Saturday, January 5, 2013

"The Sunday of the mind . . ."

If you're making New Year resolutions, add "reverie" to your to do list. Also known as the fine art of doing nothing, reverie is essential to the re-collecting of oneself in grief. Set aside time every weekend to let yourself rest and recover. Grief is hard work, and rest is essential.

"Reverie," it has been said, "is the Sunday of the mind" Let us often in these days give our mind a "Sunday," in which it will do no manner of work but simply lie still, and look upward, and spread itself out before the Lord like Gideon's fleece, to be soaked and moistened with the dews of Heaven. Let there be intervals when we shall do nothing, think nothing, plan nothing, but just lay
ourselves on the green lap of nature and "rest awhile."

~from "Streams in the Desert" by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman~


  1. Nice picture! This looks like a beautiful place to visit! You picked a nice place to sit with such an awesome view the mountains. This reminds me of a place I visited often up in CT. I would go and sit by the waterfalls..I could sit for hours just thinking and clearing my mind. It was always so peaceful..

    It is a very good thing to find a place where you can go and be still and let yourself be free from everything for a little while...


  2. Hi Cathy, A place to go and be free from everything IS good! It gives us that sense of relief and separation I think is often needed. This photo was taken about 18 months ago at Cumberland Gap, right where Kentucky, Tenn and Virginia come together. Daniel Boone and scores of pioneers trekked that path between the mountains right behind me. The look on my face says I'm sure glad I didn't have to use an ox cart to get here, but I'm grateful for all they did! :)

  3. Oh, your picture makes me miss Tennessee. There are lots of places to be alone with nature there. God provides so much beauty for us to see.


  4. that's a really cool place to visit! It's nice to know the history of places you visit..nature sure does hold a lot of stories.

    Now..I'm trying to picture you using an ox cart to get there..but maybe that picture should be saved for your Friday giggles. ;-)

  5. @ Carol---TN is a beautiful state and the overlook near here where you can see three states was breath-taking. <3
    @Cathy---so true! me and oxen would have a hard time getting along (they'd win I'm sure) Too bad I can't hitch up the cats---they could use the exercise, but they'd probably win over me, too. :)

  6. Growing up in New England...My favorite places were always VT, NH, and Upstate NY.

    I've been down here in NC for a while now and we've taken some trips out to the Mountains. My husband was always so worried because every time we went out to the mountains..well..he knew how much I loved it out there and would always worry that I wouldn't come back with him. :)

    Very funny about the cats! The only way my cat would move is if I had a path of cat treats..but even with that, he would only go so far..and I would end up be his "ox cart". :)


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