Memorial Wall

Welcome to the Widows Christian Place Memorial Wall. This is where you can mark the memory of your love and the day your life changed. You'll be in a company of those who understand the fellowship of suffering.  
Simply e-mail your info to me at Widowers are welcomed, too. I'll post it as soon as I can, and I'll email you back as soon as it's ready. Here's what to send:
  • Date of passing
  • Your name (first names only are all that's needed)
  • Your spouse's name and (optional) cause of death
  • If you have children, their names and how old they were when their dad (or mom) passed.
  • Optional: Add a sentence or two you'd like to say.
  • Optional: general location--state or country
You're welcome to copy and print this list. Keep it in your Bible or some other handy place so you can pray for others named here, especially on their day or during their month. May God bless you in your walk through this trial, and may you shine like gold as He does. Stay close to Him--an amazing life is ahead as you discover your new purpose and renewed hope.  
The Day Life Changed Forever

1/1/2015 * Laurie * Bill * It's been a year since my beloved husband Bill died suddenly due to heart issues. He was 69. On New Year's Eve one year ago, he died shortly before midnight while walking on the beach towards the bonfire we were having to celebrate the New Year. He never appeared for the bonfire and approximately at 3 AM I found his body on the beach. He was a wonderful and loving husband, father, and "Papa" to our grandchildren. He loved God and his family. I am so grateful to have had 43 wonderful years married to him.
1/1/2009 * Gerel * Enkhsaikhan, at age 24 - tumor * Tushig (boy) 2years old * He received Jesus Christ 7 days before when he passed away. And I also become Christian and my son too. I am a follower of Jesus by all my heart and mind. * Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
1/2/2012 * Karen * Spouse - Don Age 67 - Hypertensive and Diabetic Cardiomyopathy * Daughter Andrea - 44; Son Kurt; - 41; 4 Grandchldren (15, 8, 6, 3) * My husband and best friend passed unexpectably in his sleep 1/2/12. We were not aware of any impending problems that would cause something like this so waking up to find him "gone" was a real shock! We had just celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary 3 days before. I am not able to stay alone due to some health issues of my own so I had to leave our home in TN and move in with our daughter in FL. We were together 24/7 and I depended on him for everything so in just a few seconds my life was turned "upside down"! I thank the Lord for helping me get through this first year in some very amazing ways. In Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord says "For I know the plans I have for you"..... I still do not know what all of those plans for me hold, but am trusting the Lord for direction each day. With all of that said, I still feel as though I have a huge hole in my heart and part of me went with him the day God called him home.
1/2/2011 * Sharon Vander Waal * Wayne, passed away after a 4 ½ year struggle with a rare neurological disease called Multiple systems atrophy type c * Three sons all married: Derrick, Troy, and Brian *  Wayne was the love of my life, and we were married for over 39 years. * Wisconsin
1/03/2012 * Carol * Larry - Bladder Cancer * Sons:  Edward (50) and Allan (46) * Larry moved to heaven the day before his 73rd birthday.  Without my best friend and husband of 51 years, life continues on around me but I know my life has changed forever.  I'm trying with God's help to adjust to the loneliness, cherish the memories and live my life as he would have wanted.  But, it is so very hard to continue on without him. * Florida
1/03/2011 * Kaye * Ken Boyd, multiple organ failure * Kelly, 52 * Ky, 49 * Dated for 31/2 years, married for nearly 55 years. We grew up together. Was very out-going, loved sports, loved his children and grandchildren. Served in the Army for 3 years, was a car salesman, and worked with the Texas Youth Commission, a juvenile detention center. He worked with the student work program.
Was a baseball coach for many years, coaching son and grandson. I miss my guy. He always made me fill he was the luckiest guy in the world to be married to me.
1/4/2011 * Carrie * Darryl, age 48 - Sepsis Pneumonia * one daughter, Brittany, age 19 *
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I believe that is true even when God calls a loved one home. When Darryl would tell me he loved me, or had a promise to make to me he would end it by saying, “hard fast promise.” Darryl I want you to know I will love you forever and always, Hard Fast Promise. Love your wife, Carrie
1/6/2017 * Judy * Bill, age 76. Cause of death: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. * Daughter: Julie. * My beloved and I were blessed with 43 years together. He was the Love of My Life. This is the first Christmas since his passing. We went to the ER on Christmas Day 2016 after our family gathering with our daughter and son-in-law. It was another of his frequent bouts of pneumonia since lung surgery in early March 2015. This time, it didn't get better; he was placed on a respirator in ICU, developed ARDS and could never be weaned off the respirator. It was necessary for me to make the decision for him to be removed from life support. I did for him what I know he would have done for me, but I miss him so much. My church, family, and friends have been wonderful and I've done well until these first holidays. I'm glad to have found your blog. I know I will be okay, but it is very difficult to make myself leave the house a lot of the time now. I'm thinking of taking a part-time job so that I'll have a more disciplined routine. I have discovered that grief can become a "shrine"; if one is not very careful, it could become an unhealthy object of worship. I have promised God and myself that I will not let that happen! May our gentle and loving God be especially close to all who are widowed this Christmas.
1/6/2013 * Billie * Alvin* Went to heaven from complications of cirrohsis of the liver. Al had not been really well for 2-3 years as the disease progressed. The last 5 months he was still with me, we shared our hearts, forgave each other from past offenses and shared time together visiting our families. I'm so thankful to the Lord He gave us those last few months together to become closer than we had in years. He was able to reconnect with his three sons who came to visit 4 times those last months. He loved the Lord. Our first date was going to his church 33 years ago. We would have been married 32 years April 11th. I miss him so much. I love him more than I thought possible. I yearn for the day when we will be reunited in heaven. I love you, Alvin. Wait for me my love, I'll be there soon.
1/8/2014 * Sandie * My husband Kenny, went home one year ago on Thursday, January 8. My love had pancreatic cancer. We have a daughter Mary, 35, and through her our awesome grandson Thomas, who is 3 1/2. For some time he asked about his poppy, its so unfair. Kenny loved life. He was a hunter, fisherman, biker, Christian, and he was so looking toward to teaching Thomas all the man stuff. * I thank God for all the Christian care that He has surrounded me with in these past not even 2 years. Kenny was diagnosed January 10, 2013 and he passed January 8, 2014. * I'm so glad you're home Mr. Honey, I love you and miss you. And so does Mary and Thomas. I can't wait to be with you and to be praising God together once again.
1/9/2014 * Brenda * Mark went to Heaven at the age of 54 from a heart attack * Sheena 30, Kayla 27, Ashley 23 * He was the light of my life and was such a great husband, father, friend, brother and uncle. We miss him so very much and feel lost without him. We cling to God's Word, Love and Promises and wait for the day He brings us together again. Mark, thank you for 30 great years together here on earth, I can't wait to be with you for eternity in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You are always in my heart and on my mind, I miss you every minute and will love you forever. Always yours, Brenda
1/9/2005 * Barbara * Jim died of Hypertensive and Diabetic Cardiomyopathy * son Kris 27, daughter Kim 25. * Jim died 7 days after he was placed in Hospice. I will love you forever and can’t wait to see you again.
1/10/2011 * Jean * Glenn, age 59. * Went into the hospital for a simple hernia repair. Due to the hospital not knowing how serious his prior heart condition was. Glenn passed away on January 10, 2011. I do not blame the medical staff, as each and every one of us has just a certain amount of time on earth. I do thank them for admitting it was human error - though in reality it wasn't, but I do thank them for taking what they have learned and using it in other cases. He had dedicated his life to the Lord when he was in his twenties, but did not fully embrace his walk until about three years before his death. He had a great respect and love for his aunt who used each and every day and each and every hour to speak of her Lord. Glenn emulated this in the last years, and it was a great blessing to hear of how his love for the Lord had affected others lives at and after his funeral. * He leaves two sons Geoff age 36 and Gregg age 30 and one daughter Gabrielle age 32. * God was merciful to us in that for a few months before the surgery we knew that his time was limited. Over these few months God gave us blessings in our relationship that still amaze me. Yes, I am lonely and miss him terribly but God is Good --All the time.
1/13/2009 * Wendy * Chris - Glioblastoma Mulitforme * Ian (17 months) and Claire (10 days old) * We miss you every day.
1/15/2011 * Lucy Anne * husband age 51 - from end-stage MS * sons Luke 23, Jake 20.
1/17/2014 * Lori * Allen Frank Johnson January 17, 2014. * Son Misha, 21. * Died of cardiac arrest. The love of my life and the best father I ever knew. I'll see you soon!
1/17/2013 * Chris * Ron, age 68, diagnosed with desquamative interstitial pneumonitis in 1994 and told he had 3-6 months to live. Many people came to believe in the power of prayer, not simply because of his survival, but because of his humor and kindness in the face of much suffering over the years. We were friends for 30 years, married for 26 of those. Shortly after Christmas he developed pneumonia, but treatment wasn't working. He elected to go on a ventilator in the hopes of regaining strength. It was not to be--after two weeks sepsis set in, then organ failure. I made the agonizing decision to let him go. * He had three children (my stepchildren) - Ron 39, Christopher 37, and Jessica 32 * I'm trying to follow his example and favorite prayer: "Thank you Lord, for another day."
1/19/2011 * Jennifer * Alan, my husband of 24 years on due to multiple myeloma. * We have 3 children, Daniel 15yo, Amanda 12yo, and Adam 6yo. * We miss him.
1/20/2011 * Louise * Alan -  Cardiac Arrest * My Love I Miss You. You Are With Jesus Now and i Want To Tell You So Much That If I Had to Do It All Over Again, i Would be A Better Wife & Friend. I Love You & I Always Will. You Loved Me Like No Other Man Could & Will Again. You Made Me See That We Are Able to Love Because Jesus Loved Us First.
1/21/2013 * Teboho * Victor , car accident * Mellissa 13, Nesbert 9 * I will always miss the years we spent together, they were great years. I miss you Victor. * Africa
1/21/09 Stacy * Stan - Sarcoma metastasized to lungs and brain * Deacon, nearly 3 and Mathias, 1.5 * Stan was diagnosed when I was 8 mos pregnant with our second boy and passed away 15 months later. His progression was mercifully quick - it was a very painful journey for him. We miss him. * MA
1/22/13 * Marjorie * Wayne -  Lung cancer. Married to the love of my life for almost 55 years. We were blessed with our wonderful family * Randy, Cindie, and Mike, their spouses, 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grands. * Wayne loved the LORD with all of his heart. His favorite scripture for life was Proverbs 3:5,6. We are in awe of the LORD'S love and faithfulness as we continue life's journey until we meet the LORD and our precious loved ones in heaven. We still miss him terribly. * Idaho.
1/22/2013 * Lisa * Michael, age 59, cancer *  We were married for 20 years and spent those years 24/7 working together with abused and neglected children, loving every minute we had together. I miss you everyday.
1/27/2016 * Barbara * John died in a bicycle accident-struck while riding, by a car. * Scotia, NY *
John11:25-26 "...he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.....Believeth thou this."
1/27/2015 * Grace * Michael ( 34 ) cause of death: Motorcycle Accident * Iana Mikaela ( 2 years and 4 months old) * Michael was the greatest love of my life. Family oriented. Most selfless man I've ever known. A proud husband and father to our daughter. Believes that our daughter is the luck of our lives. My BF for almost 8yrs. Married for 3 years. Shy type, my partner in all aspects in life. Jack of all trades, loved 80's music. He has untimely death we never expected to be this soon, still coping up until today and we will be first time celebrating Christmas without HIM. * Manila, Philippines
1/27/13 * Margaret * Nathan * kidney cancer * Heather, Matthew, Nicole & Matthew and 4 Grandchildren. * My life changed the day I lost the Love of my Life. I know Nathan watches over us and that gives me the strength to create a new normal. I miss him so much. * Lancaster, PA
1/28/2011 * Colleen Millard * husband Bob, age 50, suddenly from pulmonary embolism. * Children Matt 25, Ryan 23, Paul 18, Tim 15. * We miss you everyday and are trying our best to move forward. Thanks for taking such good care of us and loving us well.
1/29/2015 * Linda * Husband and Best Friend, Marlin. Marlin passed away 01/29/2015 from small cell lung cancer. We were fortune to have 44 years together. We started dating in high school. We were 16 years old, married three years later Sept. 1970. * We had four children,  Stacey (Passed away at the age of 2 years, 2 months and 2 days old), Lisa is married and has three children,  David (Passed away at the age of 26 years), and Brian who is divorced and has three children. * Marlin farmed his entire life, the farm has been in the family for 125 years, my last promise to my dying  husband was that I would do everything Humanly possible to make sure it stays in the family.  I never thought my retirement would be to continue farming.  Marlin treasured his family and friends, he always tried to teach them to appreciate what God has given us.  He Loved fishing, sports,  but most of all spending time with his kids and grandkids. After finding out about his cancer, God granted us 15 good months and we fulfilled almost everything on Marlin's bucket list. I miss him every minute of every day, but find comfort in knowing he is happy and with our children and that we will be joined as one once again  in Heaven!
1/29/2014 * Cathy Rose * Vernon, aneurysm/tear in stomach * Andrew 24; Michael 20 * He was a humble and godly man, and well-loved. I love you, Sweetheart... to the moon and back. * East Tennessee
1/31/2011 * Cindy * Barry - melanoma * Jeffrey (27), and Ryan (17) * In my Father’s House are many mansions ----until we join you----we carry your love in our hearts. * SC

2/03/2012 * Linda * Steve (61) Colon Cancer * Christian (29); Jonathan (27); Stephen (25); Alyse (24); Daniel (22); Elijah (21); Shalam (20); Genesis (18); Moses (17); Isaiah (15); Joshua (13); Chaniel (10) * He was a man of great faith and a tremendous expositor of the Word of God. Serving in the ministry for almost 40 years, he loved seeing God change lives. He was also a staunch protector and defender of our family. We miss his presence, his wisdom and his guidance. I will never be the same, but I know that God is not through with me. I am also comforted to know that he is with the LORD and I will see him again someday.
2/8/17 * Laura * Brent, age 46 * Died of a brain aneurism. * Brent was a Methodist Pastor and we were partners together in ministry. Married less than 5 years, our days were full of love, devotion, and serving God. We celebrated our anniversary every month. I think God somehow whispered into our hearts that we would only have a few years together and encouraged us to celebrate often. Our love grew day by day and we cherished each moment together. I gave myself wholly to Brent when we married. My life completely and joyfully revolved around him. I planned my days with him in mind and basically his schedule was my schedule. We were truly ONE. Oh how I miss the warmth of his touch, the sound of his voice, and the radiance of his smile. Trusting God in the midst of my tears and pain, knowing I will be with Brent one day in Heaven.
2/9/2011 * Lynn * Frank-Head and neck cancer * one son, Jamie, age 31 * So glad you cherished me and I you, for 36 wonderful years. So proud of your love for your fellow man and how you ministered to them
2/10/2012 * Judy * Bill, had surgery and didn't wake up. He had been diagnosed with several serious health issues past 6 years. * Kim (49), Scott (45), Tim (43), Heather (35), Josh (26). * Bill, you will live on in our hearts forever.
2/12/2015 * Rhonda * William, heart disease (weakened heart muscle) * David, 36, Andy-35, Chris-33, LaShawn—31 * I was blessed to have him for 18 years the doctors said we would not see; A loving pastor, husband, father, best friend. Some days are better than others as we move forward in life w/o him physically with us, but holding to memories and God’s Word which assures us of a great reunion * CoMo, MO
2/13/ 2014 * Hope * Arthur went home at 83 after four years of seriously declining health. We were 26 and 31 when the Lord brought us together for almost 54 precious years. For some reason we were unable to have children, but the Lord blessed us with opportunities to help other’s kids. A month before he went to Paradise with Jesus, Arthur wondered aloud why the Lord didn’t take him. He was never pain-free and life was getting too hard. Though he could get around with his walker, he was so weary. The second time he commented about the Lord’s allowing him to still be with me, I told him that it was because I needed him. But then I added that when life simply got too hard, it was okay to go. The day I admitted him to the hospital for the last time (though I didn’t know the end was so near), I told him again that if this was time, it was okay to leave me. He smiled and said he was okay then. But I am convinced overnight he changed his mind. He had made provision for me after his passing. He knew I would be cared for, and some day we’d be together forever. I spent several hours with him the next morning. Mid-afternoon I went home to take care of our dog. While I was gone I think he looked up to heaven and asked Jesus to come for him. I was on the way back to the hospital when the doctor called to tell me he had passed. I knew he was with the Lord enjoying His presence and a body that was whole. I loved him enough to let him go. He lives in my heart and will until I am with him forever. I know the Lord’s plans for our lives were/are perfect. Together we lived for Jesus and served Him as best we could. I rejoice that Arthur’s body is whole…and I can’t wait to join him. God’s grace meets all my daily needs. UPSTATE NY
2/13/2012 * Carol * Rich. No illness, died suddenly of a pulmonary embolis just one month shy of his 48th birthday. * Two daughters - Ashley (22), and Cassidy (20) * An outgoing, lively person. He worked with troubled youth for over 27 years. I miss him more and think about him more than I thought possible. * Upstate New York
2/13/2009 * Bridgett * Kent - brain cancer * Joshua (7), Ethan (5) and Nolan (4) * 2 Cor. 1:9 & 1 Thes. 4:13-14.
2/15/2012 * Teri Ollila * Eric Ollila, Prostate Cancer, age 57 * Andrea 30, Sarah 25, Matt 19 *
Our lives have changed forever, we hold your love in our hearts. We look forward to seeing you again.
2/15/2000 * Ferree * Bruce-brain anyuerism * Brooke,19; Lisa,16; Brad, 14 * We'll love you forever. (grateful God sent Tom, remarried in 2002).
2/16/2014 * Laura Anne Sullivan * Frank E. Sullivan * The day, February 16th, 2014 * The cause, Heart Attack * The Children, Jeff, Joyce, Luke, Hannah and Isaac * The Result, I have lost the one person who loved me, who was my best friend, who cared for me, who was always there... I have been lost ever since, lost in grief, lost in fear, lost in loneliness...When I lost Frank, I lost myself.
2/16/2014 * Linda * Michael -  1.75 year battle against kidney cancer * Mark 35, Greg 31, and Laura 36. * We were married for 42 years, were blessed in so many ways including our children,
their spouses, and 2 grandchildren.
02/19/2013 * Celia * Bill, 72 * After 9 years of suffering from side effects of radiation and chemo for base of tongue cancer, he had heart value replacement surgery (damaged from radiation). He survived surgery, came home and 2 days later was rushed back to the hospital unresponsive. He had had several mini strokes. He was starting to improve but on Saturday night had a bigger stroke and another on Sunday night. He lived two more days after that. * Bill, you are the love of my life. I love and miss you so much.
2/19/2011 * Cheri * Ward died of a massive heart attack after having back pains that his doctor said was muscle pain. He worked hard all that week, so it was unexpected. * Son, Paul was 40, and our daughter Keli, was 8. * Ward died in Hawaii. I have since moved to California to be near my son and his family.
2/19/2005 * Vivian * Dale, 67, died in a "one in a million accident" as stated in an article in the Golf Magazine. He loved playing golf and retired early to be a Marshall at the local golf course. Our son Scott was playing golf one day, and Dale was woking so he went to watch him. He hid behind a tree like he should, but Scott's drive hit a tree branch and then hit Dale in the back of his neck. It ruptured the large blood vessel in his neck and he was unconcious within minutes. He had told me 3 days before that when he died he wanted me to donate his organs (which I did) because he knew he would die before me. * Married 43 yrs * Lynnette (41), Philip (39), Scott (31), Deanna & Dean (29)* You were loved by everyone who know you but especially by me. You taught me what love was since I had not experienced it before. I was so privileged to have you as a husband and father for our children. I miss you more than you could have ever known. I wish I had told and showed you more than I did how much you meant to me. I am so thankful that you taught us all to love God and we all look forward to spending eternity with you.
2/20/2013 * Lucie * Ivan - his aorta burst * Tomas age 19, Michael age 16, Simon age 3, Jonah (stepson) age 17, Vaclav (stepson) age 21, Elishka (stepdaughter) age 19 * there is hope that goes behind the death, I know his existence continues * Czech Republic
2/21/2014 * Karen Jeffers * Neil Jeffers, Heart Attack * Marty (42), Amy (31), Jason(29) * The man who taught me what real love was all about died at home at age 59 from a heart attack and I was with him. I am thankful to God I was there. He was a wonderful, happy, joyful person to everyone he met and left lasting impressions of laughter. I am so grateful he came to really know Jesus before he died and that I will be with him again. Neil, I love you always and forever. * San Antonio, TX

2/21/2013 *Jean* Tom- Sudden Heart Attack * Children - Jeremy (39), Nathan (37), Jason (35), Mark (33), Paul (32), Sarah (29). * I'll always love him, remember our life here together, and the special love we shared. Although I miss him deeply, I know he is in Heaven and we will be together for eternity celebrating with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
2/21/2012 * Gail * Lawrence, died of Colon cancer, aged 54 * Nat (31), TJ (29), James (26), Mandy(20) * I am so grateful to know my honey is in the Lord's hands and that we will meet again at the Resurrection. It has been a hard year and I have missed him sorely, selling the house and moving and then putting on a 21st party for my daughter last month was the hardest. I have been receiving your emails and they have been a great comfort to me! Bless all you other widows who are here for each other! - New Zealand.
2/22/2015 * Stella. * My husband Sam passed away 2/22/15. *  We were married for only 72-days. He was 73-yrs old and I am 65-yrs old. The last 20-days he was hospitalized with pneumonia then went into hospice care. * I have hope that we will see each other again one day
2/23/2017 * Linda * My beloved husband, Dick Hoff: Cause of death was cancer. Diagnosed February 7, 2015 with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (went through Auto Logous Stem Cell treatment a year ago January * We have 3 boys, married. We have 5 Grandchildren * My husband & I were married 46 years. He was a Pastor for all those years; pastored here in Westport for 32 years. * I prayed to connect to someone who understands what I am going through * Ephesians 3:16 That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;
2/23/2015 * Paula * Don, passed away from cancer * He was my best friend and soul mate * NY
2/24/2012 * LoriAnne * Roger - a 2 year battle with Pancreatic Cancer * 3 children (adults): Anna (32, Sarai (28), Jared (22) * I never knew how horrendous this 'grief thing' was going to be, until I was thrown into it! Yes, my husband fought this dreaded cancer for 2 years; but we held fast that the Lord was going to heal him here on this earth. The final 2 mths, he was very sick and I had to watch as the cancer ravaged his body. I am thankful he is now whole once again and yes, HEALED; and with our Savior and full of joy! But I that remain here on this earth, desperately miss him & find myself torn in 2. We shared such a complete love & he was the dearest man. Will these tears ever stop flowing....I am so alone without him. I put all my faith & trustin my Lord & I know He will get me thru this one day at a time. As the Bible says; HE is my husband now & takes care of the widows! * Oregon
2/27/2012 * Karen * Frank, age 58, heart rupture * two sons, Nate 27, Brandon 26 and one grandson whom he loved, Luke 28 months. * We were married 34 years. We were talking out in the yard and he just fell forward. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I don't understand but I choose to trust the Lord. It's a daily choice.
2/28/2010 * Ramona * Jimmy – congestive heart failure * Jessica, 21 *It’s such a comfort to know you are with Jesus, but we miss you still and will love you always * FL

3/1/2014 * Robin * Napolean Phillips, in automobile accident * two kids ages 3 and 11 * Prayers needed
3/03/2010 * Olusolape * Adedeji Adentan, cardiac arrest * Blossom 10, Rejoice 7, Eirene 4 * Continue to rest in d bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.
3/4/2020 * My name...Linda * Husband...Jay * Went Home...March 4, 2020 * Died from...Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetis, and Kidney Disease * He was 86 years old and went home just a few weeks before our 45 wedding anniversary. * I was his caregiver for over 30 years and I’d do it all again if the LORD WILLED IT. He died at home while doing his nightly breathing treatment. He was and will be the only love of my life. Jesus blessed me so much. It’s so hard to start over in life at this age...but I know GOD must make a way.
3/05/2015 * Chris * Pete, 56 --massive heart attack in front of me. * You were and still are all that I prayed for in a good faithful husband. You were truly my gift from God. The two became one, but its so hard when the one is left. You are still the love of my life. I still cannot believe you are with God and all our family. * Please pray for me since I cannot be there yet, that I have the strength to finish what I need to here for now.
3/05/2012 * Linda * John * loving and devoted husband of Linda went to be with Jesus after 37 years of an incredible life together. He fought a hard fight for 2 years after diagnosis. * I continue to have a grateful heart for having had this man in my life, sad that our life together ended, but oh so happy of all the memories we made together.
3/05/2010 * Sandy * Steve (57)-Car Accident * Eric, 40; Heather, 26; MJ, 25; and Grandchildren--Jimmy, 19; Brianna, 16; Hailey, 7 * Thank you Lord for the 10 ½ years Steve and I had together. What a blessing you were and still are in my life. I also lost my Mom, Shirley Conrad a few months later on Aug 6, 2010 to lung cancer * You were so sad the day Steve was killed. I know now you are both happy being together in God’s presence!
3/7/2010 * Joannah * Michael, kidney cancer * Our daughter, Michaela Grace, was miraculously conceived via IVF six months after her daddy’s passing. She is my joy! * I miss Michael with every breath. He was my best friend, and he made my life so much fun. I cling to the Lord’s promises, knowing that Michael, Michaela, and I will have Eternity together. Come, Lord Jesus!
3/08/2012 * Heather * Chuck ...Liver failure * Nicholas 28, Natasia 26, Naaman 23, Noêl 16, Naomi 15, Nevada 13, Neryah 10, Nalana 9 * We were happily married for 31 years. He was my everything, my knight in shining armor, my world. * Kentucky, USA
3/9/2012 * Victoria * Richard "Fox" Mobley 70 - 6 years stage 4 Prostrate Cancer then 19 months with terminal brain Cancer GBM * Together/ Married 30 years, the "wind beneath my wings" and so dearly missed. I witnessed his beautiful spirit, soul and light leave his body, a true gift from God letting me know he is safe in his Fathers arms. * Hermosa Beach and Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
3/09/2010 * Sonya D. * Thomas D. of Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes * My stepchildren: Elana D was 24 years-old, Thomas D, II was 22 years-old; My children: Ariana D was 6 years-old, Elijah D was 2 months old. * He was a hardworking, dedicated Christian with a smile that brightened up a room. I am working every day through the ups and downs for the life we planned for our babies, trying to navigate the road we were supposed to be on together. I will succeed despite it all. I know full well only the God that took you 3 years past the doctor’s prognosis can take me through. Thank you for being a great example of perseverance. Rest in Peace.
3/10/2018 * Kathy * Terry * Our son, Will, 37 * Grandkids Graycen-18, Marshall, 16, Caeden, 11 & McKenna, 5 * I miss my BEST Friend of 42 years. He was my everything but I KNOW He is in Heaven. * North Texas, USA * Thank you.
3/10/ 2012 * Brenda * J.B.; Colorectal Cancer * Tumors were found in Jan. 2012. He fought a good fight at CTCA, but lost his battle here to multi-organ failure on March 10. He left this world with so much dignity and grace, that it would be a disgrace to him for me not to continue on with dignity and grace. But it is definitely not easy to go on without him after almost 24 years of marriage! God has given me the courage to keep moving forward so far and I know HE won't let me down. That doesn't stop the emotions of grief from being there and wanting to have JB back again!
3/10/2011 *  Vanessa - Eddie (55), Liver disease * Left behind 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren. * A faithful husband, father, friend, and most of all, a faithful servant of God.
3/11/2017 * Charlene* Robert, 73 *  I lost the love of my life, my soulmate and best friend just 17 days after we found out his liver was full of tumors.  I never even had time to wrap my head around his being sick before I was faced with the fact that I must somehow face life without him.  We were together 24/7 and where I was so was he.  So hard to go on without him and learn how to go on by myself.   If it weren't for my Christian faith, I couldn't go on. * Lakeland, Fl.
3/11/2013 * Lynn * Kenneth age 44, leukemia * Lily, age 7 * Ken was my best friend, a great father and loving husband. He is greatly missed and will forever be in our hearts. We are so thankful that he is suffering no more. Until we meet again.....
3/11/2013 * Jennifer Clark-Crumpton * Tovetrice Crumpton aka (TEE, 33 yrs old) died from rhabdomyosarcoma (childhood cancer) * Jayonna (6) & Tayonna (6mos.) * Tee was my knight in shining armour. Just married 3/27/12 but together for 8 years. I am trying to live my life as he would have wanted. He was all about family. Tee was a great husband and father. My true love...Love Always. * Your wife JEN
3/12/2011  * Jan * Tom, died on after a very short 4-1/2 month battle with brain cancer (glioblastoma). * He left behind two children from his first marriage, a daughter, Stacy, 30 (married to Kyle, mother of Charlotte, 18 months, and expecting her second child – another daughter born 3-1/2 months after his death, Eleanor); a son, Matthew, 27 (newly engaged and married 8 months later to Melissa); and our two sons – Tim, turned 18 a month after his dad’s death, and Peter who turned 13 two weeks after losing his dad. * We had been married for 19-1/2 years. He fufilled my heart’s desire for a secure, stabile home and a family. He was a faithful servant of the Lord to everyone God placed in his path. We miss him terribly. Our lives have been forever changed, but God is faithful and good and we trust the plans He has for us!
3/12/2012 * Diane * Allen (66) had double- hit lymphoma and lost the battle on March 12, 2012, less than 90 days after we realized he was sick! We had recently purchased a new house and were really looking forward to this “slower paced” time of our lives. We were married nearly 46.5 years and have 3 wonderful sons, Al 36, Chris 34 and Jeff 32. * This journey of grief and mourning has been absolutely overwhelming. Losing Allen rocked my world and left my life in shambles! Thanks to God’s amazing grace I am making progress . Being the one left behind is very difficult , but God is forever faithful!
3/12/2013  * Amy * Dan- 50 years old; heart attack * Elizabeth (16) * I'll love you forever and always ♥ 
3/12/2014 * Joan * Eddie, the love of my life, was taken to Heaven on this day. * We had been in love since we met in college when I was 17 and he was 18. We had been married for almost 54 years. He was the kindest, most tender, caring and loving husband I could ever imagine. We had such a happy marriage! I miss Eddie so very much and will always and forever be his wife and love him with all my heart. He died as a result of surgery to have an LVAD implanted. I know he is with our Lord and I can hardly wait for the day I will see both God and Eddie!
3/13/2012 * Debra * Keith * Lung Cancer that had spread all over his body, despite being found early. * 2 daughters, Sadie age 15, and Maggie age 7. * Our marriage had been thru many ups and downs, but the last 3 years were the best ever, until cancer reared its ugly head. It is approaching 5 years, and I am feeling lonely without him, and praying for God to send a companion. "Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope." Psalm 119:116
3/14/2012 *Dana *Bill, Gastric cancer, lived only three months after diagnosis. Bill was a joyful, giving man, truly a servant of the Lord. He used his God given talent as a dentist, to minister often to the people of Haiti and Mexico. Stacey (46, Kristi 42). Bill and I became “born again” at age 37, so our entire spiritual journey had been together, including baptism. Bill, you are the love of my life and you will live in my heart forever.
3/16/2009 * Kelly C. * John – respiratory arrest * James, 21; Matthew was one week away from his 15th birthday * We only dated for four months before John proposed. We got married six months later, and had almost 28 years together. John made me laugh every day.
3/17/2007 * Pat * John, brain death (due to loss of oxygen after minor surgery) * Sara-25, Danny-23, Caroline-21 * Human language cannot express what is inside of me. I will always love and miss John. I will forever praise our Lord for the life and love we shared. John’s life was a testament to Prov. 17:22a - “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” John, I will meet you in glory when the Lord calls my name. Until then, I remain under the shadow of His wings. “A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth” Eccles 7:1.
3/18/2013 * Chevonne Reynolds * William J. Reynolds Sr., age 33, cardiac arrest * William J. Reynolds Jr. (age 10) * Cheronda C. Reynolds (age 6) * William was a great husband and father. He was a Christian man who touched many lives before he passed away * Georgia
3/25/2011 * Barbara * Steve, died at the age of 39 of a heart attack * Steven, 8; Jacob, 6 * I am so thankful for the 19 years we had together 13 of them married. I miss him everyday, but I look forward to the day of meeting Jesus face to face and being able to worship Him with Steve side by side. The boys and I know that this life is temporary and that we will be in Heaven for eternity that gives us hope.
3/31/2012 * Halima * Tunbosun Sonny Oyelade, in a motor accident * Children: Stephanie 16, Ben 15, Joann 11, and Emanuella 7 * Tunbosun, you were God's gift to us. We thank God for the life you lived and we are proud of you! It's still like a dream...we love you deeply and miss you dearly. We look forward to when we will see you again in glory!

4/2/2012 * Darlene * John, age 54 * Melissa 27, Shawna 24, one granddaughter age 21 months * Cause of Death - Drowning *John was an avid Hunter and Fisherman all his teenage and adult life.
The fact that he only had daughters didn't stop him from teaching them everything he enjoyed, and when they got married passed it onto his son-in-laws as well.  John left for his final ice fishing trip with friends on March 30, 2012 and on April 2nd the ATV he was on fell through the ice, he tried making it back to shore; the friend he was with tried to get to him, but it wasn't meant to be. John's last words to his friend were to tell Darlene "I Love her and to pray for him"! My life since then has been a roller coaster of emotions, and I thank the Lord for sites like this that let you know you are not alone. John was the love of my life and so much more. I praise God for the 31 years we had together, and the chance he got to experience being a Grandpa. God is my strength!!! * Manitoba, Canada
4/3/2012 * Teri * Jack J. Brandstatter - Massive Heart attack * Stacey age 20 1/2; Kevin 19 (on 4.2.12) * Our anniversary date 9/17/83 - together since 9/17/77 - 35 years; I know he is at peace from the stresses of life and is in heaven preparing a place for me and his family - awaiting our reunion.
* Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Ill
4/7/2012 * Sue * Mike* - My precious husband battled a skin cancer for 40 years and always won, until a new cancer came along and took his life. He was a precious soul. He always stayed positive, grateful, and thankful for each day, even though he underwent over 14 major surgeries to his face, resulting in the loss of his right eye, skull bone, palate and was left with his face badly disfigured. We were together 23 years, married for 16. He loved me more than any person could and I have been so lost without him. I know God has a plan for me and I hold on to His promises every day. His promise of eternity is my focus. Thank you for this site, it has already brought me great comfort. God bless all who mourn, it has been pure anguish...
4/13/2014 Carla Cass. * Johnathan, in a motorcycle wreck. * We have 3 children: Emily then 13, Nate (Johnathan jr.) then 11, and Andrew then 8. * Johnathan was killed instantly in a motorcycle crash when a truck pulled out in front of him. I felt and still feel lost and confused, but the number of people his life touched was amazing!! There was literally no room left in the church! People had to park down the road and many stood outside the door! I've never seen that many people at a funeral before! It was truly awesome.
4/16/2015 * Maria * Kevin; unknown virus, he died the day before my birthday and 12 days before our third anniversary. * Owen, 19 (my son from my first marriage) and Victoria, 30 (my daughter, also from my first marriage. She and her husband have six wonderful children who bring much joy to my heart). My husband had six children from his first marriage, two are teens still at home with their mother. * This is the second time I have been widowed in 6 years. It's very difficult, but God is my Rock and my Fortress. When I think of my husband, I think of this verse: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." He was a man who hungered and thirsted after righteousness - and he was satisfied. * Ohio
4/16/2012 * Tammy * William * Killed in automobile accident * William IV/ 23, Alexander/ 21 *   We had a deal!  We die old and I go first!  Obviously God had a different plan. * Rhode Island
4/18/2016 * Dianne * Husband of 48 years, Carl * Carl had Parkinson's and also battled CLL two years ago.  We knew that the cancer was "under control" -- not in remission. He was doing so very, very well and went to physical therapy for the Parkinson's. But one Friday things just didn't seem right. Things went from bad to worse. Carl was admitted to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and died the next night. * I was so unprepared.  He was anointed before death, in fact three times. So I know he's with the Lord and now I only wish I could die too, in fact I'm looking forward to it. As you can tell, I'm in bad shape but thanks for listening.
4/18/2012 *Joanita * Ian, Lung Cancer * Shane (8) and Elana (7) * You were my Love, my best friend and biggest cheerleader . It's really painful that I never got to say goodbye. * United Kingdom
4/18/2011 * Patti * Shady Mays-- in his sleep an hour before I awoke (the Lord tapped him on his shoulder and he left -- no goodbye) * Ricky Litteral age 33, Matt Litteral age 23; Amy Beth Mays, age 33. His special buddy, Ellis Litteral, age 13. * -- we had just returned from our district church assembly and he had preached on Sunday (seemed fine and had been to his uncles visitation service Sunday night as his uncle was buried on the day he died -- very hard for his dear mother). We have been married 21 years (both our second marriage) although we dated in high school. He had left his direction with God and when we got together he was saved and took up his calling again to pastor. He became an ordained elder. He was getting ready to graduate with a BSN in ministerial studies. He was the pastor of a small Nazarene church (a great family). He was my husband and I loved him very much. He is missed by many and by me.
4/20/2012 * Abby * My soulmate and husband, Karl, died from melanoma at age 52. A thirty year GA State Trooper * Children include a daughter and three sons * We love you and miss you greatly. You taught us much in life AND death.
4/20/2012 * Gina * “Ricky” * In Loving Memory of Reginald C. Tardy Sr. “Ricky” * He was the wind beneath my wings and on April 20, 2012 he died of a heart attack. For four long years he battled diabetes with the love of Christ for others in his heart for the saved and unsaved. He sojourned through several bypass surgeries. Our wedding anniversary was April 17. Day by day I think of how much he supported our sons, grandchildren and friends with simple kindness and faithfulness. I will always love you. Gina
4/21/2012 *Janice * Johnny, accident * Joshua (9) Caleb (7) * Christ in me is to live, to die is to gain. O God, where do I go from here? * Southern California
4/22/2017 * Judy * Ron * 3 sons 9 grandchildren, 2 greats * We were married over 54 years. Ron served in the Air Force 23 years and for civil Service 19 years. We lived and traveled all over the world and had some great memories. * Those wonderful, fun-filled memories along with my faith in God helps to get me through these dark and lonesome days and nights. I know he is there waiting for me when my turn comes. These words on his tombstone describe him,"His joy was in serving others."
4/24/2013 * Dale * Dean, died April 24, 2013 age of 58 from an 8 month battle with melanoma * Jonathan 30; Jason 29; Kristi 24 * He was looking forward to being a grandfather. His grandson was born 5 months after his death. He was always my encourager....a gentle Godly giant. We were married just shy of 33 years. Ps 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. The verse that keeps me moving forward.
4/24/2011 * Barbara * Phil died on Easter Sunday. We were married 33 years * Daughters: Laurie 32, Jennifer 29, and Lisa 26, and Granddaughter Evie-9 months * He was an amazing and compassionate husband, father and grandfather. * Iowa
4/26/2011 * Kathy * Ron, age 62, Stroke * Heath, age 37; Josh, age 34 * I hold you in my heart until I hold you in Heaven! * Texas
4/30/2013 * Gina *  Xavier, non-Hodgkins lyphoma. * Stepson, Christopher 35. * I lost my precious husband and best friend on that day. I carry on as he would want but miss him everyday. He is with the Lord and his body is whole once more. * Texas

5/4/2012 * Marisol * J.D. - Fatal cardiac arythmia * Seth 17, Samuel 15, Sean 12, Stuart 10, Shay 6, Sophia 4 * J, love you and miss you so very much. Can't wait to see you in heaven when my time comes. * Texas
5/4/2011 * Leah * Chris - suicide * Daughter (Anna) - 14 * My broken heart longs for you with each passing day, but I am so thankful to know that we'll spend eternity together in heaven! * North Carolina

5/10/2010 * Priscilla * Joel, Male Breast Cancer * Becca 35, Stephanie 33, Melissa 30, son-in law Jon 34 and precious granddaughter Madeline 22 months * I grieve deeply, because I was loved lavishly. So deeply grateful for the assurance that my sweet man is safe home. Thanking God for His mercies which are new every morning and for His faithful hand that sustains me in the darkest moments. * Southern California
5/11/2015 * Linda * Randall * My husband died after 17 months of battling cancer, and 20 days before he was to retire. We were looking forward to many years of retirement fun. He was an extremely healthy and active man so this cancer was a shocking development. My only consolation is that he is with his Heavenly Father, pain free!! * Washington State
5/11/ 2011 * Chato * Joenard, complications of diabetes * Jeremiah, 15 and Raphael, 13 * Dad, we love you and you will always be our inspiration. * Paranaque City, Philippines
5/12/2011 * Tammy * Husband Chris * Pancreatic Cancer * Jennifer 28, Brian 27, Paul 25, Joseph 23, Katlin 21 * Chris passed 4 days before our 30th anniversary. He lived 5 yrs with Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer and then got a 2nd primary cancer which is the one he died from. * Los Alamitos, CA
5/15/2010 * Marilyn * Roy - cardiac arrest two weeks before his 63rd birthday, from complications due to diabetes & kidney failure. * Christina, 29; Matt 24, both miss him very much. His precious granddaughter, Jordynn, 2-1/2, still misses her "Bumpa" in heaven. * By God's grace, I'm learning to live this life without my friend and love of 36 years.
5/17/2014 * Pat * Darryl. Unexpected Heart attack. * Daughters Stephanie - 36 (FL resident), Rebecka - 32, Sarah - 29, and grandchildren Natalie - 8, Nicholas - 7 (FL residents with their Mom). * My Darryl was at times very hard core and difficult to live with but in last few years through prayer and waiting on the Lord he was mellowing and trying to be a loving person. We always believed in keeping the vows we took on our wedding day, trusting God to see us through the difficult issues. Even though we had bad times in our life, I still miss him and am weepy for him. Through the grace of our Lord, we are blessed with many good memories also. Please say an extra prayer for our youngest daughter Sarah who is having an especially hard time with her Dad's death. * Maryland
5/17/2012 * Emma * Harlan, age 70,  Aspiration pneumonia complications. * Married almost 42 years. * Daughters are Jennifer and Emily. * Eight precious grandchildren who miss their grandpa. * God blesses us with many memories.
5/17/2012 *Verla * Bernard * Had Multiple Systems Atrophy for 4 1/2 years (a neurological disease) We were married 46 years. * Four living children, Shelli, Darren, Jenifer, Clint * Minnesota
5/17/2009 * Maria * Kevin - brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) * Victoria, 25; Owen 14 * You are never out of my heart. I cannot wait to see you as you are now, and to enjoy the fullness of Christ together as we were originally intended. Thank you for cherishing me, for being a fantastic father to our children, and for the legacy of godly teaching you left behind to hundreds of people - producing fruit with seed in it.
5/20/2009 * Nancy * David, sudden heart attack * This year, 2014, will be my 5-year anniversary. He went to get hay for our horses, and I never got to say goodbye, as he passed away after pulling his truck over to the side of the road, he must not have felt well. There was not one hay bale out of place, he had pulled over safely. A farmer found him right after it happened. I had a police officer and coroner come to my front door to tell me it had happened, I did not want to speak to them, I immediately knew my David was absent from the body and present in the spirit. His passing occurred 2 months after both of my parents died in our home (we had been caregiving them, my mom had cancer, my dad multiple heart issues- they passed within 2 months of each other, then Dave 2 months later.
5/21/2012 * Carol * Leon - died as a result of complications of COPD. * I have a vacant place in my life now and my heart still aches for him. I look forward to being reunited again one day * TN
5/22/2011 * Linda * Ken - Complications of stroke * He loved me unconditionally and I miss that every day. In his last days God gave him several visions of heaven and he was excited to go home. One of his last statments to me was 'I don't understand why people don't do what they need to do to get to heaven because it's so wonderful there." I know he is happy now.
5/26/2012 * Claudia * Fernando – Organ Failure * Cristiano (5) and Jannita (2) * He will always be the love of my life and soul mate. We love and miss him and look forward to being reunited with him one day. * Johannesburg, South Africa
5/28/11 * Julie * Josh -- lymphoma (cancer) * Emma. She was 9 years old (two weeks away from being 10) when Josh passed away. * Josh was a young 35 years old when he passed away. I was blessed to enjoy 12 years of marriage to him. He loved life and loved "his girls." He fought a valiant fight with cancer. He never asked "why me?" and inspired me with the strength of his faith. I always expected him to go first, but not to die so young. He inspires me to do something great with my life and I hope he is proud of what I have accomplished thus far. * Washington State
5/29/2014 * Peggy * Robert died from complications from HepC. His cause of death was Hemorrhagic Shock - he bled to death internally. * No children * I miss Bobby so much. I don't know how people get through this brutal thing. It was an honor to know and love this man. It was an honor to be loved by this man. The world is less bright because he is no longer in it. * Crestline, California
5/30/2012 * Jayne * David; cardiac arrest (likely) * Children - Saralyn (41) and Chad (38); 6 grandchildren * Dave was only 67 years old and his death was totally unexpected.  I found him sitting in front of his computer, looking like he had fallen asleep.  He was a good father and great grandfather, a hard worker and very artistic.  He is now celebrating a new life with Jesus.  I know
this was all in God's plan, and right now I don't like it very much. Thank you for 45 years together.
Northeast Ohio
5/31/2001 * Claudette * Glenn - COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Emphyzema * Kelly (daughter) 25; Alex (son) 21 * Glenn and I were together for thirty years when he passed away. Even though he has been gone for 11 years, his death has had adverse effects on my children. * Texas


6/01/2012 * Denise * Gordon age 62 - stage IV colon cancer * I have 3 adult daughters, Wendee, Tara & Heidi.*I also have 7 grandchildren and 1 in the oven. * My sweetheart of 40 years went to be with the Father after a three year 3 month journey like no other we had ever been on before. When first diagnosed we prayed for healing and never stopped but we also prayed THY will be done. We knew Yeshua was there each and every day walking with us, guiding us, encouraging us, intervening with miracles. We saw the cancer go away twice only to return after coming off treatment for 8 weeks. There were ups and downs, praise and anguish all the while knowing that our redeemer lives and helps always. I find myself physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. This came over me a few weeks after the funeral and after out of town family returned home. My help comes from the scripture and a book on grieving a friend gave me. She had lost her husband 1 year ago. The book was just what I needed. Thank you for this blog. I have found help already as I read the many posts. I never imaged I would find myself in these waters at this time in my life. Your blog and others like it are like a lifeline to me. Thank You for being here. * Florida 
2/6/2013 * Janene * Paul , Multiple Myeloma Stem Cell Transplant * Kirra 17, Jake 16, Adelle 13 * Married 20 years will love him forever * NSW Australia
6/03/2009 * Denise * Tim - car accident * Seth, 5; Steven, 3 * Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life. Revelation 2:10
6/4/2014 * Debbie (56) * Ron, age 64 was killed in a motorcycle accident, due to vehicle failure. * Daughter Amanda (31) son Aaron (28) Step Sons, Jimmy (34) and Jonathan (29) * It was an unexpected accident that caught all by shock that my husband - the excellent mechanic that he was, to pass away on our beloved huge touring motorcycle. Until the investigation was completed and proven that it was nothing my husband could have or didn't do that caused the motorcycle to fail, it was extremely difficult to be out in public or to have any contact with the majority of people in our lives. We spent our entire dating and married life (18.5 years) riding all over this beautiful USA. God was merciful and granted my husband his wish. When it was his time "to go" he wanted it to be doing something he loved doing. To God be the glory, through all of this. Ron didn't suffer, no one else was involved and I was not on the motorcycle with him. * Warren, OH
6/05/2007 * Sue Malone * John Malone – Heart attack on treadmill * One son, John II, who died in 1997 * You taught me what love is, but now also agony. * John died in Florida and I am moving back there soon.
6/7/2012 * Renee * Barry M Sullivan - Ventricular Fibrillation * Jonathan - 30, Jennifer - 29, Michael - 26 * We thank God that Barry lived. * Stoughton
6/7/2017 * Deborah. * My husband, Don (Duck), passed away one week shy of his 69th birthday. He went in the hospital for high BP. They did a stress test for reasons I still do not know. He coded and was on a vent, in a coma for several weeks. He was on dialysis also. I had been doing that at home for a couple of months. He coded again on the 7th of June, 2017. Cause of death was heart attack and renal failure. * We'd been together for 24 years and both had children from previous marriages, all grown. * I have my children and grandchildren, lots of family and friends...but my Duck is gone and I'm just not sure how "to do life" with out him. He taught me to fish, told corny jokes, loved children more than most adults, gave the best hugs and made me laugh. He was my world and now that world is incomplete. * I have faith I'll see him one day, but I sure do miss him so. SC6/9/2014 * Annette * Carl and he was fighting cancer but they believe he had a massive heart attack *
Children-Thomas, 25 years old Kailee, 19 years old * Carl and I had celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on June 2, 2014. I also talked to Carl an hour before our daughter found him dead on the floor. The last words we said to each other was "I love you" * Kansas
6/9/2011 * Ruby * My husband Gary lived with worsening prostate cancer and leukemia for three years before he went on to heaven * We have two grown children, Lori (40 at that time), and Tim (38) + five grandchildren. * Since then I have moved to be grandma to two of my grandchildren and have written a book (The Covering of Feathers) about God's faithfulness in our lives. This book includes a chapter on the forming of The GirlFriends widows group and is available on Amazon.
6/10/2010 * Rebecca * Scott - brain cancer * Olivia, 5; Lily, 1.
6/12/2014 * Esther * Spouse - Michael age 65 - Lung cancer * Son Alwyn, 44; Daughter Karen, 39; Grandchildren (18, 11). Michael went home 9 months after diagnosed. I thank God that he didn't suffer much pain and really only ill for a day and half before passing on. We dated for 3 yrs and would have been married for 43 years on 6 August. He was the only man in my life and I thank God for the amazing life we shared together, and the way he loved so well, and cared for us as a family. Will always have him in my heart. Port Elizabeth, South Africa
6/12/2012 * Heather – age 36 * Jonathan – age 38, died from a brain aneurysm * Logan Ivy 8, Ivan Zachariah 7, and Gillian Eve 5 * Jon was my best friend, my soul mate, incredible husband and provider, amazing father and the love of my life. There are no words to describe the grief and loss.
6/12/2011 * Apryl * Eddie - respiratory failure * Erin age 31, Trey age 24 * My sweet Eddie, you cherished me, our children and grandchildren and I thank God for the wonderful man you were and our 35 years together. Rest now in the arms of Jesus.
6/15/2011 * Kay * Ben - Complications after surgery * no children * I will miss your hugs * Southern California
6/18/2013 * Saralyn White * Paul,  pulmonary fibrosis * Lyn Bryan - 53; Mark White - 50; Beverly Rae Wiggins - 46 * We were married 54 years and Paul was the love of my life forever. * Florida
6/19/2011 * Lynne * Joe—stroke at age 44 * (Son) Thomas, age 7 when Daddy passed * You had just begun to know Jesus when He called you home. Miss you so much and love you forever! * New Jersey
6/20/2011 * Ginny * Ron, at 81 yrs. 22 days * We had 3 children Patti was 57, Marsha 54 and Greg, 48 when they lost their beloved Dad. * Except for the Lord, no one could love me more than Ron did for 58 years. * Ohio
6/22/2013 * Theresa * Chris (age 42) * Fatal heart attack with no prior warning or symptoms. * My husband loved the Lord and served Him with his gift of music. I love my baby and miss him every day more than words can say. I cannot wait to see him again in heaven when the Lord calls me home.
6/26/2014 *Marsha Thrash * Jim Thrash. He was 65. Jim had Crohn's disease; died from complications of a botched colonoscopy. * Six Children: Dawn 44, Alisa 42, Marlan 41, Paul 36, Adam 35, Jason 33. Ten grandchildren: Ethan, Gavin, Jacob, Racheal, Avery, Madi, Alison, Ella, Emily, and Nathan Jr. * We live in Las Vegas. * I/we didn't get to say good bye. It's been the most challenging year of my life, trying to go on without him, and our kids and grandkids are suffering as well. Jim was the coolest grandpa, dad, and husband. I miss him more everyday. I may find happiness again someday once the tears are dried, but it will NEVER be like before. We were married 32 years.
6/26/2010 * Inger * Richard - bone cancer * two children, 18 and 29 years old * South Carolina
6/26/2010 * Margaret * Daniel McCreary * from non smokers lung cancer from 30 years on police force * 12 children; 2 biological, 10 adopted , foster father to 40 +; those at home are special needs, ages 12, 11, 8 * It was less than a month from diagnosis to passing, so he didn’t suffer or realize he was leaving us – I’m so grateful. Our youngest child is suffering from depression and PTSD from his departure. He lived his Christian life quietly and left his mark deeply. FL

6/29/2014 * Linda * Ron age 65* Boating accident – but due to effects of lymphoma and chemo * Eddie Marie (38) Ellen (34) granddaughters Elizabeth (12) and Jennavieve (4). We were married 42 years when he was called home to be with the Lord. I will miss him forever in this life until we are together in the Lord again.
6/30/2014 * Pumeza * Monwabisi, my husband was shot to death by criminals while he was on duty as a police officer; he was only 33 years old. * Left me with an unborn baby who was born on the 07 July 2014 after the incident, and a 7 year old boy Liso. Liso was crying a lot; he didn’t take it that his dad is no more. * I will always miss you my love and I will be strong for our little two boys * Cape Town, South Africa
7/1/2013 * Sandie * Jesse-lung cancer. * We were married 34 3/4 yrs. It was a 2nd marriage for both of us. He was my soul mate. We did everything together. I thank God for my remembrance of my beloved. I keep wondering if the ache in my heart will ever lesson or go away. I am thankful that I will see him again someday. Miss him terribly.
7/5/2011 * Janinah Mbabazi * Butera Deo died of cancer of the liver * Tita was 3 years, Emma was 5 years, Bella was 15 years, Blanche was 16 years, Steve was 19 years and Claude was 20 years. * I want to know God's will for my widowhood and strength to keep in such will. * Kigali Rwanda.
7/7/2012 * Donna * Terry -- craniopharyngioma-brain tumor. * Terry and I were married almost 16 years. Terry was my best friend and soulmate. Terry was a giver to others and always had a positive attitude even during times of great pain. He enjoyed life and showed me how to as well. 
7/09/2013 * Nancy * David(57), carotid artery rupture from thyroid cancer * I left for work that horrible morning thinking all was fine - got a call 25 minutes later that my precious husband had been taken to the emergency room - an hour later he was forever gone from my life * battled three forms of cancer throughout our marriage (Hodgkin's Disease - age 19; Thyroid Cancer - age 51; and Lymphoma - age 53) * two adult daughters (33) and (29); grandson(9) and granddaughter(4) * married almost 39 years, together 41-1/2 years * the love of my life and best friend * I will forever love and miss you!
7/10/2012 * Karen * Gene, Esophageal Cancer * Joshua, 28 * Gene was diagnosed on July 12, 2011 and died 354 days later. We were married 30 years. I know he is with the Lord and know I will join him when my time here is done. I miss him immensely, but am very grateful for the time we had – he completed me and I don’t know how to fill the hole left in my life when he died. Our prayer was and remains that God be glorified in the way we handle Gene’s illness, his death and the grief that has followed.
7/11/2013 * Amber Fleming * Rodney William Fleming (heart attack) * Aerial Fletcher - 25, Jordan Fleming - 23, Hayes Fleming - 14, Lawren Fleming - 12, Copeland Fleming - 8 * Never imagined that my husband would be called home so soon. He was 43 at time of death and we had only been married 2 1/2 years. We had been together for 6 years, he was a Father to the Fatherless and a Loving, Caring and Kind Husband. Forever he will be missed. * La Quinta CA
7/11/2012 * Donna * Larry, he was 56, died suddenly of a massive heart attack * two daughters, Erin/28, Lauren /25, son in law Danny and grandson Liam/6 mo when Larry passed away * He was my best friend, we were married for 34 yrs. I miss his sweet spirit but my heart smiles knowing he is with Jesus. * Orange County, CA
7/11/2012 * Beth * Chris, suicide * Hillary, 15; Jonny, 12; Hannah, 7 * We miss you so much. Wish we could've said good bye.
7/12/2009 * Megan * Matt - drowned * Jacob, turned 18 the next day.
7/14/2012 * Joan * Duke, age 60, died from Glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of primary brain tumor. * Devoted husband to Joan,61, loving dad to Kara 37, Jared 33, Brett 32. Beloved Pop to Cameron, Brynn, and Colton. * We shared our lives together from the age of 16. I will love and miss him til the day we are reunited in heaven.
7/14/2009 * Teresa * Larry (cardiac arrest, age 56) * children: (his and mine) Tracy 35, Jonathan 35, Jennifer 33, Derek 33 * Oh, Sweet Man of Mine, I miss you so! I believe in Happy Endings...the best is yet to come! * Coastal Georgia, USA
7/15/2014 * Jackie Winfield * Bobby Winfield T-cell Lymphoma found for 9 months. * Married 32 years. * Two sons, Jonathan (27) and Joshua (25). * Went home to be with the Lord on July 15, 2014. * We miss you terribly but rejoice in knowing that we will see you again in heaven. Save a dance for me. * Dublin, CA 
7/15/2012 * Lucy * Edry, died from early-onset frontotemporal dementia * children from first marriage Nelida (31), Edry J (29); my children that he adopted: Michelle (34), William (32), Joey (30) * Edry was diagnosed in June of 2008. He rapidly declined in 4 years. He died at 55. We were married 22 years. Dementia and Alzheimer’s steals the most important part of dying and that’s the memories.  It became one-sided.  I reminded him of all the memories I could, even on his death day.  Nothing hurt more than watching him die with no memory of us, of me. I miss his laugh, his excitement of the Lord, his silliness.  I can’t wait till I see him again. * Chicago, IL
7/16/2017 * Judy * My husband Stephen departed this life last July 16, 2017 through suicide. He was 59 years old. This came with no warning for us all. My children and I have suffered each day since. We have two children, a daughter who is 34 and lives with me along with her children, two boys ages 10 and 12. I also have a 31 year old son with multiple disabilities and a severe chronic bacterial infection that threatens his own life. He lives in a group home and isn’t really aware his dad is gone. We live in the greater DC area, northern Virginia to be exact. I am struggling through each day and any support I can find is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Judy
7/16/2012 * Lois * Jim. He died from complications following a knee-replacement surgery. (second knee replacement, first went without a hitch 7 years prior). Married 45 years, 3 adult children, married. * Debbie 43, Jimmy 40, Amy 29; 7 grand children, ages 2 to 20 yrs. * Jim was the life of any party, and he was the one who brought meaning to my life. I’m so lost without him. He’s now rejoicing with his Lord and I’m grateful for the 45 years I had with him! God is faithful. “I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16:8 * Arizona
7/16/2010 * Carol * Steve - aortic dissection * Elizabeth, 23; Phillip, 20 * The week my husband died, he said he felt closer to the Lord than he ever had before. I now strive daily to have that same kind of relationship with the Lord since my husband's passing
7/19/2013 * Lisa * My husband James died at age 48 from electrocution at work * Holly was 27; Wes and his wife Nicole, who was expecting our first grandchild, Addison, were 24; Kayla was 22. * James was an incredibly loving, godly husband and father. Everyone loved him and he was famous for his bear hugs which he was generous with. We will miss him forever.
7/19/2011 * Teresa * Doug, aged 58, lymphoma * adult son, Jason and grand daughter, Kate, aged 10 * Married just short of 38 years * Ohio
7/20/2013 * Tanya Bean * Keith Bean, Sr., Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) * We did not have any children together, however as a blended family we had 7 adult children. Ivan, Cora, Keith Jr, Nicole, Llewellyn, Eugene and Sharon. * Keith was a Christian man who loved to share and serve God, he had ALS for 3 1/2 years and he served as an Usher in church. Even when he could not hold the bulletins in his hand he felt he could still stand and greet the people with a smile, kind word, weak handshake and he did so until it was no longer possible for him to stand for a long period of time. * Country: Sandy's, Bermuda
7/21/2011 * Joyce * Franklin, 57, Cardiac Arrest due from complications of diabetes/NASH liver disease * Shawn, 28 * After 36 years of marriage, Franklin was still the love of my life, a wonderful father, a friend to all, we will be reunited one day in heaven. He left us a gift of memories, a twinkle in his eye that one would never forget, a laugh that could be heard in the next room, a heart and love for Christ. We miss him daily but we know he is in the loving arms of Jesus. *Oklahoma
7/22/2010 * Christy * Patrick - complications following heart attack, died in 3rd open heart surgery at the age of 34 * Olivia (born 3 months after her father's death) *

7/23/2016 * Tammy * Dave passed away at age 57 from Leukemia. * We had just celebrated 33 years of marriage. * We have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren at time of his passing.  2 more grandchildren are expected this August & October. *  He was a beloved husband, father, grandpa and Pastor in Oregon.  He lived his faith to the fullest, teaching from the Bible and influencing many for Christ.   He is  now receiving his eternal reward.
7/24/2016 * Linda *  John, who passed from undetected atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease at age 60 * Sarah, 25 * I'm trying to navigate this new life without my spouse and asking God to be my comfort and guide...sometimes minute by minute.. Being alone in the house, figuring out how to do the regular household maintenance (mowing the grass, taking care of the pool, etc) figuring out my new financial situation, handling my job as a teacher, and trying to comfort my daughter are all items that are overwhelming. * Florida, USA
7/24/2010 * Billie * Robert - age 61 * beloved husband of Billie, father of Christina * This dear, kind, noble man was the center of my life. I will love and honor him all my days and am waiting to be reunited with him in Heaven
7/25/2011 * Debbie * Steve, plane crash *  Sarah 18, Jessica 16, Jackson 12 * Steve was a wonderful husband and father. He had a huge personality and infectious laugh. Steve was the most generous man. Steve is missed by his family and the community.
7/25/2010 * Sheri * Merlin - Colorectal Cancer * Cindi- 26 married; Holli- 24 married; Heidi- 23 married; Philip-20; Patricia-17; Abigail-16; Peter-14; John-12; Naomi-10; Grace-8 * He is missed desperately as a Daddy and husband- but we thank the Lord that he was a Daddy who loved his family and his God. * Eastern PA

7/28/2012 * Leslie * John, 61. John choked and collapsed in full cardiac arrest. I tried to give him CPR. He suffered too much brain damage and was on life support for 6 days. On 7/28/12 he was taken off life support and he died surrounded by his family. We were married for almost 12 years, but we knew each other and were best friends for 26 years. * My step-son, Justin, is 22. * John was known by his laugh! He was a generous, joyful person and wore his heart on his sleeve. I miss my best friend terribly. * North Carolina
7/28/2011 * Brenda * Robert, 66 years old, heart attack. * two children Philip 39, Shelda 35 * four grandchildren. * Our lives have changed forever. We were married for 42 years.
7/29/2012 * Joey * Raymond * We were happily married for 48 years and had so much in common and did everything together. He was not sick, in fact he was happy when he went out the door. The Lord took him instantly. I found him and am still devestated.
7/29/2012 * Leslie Jean Sanders * Jeffrey Sanders * Died two days after surgery to remove vascular tumors found on his spine. He felt great after the surgery but even with the precautions for an at risk patient Jeff passed away after pulmonary embolism. Jeff loved his family and nature. He was an amazing photographer. He is my best friend and my soulmateChildren: Marckus (24) * WA
7/30/2011 * Babs * Norman (Barratt) –aged 62, post op. complications. * John - aged 39. Laura - aged 35. * Lovingly, remembered. We’ll worship the Lord together, again, one day.

8/1/2018 * Linda * Bob * Linda and Bob were married on June 10th, 1967, and separated for the first time on August 1, 2018 following an illness which involved long-suffering from late stage Lyme and other tick-borne diseases which went undiagnosed, mis-diagnosed and untreated for over 50 years. These infections affected every organ and system of his body. I was his caregiver for the last 2.5 years, and praise God, I was able to honor his wish to die at home with the wonderful help of Hospice, family and friends. Bob was the most devoted, loving husband, Father, Grandfather and friend anyone could ever want or dream to have. I am intentionally focusing on the 54 years we were blessed to have together. I find peace in knowing he is no longer in agonizing pain, can breathe freely without oxygen, and is well and whole again, living with Jesus, family, friends and beauty beyond my comprehension. I will never stop missing him and look forward with great anticipation to our happy reunion one day. Our adult daughter is 48, our son, 45, and we have 6 grandchildren. We covet your prayers during this difficult time of grief, loss and mourning as we struggle to adapt and adjust our lives without this wonderful man.
8/2/2012 * Josie * Ron died of cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and respiratory failure * Children: Chalmer 39; Marcus 37; David 43; Amy 41. Daughter in law Shannon 36; Five grandchildren * Ron just retired from the ministry. He was a Lutheran minister. I am trying to find my way in this difficult change in my life. I know God is with me and guiding me through this all. I know Ron is smiling and happy and has no more pain. He was sorry to leave all of us but glad to go home to our Lord. * Greenville, PA
8/2/2011 * Cindy * Gary * three girls 12,14,15. * He died after a two year battle with bone and liver cancer. My girls and I have managed to navigate the initial grief of the situation but now we are struggling to redefine ourselves. Daddy was the cornerstone of who we all were, now that has got to change. It is really difficult especially during the holidays.
8/2/2006 * Delia Geary * Husband, Tom - Kidney Cancer. * Children - Vanessa (34) Joshua (32). * Tom and I were high school sweethearts. We met on a blind date at the age of 16. He was my best friend, a wonderful husband, father and provider. We both loved the outdoors, and for many years he was my hunting and fishing partner. He moved to Heaven 4 months and 6 days after he was diagnosed. I thank God for giving me a man I could love and respect for 43 years. I know he is waiting for me and his children, and one day we will all be together again. What a hope we have in Jesus! * Texas
8/2/2006 * Susan * Alan, age 49 - renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) * one son, age 24, Atlanta, Georgia * He was a wonderful father, employee, volunteer, example, son and husband. His son is now a very successful producer at CNN and I'm so thankful that Alan was able to be best man at his son's wedding shortly before he passed away.
8/4/2015 * Franca Anene * Emeka Anene. Chronic Kidney Disease. * Left us on 4th August 2015. * Husband for 6 years, 1 month and 15 days. Friend for 21 years. * One son - Olisa Anene. * I'm blessed to have shared my life with you. Would have loved to continue on our journey together but thankful to God that you're pain free now. You made it, Honey! God helping us, we'll keep your dreams alive.
8/6/2013 * Sandy Eskew * Tom Eskew, Cause of Death: Diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, a Parkinsonism, in 2002, two years after we were married. * Family: Five adult children blended by our union * Tom, a man of integrity and noble character, was my Boaz and is my "Taste of Heaven"! * Littleton, CO
8/9/2019 * Krish, I am 42 years old. * My husband, Chip, 44, died on August 9, 2019. It was 5 days before our 21st anniversary. He was on his way to work and was killed in what the police called a "freak accident" when a deer came through the driver side windshield of his work truck. We have 2 kids. A son, 15, and a daughter, 7. I know the why - it was his time. Job 14:5. He was my best friend and the love of my life. I will see him again one day. We live in Oklahoma.
8/10/ 2011 * Regina * Jim (congestive heart failure and lung cancer) * my son, his stepson, Casey and his wife, Laura - my anchors here on earth. * married 26 wonderful years. He was my life - sick for several years. I was his constant caregiver. He was an amazing, loving man - rarely complained though suffered so much. We had time to discuss the fact that he knew he was going to the Lord - was saved when he was in his 20's......and was very much as peace when the Lord took him home. Mostly worried about leaving me behind - said he would be waiting for me when it is my time. I'm so grief stricken even after 9 months! So many changes and though my faith in God is strong - the pain is still strong. I love the Lord and rely on Him. It is still very hard - so many, many tears! Still seems surreal. * Tennessee
8/13/2013 * Karen * Kirk, age 51, passed away suddenly after sinus surgery * 4 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren - he never got to see the last one. * He was truly my soul mate and the love of my life. I cant believe that I have to live the rest of my life without him. He was the most loving and kind person and always let anyone he met know how much he loved the Lord. I can't get past the pain and don't know how to trust God again when He has taken someone who was such a good husband, father, grandpa, brother and friend. Please pray for our family! * Georgia
8/14/2008 * Tracy * Husband -- Jim * Complications of lung cancer (post surgical blood clot) * Three kids, now ages 13, 10, and 7. They were 3, 6, and 9 at his death.  Just babies! * Jim was sick on and off for seveal years.  We only got the official CANCER word after his death.  He had some surgery to remove a mass from his chest and was doing great. Comfortably at home recovering and died of a post surgical complication blood clot. My faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and the support of my family and friends are what have gotten me through these last few years. * I have found new (unexpected) love in a long time friend, so my story continues........ * Tennessee
8/16/2006 * Cynthia.* Edgar, died of lung cancer. * 2 sons Jahmain (29), Dwayne (26) and daughter Cierra (11). Grandson Javier (5) and granddaughter H. Jahzanne (3). * Edgar served the Lord 14 months before his death. * Devonshire, Bermuda.
8/17/2013 * Amy * my husband of 19 years, Trey, was killed early in the morning while out on a bicycle ride with other triathletes by a guy driving while on his phone. He was 47. * We have a son, Joshua, who was 15, and a daughter, Katie, who was 12. * Trey was truly my better half, a man after God's own heart, and he left a godly legacy for me and my children. I am thankful that I got to tell him "I love you" one last time, and that I got to hear him say it to me, too. I know we will see him in heaven, and until that time, I press on towards that goal, trusting Jesus for everything.
8/19/2014 * Debbie * My darling husband Guerino. 71 years of age. * After many years of ill health, fighting all the way. Could not win his fight with cancer. Was taken from me on our wedding Anniversary. The emptiness cannot be filled since you have been gone. Missed by Us all and your grandchildren. Our beautiful grandaughter who was born three months after you passed and missed her chance to be loved by you. Our three grandchildren love and miss their Grandpa. I miss you and will always love you. Rest in peace in Heaven. Until I am with you again. Debbie xxx
8/19/2012 * Marcia * Larry –Non-Hodgkins lymphoma & advanced Lyme disease at age 64 * Eric (38), Ryan (35), Meg (28) * Married for 41 years with 7 grandchildren. Larry fought two diseases at the same time and survived for 5 years after diagnoses. He was a man of faith, a brilliant scientist and a marathon runner. He worked until 5 days before his death. My sadness is that he was not able to live to enjoy his retirement but we know he is healed now and enjoying life with Jesus. Our granddaughters consider Grampa to be their guardian angel. We miss him desperately but we know we will see him again.
8/19/2012 * Sherry * Terence, 49 yrs., Advance Prostate cancer * 3 beautiful grown children and 3 adorable grand children- all mourning the passing of their 'Pop'. He was so loved. * "I am my beloved's and he is mine" * Seattle, WA
8/22/2012 * Jeanne * David - Complications of Kidney Cancer treatment. * We really thought he would recover, unfortunately, that was not the case. We were together for 24 years and I am lost without him.
8/22/2012 * Lori * Dave-colorectal cancer * Amy 29, David 27, Josiah 24 * Amazing husband, father and Papa who served the Lord until the end. * Ohio
8/22/2011 * Louisa * Nate, went home to be with the Lord after fighting so bravely and courageously against chronic lymphocytic leukemia. We were married for almost 39 years. * We have one daughter, Kimberly, 32. He has one daughter, Precious, 46, from a previous marriage, one granchild and one great-grandchild. * Life has not been the same without him. He is greatly missed and loved.
8/27/2010 * Ashley * Cliff - motorcycle accident * One sweet unborn baby that went to heaven shortly after her father * Always and forever my Love.
8/29/2018. * Mary. * Stan (62) died of Hepatorenal syndrome caused by nonalcoholic liver disease. Stan was diagnosed late in his disease, making effective treatment or a transplant impossible. * I will miss him terribly and take comfort in knowing he is no longer suffering in Heaven. * I want to give a shout out of thanks to the members of our church in Indiana and to our friends and relatives who rallied around us through his illness and around me in his passing.
8/29/2012 * Amy * I lost my best friend and lover Michael to a heart attack. * We have two boys Isaiah (16) and Zion (13). My husband also has a daughter Michelle (19).We have been married for 14 years and on December 13 would have made it 15 years. We were in the preparation of renewing our vows on June 27, 2013. God saw it fit to take my husband home.* We live in MD * The pain is so deep and I still can't wrap my mind around this great lost, but I have trust in knowing that I will see him again....
8/29/2011 * Pat * Leonard – died of Sepsis (His doctor told me - he didn’t know he was as sick as he was) Lost him in 17 hours-what a shock for all. Didn’t expect to lose him as when we married at 18 and 21 years of age we promised each other to live together until we were 100 and 103 being there for each other always. * Cheryl age 58-lived in CA; Twin sons Tom and Tim age 53 and their families live near by. * 5 grandchildren; married 61 wonderful years; worked together 24/7 the last 38 years-owned a resort together; having a hard time adjusting to life without him. He was my life. He was our rock. A great Man-Husband-Father-Grandfather and Golfer. He would always say, if there’s no golf in heaven I’m not going. He was such a good person always involved in our children's lives when they were growing up and making life easier for others. I miss him so much. Very talented in all fields and lots of common sense. He keeps sending us “Pennies From Heaven”-when we find one we know he misses us too. * Arkansas
8/30/2008 * Cathi * Earl - heart attack at 55 years of age * Michael, 33; Matthew (deceased at age 13); and Melissa, 27 (since deceased 10/28/2008 in a car accident); * Earl and Melissa were absolutely the nicest people I have ever known.
8/31/2014 * Debra(Debbie) * Alfred Taylor * He passed away from Leukemia after his Bone Marrow Transplant on October 31, 2012; he had had tonsil area cancer in September of 2005 & survived it! August 31 was on a Sunday & it was about 5:00 A.M. the Lord took my beloved Alfred HOME, I miss him so bad, all I can do is cry & wonder if there could have been anything I could have done to keep him here with me! Alfred loved life, loved me, loved his kids & our grandchildren! We loved to ride our Harley & he got to ride (with a friend) on it on August 26, 2014 one last time, it brought a smile to his face! Love & miss him so bad & I cry alot!!
9/2/2014 * Carrie Shrader * Dustynn Shrader went to Heaven on 9/2/14. He was 32 and passed away in a work accident. We have an 18 yr old son, Austin and 4 month old baby girl Aspen. * He was so excited about being a daddy. We miss him every second of every minute and look forward to the day we will all meet again at Heaven's gates. I love you my Dust.
9/3/2011  * Mariane * My beloved husband, David (age 64) went home to be with Jesus. He passed away after a 3 month battle with Stage 4 Melanoma. * 3 children Joseph (40), David Jr., (38) and Carrie (36), 5 grandchildren. * He was my best friend and the love of my life. God brought us together in a covenant marriage. I look forward to being reunited with him in heaven. * Minnesota
9/4/2018 * My name is Phil. My wife Heidi Suzanne Carroll went to be with our LORD on Sept.4th 2018 from a cancer diagnosis in Dec.2016 that metasticized to her stomach and liver. Savannah Georgia. My wife Heidi was beautiful from the inside out. She kept saying How Sorry she was but she just had to go.
9/5/2016 * MaryAnne * Jack - due to a sudden Heart Attack; he had 100% arterial blockage. * I have 6 grown children, even with families of their own, blessing me with grandchildren and even great grandchildren. * I know that Jack is with His heavenly Father and that I will join him some wonderful day and we will be together forever. * It is just hard to concentrate on all of that joy, esp when gatherings of family happen. Everyone misses him. * I pray this group is blessed and I thank everyone who is reaching out through this. * Prov.3:5 * Michigan.
9/7/2012 * Susanne * Rob - cancer * son, Beau, age 28 * Rob me very much and I loved him very much. (Married 29 years) * Corinth, Mississippi
9/7/2011 * Nadia * Alvin Bernard, cause of death unknown (as of 10/14/11) * I really love and miss you  Bernard. Continue to walk beside me. * Forida
9/8/2013 *Wambui * Gachago age 49, Colon cancer * Kids: Mo 4, Jakwe 7, Njeri 9 * He was my soul mate and a great dad. We miss him terribly & look forward to seeing him again. He died in Johannesburg but we've since moved back to Germany.
9/8/2012 * Nola * Joe Stephenson * He had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. (CLL) and died at home with hospice care. * We have three grown daughters, Melissa (41) Kendall (37) Angela (36) and three grand children, Andrew (14) Jaden (11) and Gracie (11). * Joe and I were married 44 years, he was 76 years old when he died and he was my best friend. He was so loved and we all miss him so much. * Tennessee
09/09/2019 * Becky * My husband’s name is Roger who entered into the Kingdom of God on September 9, 2019 from a silent heart attack in his favorite chair at age 68. This occurred suddenly and unexpectedly. * We have 2 daughters,Melissa & Angela grown up with their own families. *
Roger was a loyal veteran who loved his country and was proud to be a veteran. He also thanked other veterans for their service, shook their hands and said, “Welcome Home!” * I miss him terribly and have not been able to get through a day without crying yet. We spent a lot of time together and Oct. 26, would be 45 years of marriage. * This journey of grief is the hardest I have ever been on. I know I’ll see him again, thanks to Jesus Christ. I praise God I am never alone. The Lord is with me every step. It still hurts though.. * I will always love you Roger, and I look forward to the day we’ll see each other again. Please do not forget me in the meantime. * southern Minnesota
09/09/2011 * Sandra * Michael, age 47, massive intracranial bleed * I have no clue how to do this life without my Sweet Michael. He was my life and we were so madly in love. I feel so alone, even in a room full of people. * Texas
9/11/2011 * Terri * David, lung cancer * Mark (31), Matthew (28), Jessica (25) * My love for 32 yrs, I miss him more than I can express, but I am comforted knowing we will be reunited one day * Texas
9/12/2014 * Lisa * Bill, 54 - ruptured brain aneurysm * Staci, 28. Alex, 27. Josh, 27. Sara, 20 * Thank you for loving me and keeping me up on my 'pedestal' even in times when I didn't deserve it. * Racine, WI
9/12/2010 * Patty * Dwight, age 58, of head and neck cancer, one day after our 34th Anniversary * Susan, 31 (married w/ 2 children), Laurie, 29 (married w/1 child), Jayna, 29 * I greatly miss my beloved,  and am so glad he knew the Lord and that I'll see him again. * Colorado
9/14/2013 *Cindy Jones * Jay Jones, Liver Disease * Children - Christine Salinas - 36 and Kimberly Davidson - 28 * Wonderful Christian husband and father! We were married almost 40 years. * Texas, United States
9/14/2010 * Anita * Jeremy, 46 years old. Glioblastoma Multiforme  - brain tumour. * Emma ( 12) and Sebastian (8). * We miss you every day. * Canada. 
9/15/18 * Julie * Eugene passed away at age 53 one year after diagnosis of appendiceal carcinoma. * Our children are Joel (26), his fiancee Evie; Josh (24) and his wife Veronica; Esther (22), Josiah (19) and Jon (14). * We know he's in a better place, but there's such a huge hole in our lives right now. I miss him so much. * Minnesota.
9/19/2013 * Pamela * John. Pancreatic cancer. * 4 adult children. Dan, David, Deborah, and Gary. * It's still hard to breathe momentarily when we realize we can't have him with us for he was deeply loved. He had Parkinson's disease and we thought we would have him much longer, but suddenly without any complaining and much warning his health spiraled downward. He was with Hospice only 9 days before he went to be with the Lord. I am so thankful to God for the 44 years we had together and am trusting Him with His plan. * KY
9/19/13 * Melinda Mazzocco * Rob Mazzocco , passed away from metastatic colon cancer, spread to his liver, stomach and lungs * our 2 wonderful children whom he will forever live on through Mallory (11) and Dillon age 8 * we only had 73 days from diagnosis to death...but my husband wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. he wouldn’t have wanted to suffer a lengthily illness and show weakness to it. He was a marine and it wasn’t in his nature to not be strong. he fought hard till the end. he will always be our children's hero and dad and my soulmate. I miss him with every fiber of my being, but I'm also happy he isn't sick and suffering anymore and is healthy and happy in heaven. I just hold onto the fact we will be together again someday. * From Pittsburgh PA, moved to Aledo Illinois in July of 2011.
9/21/11 * Nancy * Mike- age 57 - lost his 5 month battle with pancreatic cancer. * Lindsay 29; Kristen 28; Gregory 21 * Grateful for 31 years of marriage to the love of my life...whose legacy of love, wisdom, and courage is radiant in our three children. * California
9/21/2011 * Theresa * Norm, lack of oxygen to his brain following pain shot administered by ER. * I thank God every day for bringing him into our lives. 27 yrs together wasn't nearly long enough. I pray I'll see him again. If I could take anything back it'd be falling asleep after the visit to that ER. Norm, I love you and miss you so much. I just feel like I let you down so horribly. I found the letter, Babe. I read it every time I visit you. Got thru the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then the big one Your Birthday, Valentine's or as we always called it Norm Day.
9/22/2011 * Linda * David, bladder cancer * Andrew 31, Holly 28, James 26 * Lost half of me * Near Manchester, England
9/24/2012 * Koren * Dennis, age 38. Sudden death from complications from avd and saddleback pulmonary vascular. * Children: 6 * Married 6 yrs. Want to start Marathon for people who have died from this sudden illness. Prevent sudden onset and educate signs and symptoms of this rare disease. My life partner and friend. Finally found true love, and lost in such a small moment.
9/26/2007 * Carol * Tim-43 years old, blood clot lodged in lungs * Nathaniel (2 1/2), Kathryn (10 months) * Romans 8:28, I'm closer now to my savior Jesus Christ than ever in my life. God blessed me 3 years later with Chris, and a 2nd chance at life.
9/28/2012 * Suzi * Scott, age 48, sudden, totally unexpected heart attack in the night * Scott was a wonderful human and my reason for living. I will remain devoted to him for the rest of my life. * Denver, CO
9/28/2012 * Deborah Burgess * Wayne D. Burgess, Cancer of the brain-(fought it for two years) * Satiah Swedenskey (34), Vanessa Tondreau (32) and Geoffrey Holcomb (28)  (girls have their married name) * Five beautiful grandchildren: Mikayla (10), Haiden (7), Maurice (4), Calie(4) and Autumn (2) * You are pain free now My Love and I know you’re enjoying being in heaven talking with our Lord and Savior. You will forever have my heart until we meet again. * Bakersfield, CA
9/30/2011 * Rachael * Antony, died of Sepsis. * Josh, 12; Lore, 11; and Rosy, 3 * Three months before God called him home, he dreamt about heaven-- well honey, I look forward to praising with you in heaven. Until then, I will miss you and take joy in knowing I was your last love.

10/01/2012 * Gareth * Clare (lung cancer/ stroke) * We’d just moved to start a new life, Clare had a “chest infection” turned out to be pleurisy (turned out to be lung cancer). Until the week before she died we expected her to get better but then she had a stroke. The last week was absolutely amazing (the family worshipped and prayed together at 3pm everyday) (but I wish we could have talked to each other). Clare died at the end of our singing “Jesus we celebrate your Victory” but my life has been blown out of the water * Aberystwyth, Mid Wales
10/02/2015 * Maria * Dave, heart attack * Lydia, 30, and Bethany, 29 * My husband and best friend passed away suddenly from a heart attack at 56. We were married for 34 years, and he was a pastor for 24 years. He loved people fiercely and unconditionally. He was a wonderful, godly father to our two daughters, and he delighted in his grandson (born and died on Sept. 10, 2012) and his granddaughter, Hazel (born May 6, 2014). He loved carrying Hazel around and showing her off to everyone and anyone. Thank you, Lord, that you put this man in my life. He was like King David, a man after Your Own Heart. * Ohio
10/03/2011 * Sandi * Roger my 'One True Love' the Lord so graciously chose & blessed me with. *  Jessica 34, Jeremy 33, & our grandkids Levi 13, Ali 10, Alicia 10, Austin 5 & Jackson 3. * He had colon cancer and filled up with blood clots. Roger said "Don't keep me alive."  He knew where he was going, Heaven.  He was in such excruciating pain. He was tired of fighting.  He slept quite a bit the last 2 to 3 years.  Little did we realize God was slowly taking him away from us.  Otherwise I would have fell apart.  We were closer than sardines (for a lack of a better word)  So close. It was easy to let him go after witnessing all his agony.  We asked him several times between me and the nurses, "Are you sure Roger??"  Two hrs. later he slipped away into the promised land Heaven our 'Home Sweet Home'.  He said "Sorry, I'm sorry."  "That's alright Rog" I comforted him. * He was a Monumental man, a walking Angel, a gentle giant, soft spoken.  A Great Man.  Many men I have observed but he surpasses most of them.  He was a strong hard working man, a man of integrity & great character,  I was so proud of.  If anyone knew him it made me proud.  He was a stable man.  The man of my dreams.  I miss being told "Your Beautiful, your Special."  He made me feel like a million bucks even more than that.  I miss that.  He was my Dream come true.  He was a greater man than I even realized, at his wake there was a line over four hrs. long!!  That's my man!!  A Christian man was he.  He was 59.  The Best is before me not behind me.  The Best is yet to come, in Heaven!! Our kisses & hugs will continue on the other side. *  Upper Wisconsin
10/05/2013 * Donna * Jim passed away 3 years ago from heart problems. * This was our second marriage for both of us and we were going to celebrate our 40th anniversary, but the Lord Jesus decided to call him home. Looking forward to that day we will be together again in Heaven!
10/05/2011 * Donna * Raymond- suicide *  Renee 17 years old; Isaac 13 years old * Psalm 4:8 In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. * Your pain and suffering is over now, my love; rest in the presence of our Lord until we meet again. Thank you for the 19 years of marriage and two incredible children you gave me. You are always in our hearts. * Ohio
10/10/2012 * Soledad (Soli) * David M Serrato, age 64, passed away at almost the midnight hour. * I was there at ICU with him till the end. He loved me soo much and I love him soo much still now.
He contracted West Nile virus in the worst outbreak in US history; he fought for 3 months and 5 days till he went with God to Heaven. My husband used to pray over me when I would sleep. Because he was older than me, he knew he could go before me. He would tell me how he prayed to God for years, asking for permission to be my Guardian Angel when/if he passed before me. He taught me to learn to like myself, to be strong and to trust in God. He always told me this: "Jesus is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess He is Lord...." God joined our prayers together, we met, and we became a family for almost 12 yrs. I feel lost without him, I thought he was MY assignment to take care of for the rest of my life, but now I feel lost, hurt, abandoned by God some times even. * Central Texas
10/13/2010 * Glenda * Jim- He died suddenly from a heart attack while playing golf. It was a beautiful, sunny day and he made his putt and then just fell over. * Our sons: Crawford and Glenn * Jim was a quiet and kind man who made each day special and fun. We met in college in 1959 and were about to celebrate our 50th anniversary. His deep faith brings peace to my heart. 
10/15/ 2014 * Suzanne * Graham -- brain cancer * No children, unfortunately (we were too late out the starting gate!) * I am so grateful for the 20 years that God gave us. I love you so much & always will. I know you're enjoying Heaven & I don't begrudge that. I will be with you some day. * New Jersey
10/15/2010 * Doris * Frank died at age 76 of metastasized lung cancer six weeks after diagnosis, the shortest six weeks of my life. Stomach cancer had spread and filled his lungs and liver and we never knew it; occasionally he would say, “I don’t feel good today,” but it never stopped him from his work. *  Frank had a daughter, Debbie who was 53, from a first marriage of 21 years; I had 2 sons from a first marriage of 18 years, Mark was 46, and Michael who was killed in an auto accident in 2000 at age 34. * Frank and I were married for 32 years. He was the hardest working man I’ve ever known, a Supervisor in the Heavy Machine Shop at Newport News Shipbuilding, had a part-time tree business for 35 years and he did the climbing – his last tree was six weeks before he died. He was known as Mr. Fix-It and helped anybody who needed him. Frank was a “man’s man,” hunted, fished and he left a big empty hole in many lives. I so miss his arms around me and the strength of his presence. I was blessed to be married to Frank. * Yorktown, Virginia.
10/16/2011 * Lisa * Bill. He went home to be with our Lord and Savior on Sunday, October 16, 2011. He died from a very rare form of thyroid cancer. * At the time of his death, our sons Kyle was 15 and Randy 12. * Our love and faith in God is the only thing that has gotten us through. We were married for 16 years and I have been with him for more than half of my life. I miss him terribly! *
10/16/1999 * Catherine * Sid, hepatitis C * son Ben - 36 years old - died of cancer in February, 1993. He was a wonderful young man, loved music. * I still miss my two men, even after all this time, but I
lead a support group at my church and it helps me to help others.
10/20/2009Donna * Robert [Bob] - Bob was killed in a logging accident on our farm. He was 53* Gabriel Robert, age 10 * Missouri.
10/21/11 * Amanda * Wade...sudden massive heart attack. * Our children...Misty (28), Katie (26), Bethany (24) * We were married for 31 years and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. He was amazing! * Louisiana
10/22/15 Mary * Douglas P. Gleason * Baby you are now with my angel Laura. You are both missed every time my heart beats. My heart is shattered in a million pieces. As you would tell me, “I love you bunches and bunches until eternity.” * Pike Creek Highway, Texas
10/22/2014 * Beth * Douglas (50) pancreatic cancer * 3 sons Alex (18), Nick (16), and Zach (13). *  Doug pastored a church and was working hard at his CPE credits working towards his goal of chaplaincy. He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer 10 months before his death. We were married for 22 years and he loved his boys dearly. We all miss him dearly.
10/23/13 * Shauna Pendleton * Gary Pendleton, toxic mega-colon * Frank (18) * We were highschool sweethearts married for 22 years. We had just begun our 2nd honeymoon (empty nest). The grief is beyond painful. He was the most amazing man with a heart of gold and a sense of humor that could make anyone laugh. TX
10/23/12 * Trudie * Alan Sandberg died due to motorcycle accident. * Three grown children, 5 grandchildren. *   Alan was the sweetest and most compassionate man I've ever known. God's servant, he had a servants heart. He loved me as though there was no tomorrow and our children were precious to him. I will love and miss him forever.
10/24/2010 * Jenn * Jonathan, at age 38. * Shannon 14, Gabriel, 2 * He's finally free! Experiencing the fullness of God he failed to fully know on earth. Despite all his struggles, I truly loved him.
10/25/2019 * Sharron (58) * Jeff, aged 58. * Son, Caleb (29). * Jeff had one small spot of lung cancer that spread to the brain, liver, lymph nodes but the worst area affected was his spine, causing him great pain and unable to sit or walk unaided. * He was a hard worker, good provider, the only man that I ever loved. * We dated 4 years, were married 36 years and it all ended in a fast 6 months. But, oh how we enjoyed those last two months together at home. * Alabama
10/25/2016 * Sandra * Greg - Cancer * Shawn - 38, Aaron - 35, Sarah - 35, Samantha - 33 * Our lives were changed forever on October 25, 2016. The love of my life Greg passed away just 6 short weeks after being diagnosed with Cancer. * Kansas
10/25/2010 * Karen * Mark, 51 - Complications from MS, kidney, heart and weaked immune system. * Katie 24, Kerrygan 22, Tom 20 * We miss him as he was taken away from us too young.
10/26/2014 * Carla Maxwell * James Maxwell, died from a brain aneurism at age of 48 * Jessica 25, Courtney 22, Bobby 20, Carl 16, JR 14 and Two Grandsons - Trace 3, Tucker 9 months * Jim was my life, my Everything, my Best Friend. I will forever miss him and long to see him in Heaven. Greatest Dad and Husband; we couldn't ever have asked for more. Greensboro, NC
10/26/2010 * Kathleen * Wayne * Sepsis * David 25, currently lives with me; Jon 22, (engaged to Holly) lives with me * Recently started to volunteer with Indiana Organ Donation Organization (IOPO) Wayne received the gift of life: a Heart Transplant.  He was able to live an additional 13 years, to see his sons grow up. We live in Northern Indiana
10/28/2012 * Gertrude * William Henry, lung cancer
10/29/2013 * Lynda Slattery * Michael Slattery, cancer * Marianne (19), Jonathan (16), Rebekah (13) * Mike and I had a happy and healthy relationship. We have been blessed by so many friends and family members who helped us through Mike's year and half battle with cancer, his passing and funeral, and now through this first year full of firsts to get through. I'm praying for patience and guidance for whatever the future holds for us. * Greenville, SC
10/29/2011 * Tanya * Jim, heart attack * Ashley 21 years old-Niccole 19 years old-Trisha 12 years old. * My husband was such a blessing to me and we miss him every second of the days. He had brought so much joy to our lives. I look very forward to being him in Heaven with him one day. We are doing the best we can to create a new norm to our life. * Washington
10/31/2009 * Catherine * Jimmy-pneumonia secondary to H1N1 (44 years old) *Joe (20), Jason(15), and Susanna, (5) * There are no words.

11/01/2011 * Joyce * Dennis, Leukemia * Eric, age 15, and Samantha age 21 * It’s been a long tough road but God has been faithful, more faithful than I ever imagined he could be! * Ohio
11/01/2009 * Linda * Eddie; Cause of death: Heart attack at age 54 * Michelle, 30; Vince, 27; Amanda, 24 * We were married 32 years.  "Honey, you were truly God's gift to me and blessing to our 3 children.  I prayed for a godly, Christian man and God brought you to my door.  Thank you for blessing my life so deeply with your goodness, your beautiful, devoted love and your laughter.  I can say I am fulfilled.  We miss you so very much.  Praise God for his faithfulness that He will never leave us or forsake us.  We hold on to Him each moment, each day. Honey, we all look forward to seeing you again according to God's word. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. * Riverside County
11/02/2014 * Maureen. * "Eddie." Died of heart attack. Had congestive heart failure and was on oxygen 24/7 * Children: Meghan 29 and Justin 25. * Eddie was my best friend and my husband of 33 years. I miss him so much but happy we will meet again one day * Georgia
11/2/2010 * Sheila * Tony * My sweet husband, Tony, died Tuesday, November 2, 2010 on a blazingly beautiful autumn day from sepsis resulting in cardio-pulmonary collapse just 13 days after his 63rd birthday and 29.8 years of marriage.
11/3/2014 * Vicky * Russell, 54 died suddenly of heart failure due to complications of illness. * Chancey 20. * Russ is the love of my life. A great and loving husband and father. He was an Army Veteran serving his country proudly most of his life. Chancey and I miss Russ so much! We love him always and forever!
11/4/2013 * I am Sandy. My husband was Greg and his heart stopped. * Our kids, Matthew, Tim and Abi, were 29, 26 and 20 when their Dad died. Our grandchild was 1 year and 1 week old. * My husband was disabled with many physical challenges, but his heart was always fine. I believe God let his heart stop so that I would know it was God's hand and not anything I had failed to do in his medical care. His heart stopped on the 1st and was revived, but after 23 minutes. I knew he was gone then, but he was declared dead on the 4th.
11/04/2013 * Maureen. * "Eddie." Died of heart attack. Had congestive heart failure and was on oxygen 24/7 * Children: Meghan 29 and Justin 25. * Eddie was my best friend and my husband of 33 years. I miss him so much but happy we will meet again one day * Georgia
11/4/2010 * Cheryl * Jerry - suicide * Christine 41, Cindy 39, Cara 34; Grandchildren - Summer 15, Jared 12, Andrew 5, Carson 4, Elizabeth 19 months * My sweet husband of 43 years this February........we didn't quite make it. My heart aches every hour of every day for you. We will always wonder why....we all love you so very much.
11/5/2011 * Ann * David F. Schubert * Glioblastoma Multiforme * Kelly 34, Kristy 32, Heath 26 *
David was 63 when he died; he was a charter member of the Navy Seal Team 6. We were married for 4.5 years and he was a man of such godly integrity. I thank God for the time we had together (short as it was) - I miss him every day. It is still so very surreal.  He loved Jesus and I know we will be together again. * Tennessee
11/6/14 * Wendy – my husband passed away on 11/6/14 from complications of colorectal cancer at the age of 55. We have two children who are now teenagers. * Life is difficult and the best way I’ve learned to cope is by getting to know Jesus. I feel His presence in my life and seek to know Him better to the point that I completely surrender to His will. I face many tough decisions and pray for His guidance that He reach my heart in making the right moves and that my children discover His love and open their hearts to His divinity. Amen
11/07/2017 * Amy * My sweet husband, John, died from pancreatic cancer on November 7, 2017 just nine months after his initial diagnosis. He was 52 years old, athletic, strong, and healthy up until then.  * We have three kids. Anna is 12, Benjamin is 10, and Kitana is 7.  * He was a loving and devoted father and husband. We were married for thirteen years. I still can't believe he is really gone.11/08/2010 * Stephanie * Greg - oral cancer * Luke, 7; Dylan, 17 * My love, my life, my everything.
11/10/2010 * Ruth * Jake - Pancreatic Cancer * Steve, adult; Granddaughter Kai, 5; I am thankful for 38 years, being married to my best friend.
11/10/2009 * Candy * Bob - non-hodgkins lymphoma * Leah, age 35; Annisssa, age 33; Charity, age 32; Tshanina, age 30 * The most important things in Bob's life were in this order: God, Wife, Daughters, Others * Tennessee
11/11/2011 * Susan * David passed on 11-11-11 in Tijuana, Mexico where he was valiantly fighting the final battles of his 7-year-long war against advanced stage prostate cancer and, eventually, squamous cell cancer in his bladder. It was a David vs. Goliath-type of battle!!! He was 57 years old when he went to Heaven to be eternally healthy, happy, and whole with his Lord and Savior!
* He is, also, survived by his daughter Sabrina (32), his son Jonathan (27), and, those who called him "Papa," Sabrina's children: Deseree (17), Triston (11), and Dylan (3). * I thank God daily for allowing me to share my life with David for 29 years, 4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days! He is greatly missed, but, oh, what an adventure!
11/13/2011 * Dodi Bivins * Thomas J. Bivins - age 54 - massive stroke * Daughter Myra J. Bivins - age 25 * Thomas was a true humanitarian to the very end. If there is such a thing as loving too much I can say with all honesty, he did. His first love and devotion was to the Lord, secondly to me and our
daughter Myra, thirdly to anyone who was hurting or in need. We hear today a lot about setting boundaries - Thomas forgot to do this, His energy was endless, he treated all people with grace and dignity, and was never a respector of persons.  Thomas was a Bi-vocational Pastor and Funeral Director/Embalmer. Pastoral care and Funeral Service to him was a mission field and ministry. I shared with my sister the other day, that now Tom is in heaven we know he's not doing any embalming. One of his favorite songs he would sometimes sing to me was "I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You." Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday, everytime our heart beats we sense their very presence, always near, still loved, still missed. Psalm 116:15 - Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints. This is not good-bye, just good-night ~
11/15/2013 * Cherisa * Mark - suicide * Evan, 6 months * A true love story never ends.
11/16/2013 * Shirley Pheasant * Mark, parkinson disease at age 58 * Jeremy, 32; Timothy, 28; Paula, 27; grandchild: Graham, 6 * Mark was diagnosed with PD in 2005; his disease advanced very quickly and was severe. It was hard to see him suffering as he lost ability to walk, talk, and even eat. He is greatly missed, but we are comforted in knowing that he is now walking and talking with a perfectly whole body. And best of all is the hope of a grand reunion someday! * PA 
11/16/12Rebecca * Greg died during heart by-pass surgery * Caleb-12, Levi-9, Emma Grace-3 1/2
I always knew that Greg cherished the kids and I greatly. I'm thankful for the 16 years we were married and am looking forward to seeing him raised again someday! * North Carolina
11/19/2014 * Bob * Teresa died of Bladder cancer after 3 year battle * Darcy 42, Jude 40, Wendy 36, Mishelle 27, Paulina and Laura 25. (13 grandchildren too) * We were married for 33 years, 7 months and ministered together in several countries. * Ontario, Canada
11/19/2012 * Diane * Rodney * fought an amazing and courageous fight with Multiple Myeloma caused by Agent Orange in Vietnam...he was 63. Married 1 1/2 months shy of 39 years. I miss his smile, intelligence, friendship, companionship, wisdom, guidance, and sense of humor. I miss him daily, but am over-joyed that he is at Home with his Savior...I will join him someday! Praise the Lord!
11/21/2009 * Glenda * Dan - ALS (Lou Gehrigs). We were married 3 months short of 50 years. I miss him every waking moment.
11/22/2013 * Sandra * “Klaus,” cancer * our son was 20 at the time of his father’s passing. We have together 7 Children. A Patchwork Family. * He accepted Christ the day before he died. He died at home, just as he wanted. * My husband was German, therefore I now live in Germany and have for almost 14 years.
11/24/2010 * Ruth * Dan, age 57 - heart attack after 41 years of diabetes * Philip, 30; Andrew, 27; John, 24; 5 grandchildren (+ one born 3 weeks later). He preached about the glories of Heaven and how he longed to kiss the feet of Jesus - 3 days before he got his wish. My Beloved, I thank God for the 34 years we had; you were the best!
11/25/2013 * Mary Trombley * Michael Trombley - leukemia * Christopher (32), Kenneth (26) and David (21). Grandsons: Eric (8) and Dustin (4) lost their beloved “Papa”, too * Michael struggled with the disease and the after effects of the stem cell transplant that he never fully recovered from. To the morning he passed, everyone expected him to pull through. Michael love the Lord and I am thankful he is out of pain and dancing in heaven. Dallas, TX

12/6/2012 * Stephanie * Jason * Rylee, 4 year old daughter * "I will always love you Jason. You are missed."  USA
12/07/2012 * Karla * Matt * It was a fatal seizure brought on by Wellbutrin, Zofran and Ritalin., Matt was only 24 years young. We have no children. At the time we had only one cat, Grizzabella The Glamour Cat, she was at home alone with Matt when he collapsed. I came home and found Matt collapsed on the floor of our Master Bedroom non responsive. This past month was nine months, but it does't feel like it. This next month will be ten months and his Birthday was Oct. 6, he would have been 25. I'll be in Bolivia, but honestly I don't think it's going to matter where I am. * Tennessee
9 December 2012 Lorraine/Rainey/FlowerLady * Mark ~ Bladder cancer/cardiac arrest * We met on my 17th birthday. We started going together eight months later, dating for almost three years. I am thankful for our 43 years of marriage. Thankful for our loving and growing together through thick and thin. I look forward to our reunion and being together with Jesus forever. I am thankful for being drawn closer to Jesus and thankful that He is taking even greater care of me during this part of my journey than when my husband was here. Jesus is my strength when I am weak, some days I am weaker than others and need His strength more. * I miss my dear husband and best friend daily. I feel his love and encouragement all around me in our little haven we created here on earth. I am thankful for all that he did to take care of us through the years. * Florida
12/10/2012 * Farrel * Andy (Hypertensive Heart Disease) * Children: Sheri (33), Landry (27), Lance (19) and Andrea (11) * All of my love…..All of my life. We miss you every minute of every day. USA
12/11/2010 * Belinda * Marty (my Beloved) only 55 heart and issues after cancer * Luke (28) his wife, Amanda and Ethan (2y son); Laura (27); Andy (24); Amy (20); still at home Aaron (18), Isaac (16), Jeshua (12); Hosanna (9) * GOD's way and timing is perfect! He is my strength and song!! Thank you for 30 marvelous years and being a godly, caring hubby, father and friend. We shall meet again! * Alaska

12/17/2012 * Pat * Kleob Nicholas Loflin, Jr., causese of death: Brain tumor * Twin daughters, Rachel and Rebecca (ages 53), son (Nick) age 43; Two grandchildren: Nicholas (9) and Kayla (6) * Did not know about brain tumor until 6 days before he died. Played golf two days before suffering a massive seizure and stroke. On life support for two days before being declared brain dead. We met in college and were married for 52 years, he was my best friend, my lover, and my all. He was a good man who loved doing for others. He is sorely missed. This is how I feel: Lost and adrift on a sea of sorrow, my ship sails on towards unknown tomorrows. (editorial note: the line of poetry is from an original poem by Pat Loflin. Please do not copy, thank you. fbh)
12/17/2011 * Joy * David, after a year of being hospitalized in different cities for Sepsis (blood infection) after recovering from 3rd back surgery. * Two sons age 25 & 20 at the time * Texas
12/18/2000 * Tom * Marilyn - ovarian cancer * Aaron, 10.

12/24/2014 * Suzanne * My husband Bob passed away 12/24/2014 following a five year fight against NHLymphoma. He went through two rounds of chemo during that time. He ran the good race and finished well sharing his faith with our 16 grandchildren and everyone he talked to. We were married 24 years and had a blended family. He has three adult children and I have one adult son.* I can't say enough how very much I love him and miss him so. We decided that he simply couldn't wait for Jesus' heavenly birthday celebration so left a day early.
12/24/2012 * Kerri * Larry passed from a stroke at age 43. * Blake 14, Bailey 12. * I was blessed with sharing 15 yrs of my life with my best friend. * New Mexico
12/24/2010 * Cindy * Mark - Aspergillis pneumonia following kidney disease * Andrew: 29, Melissa: 27, Matthew: 25 * Grandchildren: Kori 6, Katie 4 months * Karly just born 05/2012 *
My life will never be the same without the man I was married to for nearly 30 years. I miss him every moment of everyday, but am thankful to know he is at peace with his creator.
12/25/1996 * Myra * Delbert – heart attack at 3:00am * Meredith (10), Sara (5) * Joined Jesus on His birthday.

12/30/2012 * Sara * Allen - He died of a massive stroke or heart attack very unexpectedly. * Allen and I have 4 children. (I will list their ages at his time of death.) Matthew, 37; Elizabeth, 33; Emily, 30; Katherine, 28. * I am so grateful that we were able to work out some of our most difficult problems before he died. God is good. * Illinois
12/31/2013 * Becky Poisson * Philip Poisson, died of alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency * Greg 26, Elizabeth 23 * Denver, CO