Thursday, February 28, 2013

Need Prayer?

Need Prayer?

Widows come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, colors, and languages. From the exotic south seas of Fiji to the frozen northern plains of Canada; from New Zealand to Nigeria and all the countries between. Their children range from still in the womb (yes, pregnant women are widowed too) to those who are adults. Some widows have 10 or 12 kids to raise, others have none, or a handful of step-children for whom they're suddenly and soley responsible. Many widows are sticken with absolute poverty when their husband dies; others have massive financial decisions to make. Some lose thier home, others find its too painful to keep their home.

One thing is certain: WIDOWS NEED PRAYER!

Won't you join in prayer for the widows around you this next month? Those you meet in your daily routine? In addition, please pray for those on the Memorial Wall here on this blog. If you notice any comments on this page please pray for them too.

Reader, do you need prayer? Please click on the comment line below and type in your prayer request. Use only your first name. It's ok to be vague, God will know who we're praying for.
photo by Nancy Stockdale
Let's raise up to the throne of God the fragrance of prayer---and especially prayer for widows. The line from the old hymn applies today: 
What a Friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and grief’s to bear. What a privilege to carry. Everything to God in prayer!” 


  1. Join me in praying for wisdom to know what God wants me to do now that my husband is gone. My desire is to please Him.

  2. Dear Carol, May all who read this say a prayer for you. You're taking the most important step in asking the Lord for wisdom. Please let me hear of the opportunities He opens up for you.

  3. We will dutifully join you in prayer next month for all the world's widows. Thank you for calling us to that work.

  4. Carol
    praying for you and asking God to please make his wisdom known unto you, as we live in a world where we are uncertain and afraid to trust anyone, may he give you the wisdom and guidance needed.

    friends in Christ

  5. Lost husband 9 months ago. My friends have also chosen to stay away at a time when I needed them the most.I've been alone the majority of the time.haven't been to church either since my husband passed .I haven't heard from anyone from the church in months. I have many financial decisions to make. Can't seem to do it right now Everything scares me right now.I need wisdom and direction from the Lord.feel like I'm going to crack sometimes.I guess I'm not at spiritual as other Christian women that have become can something be this painful? So lost. I'm just being honest. Thank you for letting me ramble on.

  6. Dear Anonymous, You are always welcome here, and your words are very dear and important because you are loved by God and precious. Please know that there are widows who "get it." This is the most painful experience ever. It knocks the wind out of us all. No one is spiritual enough for this. But we'll be praying for you, and hoping some good people will come along for you to connect with. This is a very scary journey and we all need others to help us along. If you're on Facebook, please send a friend request to me about joining a Lifeboat group. You'll find many women with many of the exact same struggles and they will love to hear from you. We're all in this together. I hope to hear from you again.

    1. thank you for your response .how do i get connected with lifeboat?
      thank you

  7. Dear Anonymous...when you said 9 months..I actually shuddered. I remember it too well. I'm at 17 months. The feelings that you have are exactly how I felt. I prayed that the Lord would send me a group of women that I could just scream with. I was so scared for myself and my walk with the Lord. The grief was overwhelming. And everything felt dark. He led me to the Lifeboat. Blessing, get connected. We all pray for each other, we listen, we cry and scream. And there isn't anything that you can say that we all haven't felt. My sweet friend, I'm praying for you! And we are all here for you!

  8. Anonymous,

    You are not alone in your feelings and emotions...widowhood is a very hard and lonely journey...and only those who have been on it understand. My husband died 2 1/2 years ago and its a little easier some days, yet there are days when its just hard. I am a stay at home mum and struggle with the finances as many of us do. I'd recommend you to join Lifeboat through Feree where you will find encouragement, support and love from other widows.

  9. Dearest Widow Anonymous, I am so sorry for your loss....Lifting you up in sweet prayers to Our Father...May you feel His loving arms around you and may He bless you with guidance, wisdom and peace for your soul. I pray you do take up Ferree offer and join so many of us widows on LifeBoat. You will find the much needed widow friends who know what you are going thru and together with the Grace of God we are finding healing from the road of sorrow...and yes healing does come...I am now going on 2 1/2 years since my husband went to be with the Lord....and I am breathing again and smiling. So please come join us....

  10. Anonymous, it is so devastating when those we believed were our friends desert us in our greatest time of need....even those from the church. I know because this has been my story, too.

    The fog is so thick and our pain is so deep that we feel like we just can't go on. This is when the cream comes to the top and we in time finally realize that truly God is all that we have and He is more than enough. His voice may seem silent right now, but rest assured that He IS working behind the scene on your behalf for how else would you have known to put your prayer request in to Ferree.

    Like the other widows here, I encourage you to come aboard Lifeboat for there may be a widow in the boat further ahead of you who is would love to come alongside you to help you tread water. I, personally, would be willing to communicate with you if you would like and you can email me at
    My husband went to heaven 3 years ago.

    We widows love you...whoever you are.....for we have been there too.

    1. thank you for reaching out to me and offering to communicate with me. i did hop on board with lifeboat.

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I am glad that you have reached out here. You will find friends here that truly understand and "get it".

    I hope you will read through the blog because there is so much support there.

    I really would love to see you join the Lifeboat support group on Facebook. You will find such comforting support there. You will meet friends who really understand and it really does help to know that you are not alone.

    Let others help you along this journey. God has led you here for a reason.


  12. Dear Anonymous,
    Here's a link with instructions about Lifeboat.


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