Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Your Favorite Color?

When you look in your closet do you see pinks, blues, greens or reds that reveal your preferences? Or do you ever notice that an ocean blue helps you slow down and feel more serene while a hot pepper red raises your adrenalin?

Color has a tremendous influence on our moods and energy! Colors can also enhance the way we look--bringing out natural beauty or making us look ill and pathetic. When we're grieving we sure don't need an easy-to-change thing like the color of our shirt bringing us down, do we?

If you are interested in how to bring out the beauty of the looks God gave you, take a free color analysis at: Color E-nalysis (click the underline) (Those who receive this post by email should click on the title line to get to the website link).

I've been searching for "my colors" for years! After taking every color analysis I could find, let me tell you Color E-nalysis is THE BEST!

Other systems offer only 2 - 4 color groups. They help determine if you go with "warm" or "cool" colors, which is essential to know. However, if you're like me you never really fit into such a limited spectrum. But--good news! The Color E-nalysis offers 6 categories and provided me with crucial tips and general guidelines in only a few minutes. While you may order their color swatches for $19.95, the analysis itself is a great foundation and it's absolutely free!

Shari Braendel is the consultant on the color analysis site. I've been following her website for a few years, and I'll finally meet her in person in August at Beauty Boot Camp! This is open to widows too, and if you can go it'd be so great for us to meet! Check out Shari's home page, Fashion Meets Faith to see the cool conferences she puts on. Watch all the videos as they are really fun and you'll learn a lot just from these little clips. To register for Boot Camp (and no, you don't have to do push ups!-- I asked!) click this link or just look for Beauty Boot Camp on the Fashion Meets Faith website.

Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at I'd love for a group of widows to join me! It would be a well-deserved girls weekend, plus a great help in cutting through widow brain fog and re-discovering yourself. I hope you can come!


  1. I only wear black because I'm in mourning.

    1. That's an interesting tradition and I'd like to hear more about it.

    2. Are you being facetious or you seriously have never heard of this?

  2. Thank you, Ferree, for introducing us to Shari Braendel.

    The most helpful tip I learned from watching the little clips was this:

    "A little lipstick makes your eyes sparkle."

    Who knew!

    So now I just put on a very natural lip gloss and it does make a difference.

    And colour does affect the mood. When I was at work, I wore red on rainy days to keep spirits up.

    And colour is such fun. I really don't have a favourite. I like the perky ones, I like brights, and I like neutrals. Often a scarf can provide that pop of colour that makes the difference.

    It really is true, as they have taught us cancer patients, "When you look good, you feel better."

    PS You get lots of compliments, too!

    What a fascinating topic! Can't wait to hear about your time at "Boot Camp". Have a fabulous learning experience.

    As usual, Ferree, you get us thinking. And that's good!

    Honey Bee

    1. Dear Honey Bee, Your note is such an encouragement because to offer ideas that help widows begin to see life beyond their grief is what I attempt to do. You mentioned cancer, and coincidently, a cancer patient's story about Shari Braendel is what turned my thinking of how applicable this is for widows too! I'll be mentioning where to find that today (Friday). God bless your recovery, Honey B, and I hope your treatments are going well. ♥


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