Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Update from Carol

Yesterday's post was about a young widow's journey and the path to remarriage. But does remarriage solve everything? Does remarriage = instant "normal,"and "happy-ever-after" and joy and victory over grief?

Here's Carol's update:
Well, I took 6 years but I finally found it. I finally found JOY and VICTORY!

September has always been depressing for me from the time I turn the calendar page until October 1st. The whole month depresses me. I think about those last days with my first husband Tim, and I can run myself into a fit. I have had anxiety attacks when Chris would leave for work, fearing that he would also leave me.

This year however, I had NO anxiety attacks!! I was encouraged early in the month to read the book of Ezra in the Bible. When Ezra was going to leave Babylon and travel back to Jerusalem to help rebuild the temple he got a little skittish and thought about asking the king for soldiers to travel along for protection.

But then Ezra realized he had been boasting about how awesome God had been (like probably posting stuff on Facebook every morning, lol), and realized that he couldn't ask for the king's help. So he prayed and God sent people to pray and fast with him; and God answered their prayers for a safe journey.
Carol and Chris, 2013

Reading Ezra revealed to me how I had been relying on the wrong people to safely get me through the journey of mine that is September. Like Ezra, I needed to focus solely on God--- and He sent people to fast and pray for me too!!

Last week, when I knew I was almost to the end of the dreaded month, God sent yet another reminder of His love for me. I was reminded to focus on LIFE.  Mine and Tim's--- not the sadness of his death. For in his death, I have been given new life.


  1. God's power is made perfect in (our) weakness. II Cor. 12:9 Our weakness provides opportunity for displaying God's power. Sometimes it is so hard to admit weakness. For me it has been a pride problem that I need to ask God to remove often.

  2. Hi Carol, I'm so happy to hear from you again and hope you are well. I enjoyed meeting you so much in Tennessee. What a perfect verse to apply. It's been on my heart too this week.


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