Monday, January 7, 2013

Change Going Through Grief to Growing Through Grief

Make 2013 the year to turn GO-ing through grief to GROW-ing through grief by following this blog and implementing R Roadmap.

This year each day of the week will help you locate where you are in your grief journey and pinpoint a step you can take.

Mondays: READ, listen, watch and learn about grief.
Tuesdays: RETELL your own story.
Wednesdays: Find a ROLEMODEL.
Thursdays: REFRAME your perspective.
Fridays: REBUILD your life.
Saturdays: REST in the Lord.

Check in each day this week to see how these simple tasks can move you forward through grief.
If only the road through grief had some
On Mondays you'll benefit from discovering important things about widowhood. Widowhood is a stage in life that's more traumatic than puberty or menopause! Just as puberty and menopause signal a huge transition for our hormones, widowhood can affect a woman physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially! On Mondays we'll talk about these changes, alert you to them and provide some tips and resources for dealing with them.

Tomorrow is Tuesday so I'll introduce you to Retelling your story and the variety of ways that's done.
Until then, be sure to explore this blog and become familiar with its many resources and features.

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