Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Retelling Your Story

This week we're looking at how to make 2013 the year to turn GO-ing through grief to GROW-ing through grief by following this blog and implementing R Roadmap.

This year I'm setting up the blog so that each day of the week will help you locate where you are in your grief journey and pinpoint a step you can take.

Yesterday I gave a brief summary of what Mondays will hold:
Mondays: READ, listen, watch and learn about grief.

Today we'll look at Tuesdays: RETELL your own story.

Retelling helps grieving people grasp the reality of the the death of a loved one. But its not just collaring everyone you meet. There are artforms you can use, or journaling. There are times when it's not appropriate, even detrimental, to tell your story. We'll talk about support groups, finding a good counsellor, and comforting others. You'll discover how retelling your story can bring some healing,  open some doors and ultimately help you say good-bye.

Tomorrow we'll look at finding a ROLEMODEL. Although our husband is gone, God did not put us here to go through life alone. He has key people to help you along this road. Please check back tomorrow to see how we will discover some surprising saints! 


  1. Thank you so much, Ferree, for imparting such wisdom to us through the Road Map to Grief. Lifeboat has strengthened me so much. I look forward to reading the teaching for each day and forwarding them to a friend of mine.

    Love and blessing,

  2. Thank YOU, Louisa. With this "roadmap" widows will find encouragement and discover they're not alone. And also, when wondering "What's next?" they'll be able to look at the labels---read and learn, retell your story, find a rolemodel, reframe, rebuild, or rest---and one of those will probably resonate with them so they can take a step forward rather than stall. A lot of these things are already going on, we just need to recognize them. This is one time that labels help by giving us some handholds and direction. I pray they'll be a real blessing!


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