Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"She is my hero..."

"She is my hero..."
Those words caught my attention while scrolling through updates on Lifeboat, my private widows groups on Facebook. Hero? She?
Here's what I read on Lifeboat2.

Carrie:  So I go to visit an older woman in my church yesterday who has cancer. I think she's around 80, and she is in a lot of pain that just isn't managed by meds. She is hunched over and has to make an effort to look up at you. It's painful to see her pain but she still attends church every week.
             Turns out that she was widowed at age 38 with 3 kids and never remarried. Became a believer after her husband passed and worked in a prison ministry for many years.
             Very sweet woman with many great stories and a great faith. Was concerned for me and the kids, prayed for us - I felt very blessed to spend that time for her.
             And despite her pain and difficult with mobility there was a goblet with juice and some cookies laid out on the table in preparation for my visit. Something about that really impressed me. She is my hero this week.

Carrie:  As a follow up on my last post about a woman from my church...I googled her name and came across a newspaper article on her from 20 years ago. What an inspiring story of a young widow who followed the Lord's calling! I had no idea.

Dear Reader, Take a minute to read about this amazing lady. She's my hero, too! The world sure needs more like her, don't you think? Click this title---Making Converts Of Convicts For 16 Years, She's Visited Prisons Faithfully 

May God grant us all such grace and courage!

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