Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Something for Widows to Consider

On Wednesdays I feature widows stories, but today's feature is very different. If you're in the raw, early days of grief, please know that there will come a day in the future when you will begin to find yourself again. You'll actually re-discover who you are. You might consider dating, or you might go back to school, or enter the workforce, or simply brush up on how you present yourself. Today's video is for that time. If you're not there yet, that's fine; I reach out to widows of all ages and all stages of life, so not every day can apply to every one. I hope readers pick and choose from each weeks postings.

With all that said, this video is for every Christian woman, whether widowed or not. It's for every age too. Share it with your daughters, friends and relatives. As always, if this post arrives in your email inbox, simply click on the title line to get to the website so you can view the video.

Have you noticed?

When the weather gets warm and the flowers start to blossom, the bosoms start to bare! The weather is hot, and so are the women! When I worked out in public I felt so sorry for the men I worked with because women came up to the counter wearing not much more than a teddy and hoisted those girls right up there! The other women I worked with were embarrassed too, and we just rolled our eyes with mutual discomfort at each other. How must the guy feel?

This video tells how they feel.

Please listen carefully and consider how God would apply this in a widow's life. I'm not saying you personally need this. Good heavens, I don't even know you, I'm certainly not judging anyone. It's just good to hear a man's point of view.

Stay strong in God and your beauty will shine even if your cleveage doesn't. (I Peter 3:3-6). And speaking of beauty, be sure to visit tomorrow because I have a free beauty resource for you, plus an opportunity to discover your own natural beauty along with me!


  1. I am currently having home renovations done by an Amish contractor. So every day there are Amish workmen in and out of my house. I am particularly conscious of not offending them by what I wear. It's been a brutally hot summer here but I've been in my longer capri pants or jeans and wearing a shirt that covers my shoulders instead of a tank top. Some of them are so young I could be their mother but it's only right to strive to be as modest as they are when they are working for me. This video is a great reminder.

  2. I have a 27 year old daughter, whom I
    have tried to be an example to, but from
    time to time she does dress in-appropiately-
    I admonish her lovingly, and as always she
    resents it -
    I ask for your prayers that she will heed God's
    Holy Spirit and dress and adorn herself the way
    God would have her too ~
    She is a beautifiul young lady.
    I told her that (yes) she would get the oo's and ah's but they are for the wrong reasons.

    We have so much exposure from the billboards / inet / magazines/ advertising on all t.v. channels / it can be overwelming.......
    I recently read that we as Christian's all cast shadows / what shadows are we casting in our wardrobe.

    again.........I ask will you please lift her up in your prayers to follow the path of modesty. (her name is Josie)

    Thank you Ferree and all WCP Friends


  3. Thank you for sharing this. I want to share this with my daughter too, even though we do make sure she is covered up and I am covered up. We need to be reminded that our brothers in Christ do fight this battle. Vicci Mauldin, Levelland, TX

  4. Ladies, I appreciate hearing from you and I know the men of God in your area appreciate your efforts at modesty! It's HARD, especially for our daughters, to find decent, not dorky looking clothing that's modest. The cuts are low, the seams accentuate the curves. I'm afraid young women are exploited under the banner of "freedom" to wear whatever the trends dictate. Keep on keeping on, and helping raise the bar on respecting ourselves and our brothers in Christ.

  5. Sharon Vander WaalJuly 10, 2013 at 4:24 PM

    Wow! This is profound!


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