Friday, March 1, 2013

Memorial Wall for March 2013

Here's the March listing from the Memorial Wall right here at Widows Christian Place. I hope you'll use it throughout this month to pray for everyone. If you'd like to add your own tribute to the Memorial Wall, please follow the directions mentioned here. I'd be honored to add you.

3/05/2012 * Linda * John * loving and devoted husband of Linda went to be with Jesus after 37 years of an incredible life together. He fought a hard fight for 2 years after diagnosis. * I continue to have a grateful heart for having had this man in my life, sad that our life together ended, but oh so happy of all the memories we made together.
03/05/2010 * Sandy * Steve (57)-Car Accident * Eric, 40; Heather, 26; MJ, 25; and Grandchildren--Jimmy, 19; Brianna, 16; Hailey, 7 * Thank you Lord for the 10 ½ years Steve and I had together. What a blessing you were and still are in my life. I also lost my Mom, Shirley Conrad a few months later on Aug 6, 2010 to lung cancer * You were so sad the day Steve was killed. I know now you are both happy being together in God’s presence!
3/7/2010 * Joannah * Michael, kidney cancer * Our daughter, Michaela Grace, was miraculously conceived via IVF six months after her daddy’s passing. She is my joy! * I miss Michael with every breath. He was my best friend, and he made my life so much fun. I cling to the Lord’s promises, knowing that Michael, Michaela, and I will have Eternity together. Come, Lord Jesus!
03/08/2012 * Heather * Chuck ...Liver failure * Nicholas 28, Natasia 26, Naaman 23, Noêl 16, Naomi 15, Nevada 13, Neryah 10, Nalana 9 * We were happily married for 31 years. He was my everything, my knight in shining armor, my world. * Kentucky, USA
03/09/2010 * Sonya D. * Thomas D. of Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes * My stepchildren: Elana D was 24 years-old, Thomas D, II was 22 years-old; My children: Ariana D was 6 years-old, Elijah D was 2 months old. * He was a hardworking, dedicated Christian with a smile that brightened up a room. I am working every day through the ups and downs for the life we planned for our babies, trying to navigate the road we were supposed to be on together. I will succeed despite it all. I know full well only the God that took you 3 years past the doctor’s prognosis can take me through. Thank you for being a great example of perseverance. Rest in Peace.
3/10/ 2012 * Brenda * J.B.; Colorectal Cancer * Tumors were found in Jan. 2012. He fought a good fight at CTCA, but lost his battle here to multi-organ failure on March 10. He left this world with so much dignity and grace, that it would be a disgrace to him for me not to continue on with dignity and grace. But it is definitely not easy to go on without him after almost 24 years of marriage! God has given me the courage to keep moving forward so far and I know HE won't let me down. That doesn't stop the emotions of grief from being there and wanting to have JB back again!
3/12/2011 * Jan * Tom, died on after a very short 4-1/2 month battle with brain cancer (glioblastoma). * He left behind two children from his first marriage, a daughter, Stacy, 30 (married to Kyle, mother of Charlotte, 18 months, and expecting her second child – another daughter born 3-1/2 months after his death, Eleanor); a son, Matthew, 27 (newly engaged and married 8 months later to Melissa); and our two sons – Tim, turned 18 a month after his dad’s death, and Peter who turned 13 two weeks after losing his dad. * We had been married for 19-1/2 years. He fufilled my heart’s desire for a secure, stabile home and a family. He was a faithful servant of the Lord to everyone God placed in his path. We miss him terribly. Our lives have been forever changed, but God is faithful and good and we trust the plans He has for us!
3/16/2009 * Kelly C. * John – respiratory arrest * James, 21; Matthew was one week away from his 15th birthday * We only dated for four months before John proposed. We got married six months later, and had almost 28 years together. John made me laugh every day.
3/17/2007 * Pat * John, brain death (due to loss of oxygen after minor surgery) * Sara-25, Danny-23, Caroline-21 * Human language cannot express what is inside of me. I will always love and miss John. I will forever praise our Lord for the life and love we shared. John’s life was a testament to Prov. 17:22a - “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” John, I will meet you in glory when the Lord calls my name. Until then, I remain under the shadow of His wings. “A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth” Eccles 7:1.
3/25/2011 * Barbara * Steve, died at the age of 39 of a heart attack * Steven, 8; Jacob, 6 * I am so thankful for the 19 years we had together 13 of them married. I miss him everyday, but I look forward to the day of meeting Jesus face to face and being able to worship Him with Steve side by side. The boys and I know that this life is temporary and that we will be in Heaven for eternity that gives us hope.

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