Friday, February 14, 2014

A Heartwarming Surprise

A Facebook friend, Kathy T. A., posted this as her profile picture on a Valentines Day past. When I asked her about it, here's what she told me:

THIS IS SO COOL!! I SWEAR, it was NOT deliberate!!

I was outside shoveling, looking like Gorton's fisherman, feeling sorry for myself. Valentine's Day stuff in the stores, I don't feel well, Don should be shoveling, I want a cigarette, I'm overweight, I miss him, miss him, miss him --- just have a pity party with a guest list of one....
And my neighbor pulled in -- and he had to pull up, back up, pull up, back up, to get in his driveway --- and in so doing, left this in front of my home!!!!! IT IS NOT STAGED

Everyone should know that God is awesome, God completely "gets it" when we lose a spouse.

Now that's what I call A Hug From Above!
Hope this makes your day a little brighter--these hearts are for you!



  1. That was WONDERFUL!!!

    God let me have a concrete and rock heart from under my little cottage this week.

    It really is things like this that lets us know love is alive, and His love is AWESOME.

    I am so glad Kathy was given that beautiful display of God's love.


  2. Wow. That's amazing. It's Jesus and a widow.


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