”-when we find one we know he misses us too. * Arkansas
8/30/2008 * Cathi * Earl - heart attack at 55 years of age * Michael, 33; Matthew (deceased at age 13); and Melissa, 27 (since deceased 10/28/2008 in a car accident); * Earl and Melissa were absolutely the nicest people I have ever known.

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