Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm A Little Humbled to Tell You About This Great Resource for Widows

One of the best resources for widows---that's what people tell me about my book--its so great to hear that, but also kind of hard to crow about! I've never been much of a salesperson or promoter; that doesn't come naturally to me at all. But I can't deny this is a good book! So I do want to make sure everybody knows about it. And since I myself rarely pay full price for anything, I want to make sure everyone can get it at the best price too!

It goes on sale only once a year--right now--and everybody can get it at the discounted group rate! (Ssshh! Don't tell my accountant, he already thinks it's priced to low, lol) I hope you'll take advantage of discovering for yourself how God's Word became my hope and rescue in widowhood. Click here to order all month long.

10 Key Ways "Postcards From The Widows' Path" gently guides widows to renewed life and hope . . .
  1. Uncovers two essential needs of every widow
  2. Defines the three choices of widows
  3. Uncovers the risks of widowhood
  4. Shows the differences between living in fear or walking by faith
  5. Transforms needs to opportunities
  6. Demonstrates how praise provides a turning point in grief
  7. Helps set some standards for dating and remarriage or the freedom of remaining single
  8. Frames a perspective on eternity that releases the strangle-hold of grief
  9. Gives biblical understanding of God’s specific care and concern for widows
  10. Journals real progress through the challenges of widowhood
Here’s what other widows have said . . .

How I wish I’d had this wonderfully encouraging and valuable book in the weeks and months after my own husband’s death on 9/11. —Jennifer Sands, author and speaker

Every widow needs to read this book. The parallels between widows Ruth and Naomi and widows today are spot on and greatly worth exploring! —Candy Feathers, blogger

I think you are an amazing writer and have worthy, helpful insights. —Miriam Neff, founder of and author

Your book is a masterpiece, Ferree, and I will pray along with you for how God will take it and wing those words around the world. —Grace Fabian, Bible translator, speaker, and author

Paperback, 246 pages. Each chapter opens with a fictional postcard from one of the characters in Ruth. A short chapter of 4 or 5 pages then follows, and is closed with a chance for the reader to journal and reflect on her experience. In doing so, she will see her own remarkable progress! A color photo of the land through which Ruth and Naomi travelled, creative layout and graphics, and a series of classic artworks rendered in black and white tones depicting the book of Ruth make this a pleasing gift for all women. For a support group or book club, a 5-session discussion guide is also available.


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